Have A Discover Card? Check Your Due Date For June

An anonymous reader says both his and his wife’s Discover cards—the accounts are separate—had their due dates moved up by four days in June. He called Discover, “and they stated that they sent out notices in the mail 45 days in advance warning of the change, which I don’t remember seeing. Regardless, they were able to revert my due date starting in July. You may want to have your readers closely check their Discover Card statements.”

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  1. supercereal says:

    I’ve heard of this happening a few times now. Aside from screwing with the account holder’s schedule, is there a real, legitimate reason for shuffling due dates around?

    • Wes Chevalier says:

      @supercereal: If you miss your due date even by a day they can raise your interest rate to 35%. Many people if their payments made automatically by bill-pay or the equivalent so as the dates move around the consumer doesn’t know and gets hit with the new interest rate. Its happened to several people in my family to go from 7% to 30% over night over a new bill date.

  2. floraposte says:

    Whoa. Thanks for the warning–they did it to mine too. Which puts it just before my payday.

    I shall now call them and request a reversion.

    • thomas_callahan says:

      @floraposte: Aargh, same for me. Granted, they’ve always had a much, much later due date than my other credit card (usually 1 day before my next statement date compared to around 9 days for my Chase MC), and it’s still later, but those extra couple of days were nice to have.

      • Blueskylaw says:


        The card companies are doing this on purpose so that people who don’t look closely at their bills or have auto-bill-pay set up will have their rates jacked up before the new laws take affect. This way when the your rates get locked, they will be locked in at the new and improved higher rate.

    • Sensisnow says:


      It looks like they bumped mine up by 5 days and it just happens to land on a Friday as well. Better be sure to make that online payment time deadline or it won’t post until Monday.

    • kerry says:

      @floraposte: I got my notice in the mail, as did my mother and my manager at work. I think they also emailed me about it, too.
      The last time they rearranged due dates I had no trouble resetting mine back to the date I used to have. I think they still keep your billing cycle short, though.

    • kc2gvx says:

      FUCK! They got me, my due date used to be the 5th, it was today! I called and gave them hell, they didn’t seem too concerned, but my payment will count for today at least.

    • Biggbrother says:

      This is why I don’t use Bill Pay services from banks for paying credit cards. Every month I log into my CC account online and make the payment that way. That way I never get surprised.

      I reserve bank bill pay for paying utilities and bills with no late fees. @floraposte:

  3. bball123h says:

    As a sidebar, Wells Fargo moved my due date up to the 2nd of every month. If not for mint.com, I’d have hit late fees. Wells Fargo cardholders may also want to check.

  4. djwetmouse says:

    Luckily I checked my account last week and saw that. I never received an advanced warning as well.

    • kerry says:

      @djwetmouse: They sent out letters in the mail and emails to people who do online account management. While I’m not keen on shortening the billing cycle, there’s really no argument that they didn’t warn us. If you didn’t read the notice, it’s not their fault.

  5. lockers says:

    Shouldn’t you always check your credit card statements closely? Even if you ignore due dates, you still want to verify all your purchases before you pay them. If you don’t do that to stop fraudulent charges, why would you worry about the bank charging you interest and a late fee?

    • GearheadGeek says:

      @lockers: What’s your point, exactly? There’s nothing to preclude someone reading each individual transaction, recognizing it as valid charges they made and not happening to notice that their due date which had been the same for years (in my case) had been moved up 4 days. Happily, it was moved to the same day on which my payment was scheduled to arrive, so no harm no foul, but if I scheduled it for day-of rather than several days before (to help protect against sneak attacks by credit card banks) I might have been assessed a late fee I’d have to fight about.

      • lockers says:

        @GearheadGeek: Go reread the article gung ho johnny. Here, I will even quote it for you: “You may want to have your readers closely check their Discover Card statements.” My point is you should always closely check your credit card statements, regardless of the due date issue.

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @lockers: A lot of people have their bill paying coordinated with their paychecks. Personally, just because life is so damn busy, I have two monthly reminders that pop up for bills (mid month and month end) and they’re several days before the due dates, but I have had a CC due date move back TEN DAYS for no reason with no warning.

      • lockers says:

        @Eyebrows McGee (now with more baby!): I cordinate my checking around my payments as well. I wasn’t making any judgments about how people should maintain their checking accounts. My only point was arguing that you should always carefully check your statement.

        • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

          @lockers: Ah. See, I generally check the *amount* the day it comes in the mail to ensure it’s about what I expect, but not the due date. They go right in the sorter to all be dealt with at once. If I start perusing them in detail as I open them, I tend to misplace them as I walk around the house with the mail and then later find them in odd places like, um, the freezer. Much better if I sit down to do them all at once. But if my due date gets bumped back 10 days, there’s a chance I won’t catch it in time.

  6. KLETCO says:

    Yep, mine did the same. Which is irritating.

  7. calquist says:

    I still love my discover card. The rewards program is pretty BA since I use it for everything that I possibly can.

  8. Brad Mohr says:

    A notice about this change appeared on my March, April, and May bills, as well as on discovercard.com. In my case, my due date is now about a week later than it had been.

    Keep in mind that, with some limitations, Discover lets you pick your own due date. On discovercard.com, go to Customer Service, then under Manage My Account, click on Change Payment Due Date.

    • ribex says:

      @Brad Mohr: Yes, thank you for this info/reminder. I just changed mine since my due date was bumped from the 19th to the 15th. I changed it to the 20th :3, starting in July. The calendar I see is kind of odd, though, because of the pattern of the unavailable dates (2,3; 9,10; 16,17; 23-27) and the “available date (may vary)” (28-31). One thing that I have really liked about Discover Card is having the SAME DATE every month which keeps me from missing the due date.

    • rpertusio says:

      @Brad Mohr: Yep. I was notified a few months back with an email, AND was on my statement.

      Thanks for the info on changing the date. Just remember, the new date won’t be effective until July or August!

      Also, the Cash Back amount must now be $50 (instead of $20) to redeem to your bank account.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They did it to me too, but mine started in March. They DO notify you… by emailing you that there’s been a change in terms. There’s also a notice in your account inbox on the Discover site. Apparently it’s all because they’re going from 30-day cycle (payment due the day before the statement cuts) to 25-day cycle (payment due 5 days before the statement cuts) like everyone else. All in all, better than the terms of one of my Chase cards, which is on a 20-day billing cycle… my payment is due 10-11 days before the statement cuts. EXTREMELY IRRITATING.

  10. azzy says:

    I just got a note saying Discover is closing my account. They’ve been begging me to use the card for a couple years but the incentives weren’t worth it. There goes my first ever card.

    • PLATTWORX says:


      If this account is as old as it sounds (your first ever) that closure could damage/reduce your FICO score. I would have used it at least once so it would not have been closed. You’ll have to see what happens to your score.

      • TouchMyMonkey says:

        @PLATTWORX: People obsess way too much about FICO scores. Just pay your damn bills on time, and your FICO score will take care of itself.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another popular myth… your FICO scores don’t “take care of themselves” because you pay your bills on time. There’s a lot more to it than that. Actually paying your bills on time is only about a third of your FICO scores. The rest is stuff you often have no control over… such as creditors arbitrarily lowering your credit limits, which can cause your utilization to skyrocket, which most of the time will lower your FICO scores. Even though you’ve paid your damn bills on time. God, I wish people wouldn’t make boneheaded pronouncements about things they have no knowledge of!!

    • c_c says:

      They’ve been nagging me too, so I started auto-charging my cell phone bill to it (and paying it off right away) so they don’t cancel it and take down my FICO score.

    • Mary says:

      @azzy: I just had that exact situation happen myself. I figured it was because I hadn’t gotten around to activating the new card they sent me.

      Works for me, I had been planning to close the account anyway, but I’d been putting it off because I didn’t want to deal with their pushy sales people.

      I just don’t use credit cards anymore. When I need to, I have another one that has always been better to me customer service wise.

  11. SomeoneGNU says:

    Mine did it, and I just changed it online without issue. This one is still 4-days earlier, but the rest are on the normal date. It’s not that I need it on that date, it’s just how I’ve gotten used to it.

  12. jackal676 says:

    I got hit with the earlier due date as well, but I signed up for billing reminder email alerts and got an email stating the due date about a week or so ago. I get one every month about two weeks before my payment is due. I highly recommend it.

  13. UnicornMaster says:

    discover card? is that like Diner’s Club for the 80’s?

  14. Murph1908 says:

    I had serious credit problems after college. $10.50 an hour living in downtown Chicago will bury you in unexpected expense debt.

    So don’t think I am doing holier-than-thou proselytizing.

    But when I did start using credit cards again, paying them when they arrived, not when they were due, relieved a lot of stress. I do that will all my bills now, and it’s liberating.

    Of course, I make a bit more than 20k a year now, which makes it easier. But it only takes one month of getting on that schedule to stay on that schedule.

  15. Underpants Gnome says:

    They moved mine up, and also jacked the interest rate to 19% due solely to “difficult economic times”. Thanks, Discover, for alienating a loyal customer of 11 years. I’m leaving the card open for credit score reasons, but its paid off and i’m sure as hell not going to charge anything more to it.

    • allnitecp says:

      @Underpants Gnome: They did the same thing to me with the interest rate as well. I also recieved a limit increase to go along with the rate increase, for being such a good customer!

      They just recieved a check paying off the full amount and a phone call to close the account.

      I know its not great to close credit for your FICO score, but I am not making any big purchases in the next few years and having credit for credit’s sake is not the best thing either.

  16. Jim Topoleski says:

    Nope they never notified squat. I have been checking and noticed it too, and open ALL my Discover card mail (since it usually consists of those stupid checks I have to shred)

    I am also in the proses of paying off the card. Just not worth it to have credit for anything but dire emergencies where you need access to the money right then and there and wont take check.

  17. Sheridan Day says:

    Hm, I don’t see a change. I’ll keep an eye out though. I AM getting an APR increase though, so yay for that. >:(

  18. salviati says:

    Mine did change by 4 days, which I thankfully noticed by check my on-line statement. I was never informed about the change (probably because I have paperless billing set in my preferences).

  19. Kamidari says:

    Mine seems to have moved up 4 days as well, and I don’t recall any notice. It’s now due one day before I get paid, but I guess that doesn’t really matter, other than being psychologically annoying to me for some reason. ;)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I remember them sending out a notice around March 2009 about due dates will change in May or June. In the same notice was something about the APR and a change in the rewards program. The notice was electronic for me. What I don’t like, is I requested a change online for my due date and it won’t take effect until Julyish. I don’t use this cc very often anymore, the rewards program has just gotten worse and worse.

  21. antigeek says:

    I have a routine to check the due dates of all my bills when I receive an email notification every month. Even though they USUALLY don’t change, I don’t want to get caught with fees should this very situation happen.

    Discover turned off e-bill notification through BofA several months ago, which is a pain, and is another reason I check when I receive the bill notifications.

    I’m sure that Discover notified card holders of the change, but I rarely read their change of service notices. Not very “Consumerist” of me.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • bjcolby15 says:

      @antigeek: I have BofA too, and usually I pay Discover through Bill Pay. If Discover still used eBill notification (I did get a note in the mail, however), it would make it a million times easier.

      I think from now on, I’ll just go through Discover, schedule my payments well in advance, and take it off of BofA bill pay.

  22. JamesBenjamin says:

    I call BS. My date was moved, yes, but they sent me one of those “we’re changing your account” things with last month’s bill. I remember it distinctly because it said they “may be changing due dates on my account” so I should check my online account, sure enough my date changed. I think people just aren’t reading the notices that discover puts on the bills.

    • floraposte says:

      @JamesBenjamin: I don’t think most of us are saying that they failed to notify us properly, just that we didn’t notice the notice and it’s an annoying change. Ironically, I look at the online account every few days, but I didn’t think to check the due date.

      Fortunately, they were quickly willing to change the date back starting with July.

    • Mary says:

      @JamesBenjamin: As I was told when I was being trained in customer service, it doesn’t matter if you told the customer, if they didn’t actually get the message, you didn’t convey it properly and that’s your problem.

      Those notices might be within what they HAVE to do, but they should have done better.

  23. castlecraver says:

    I received notice of the impending change on a bill dated two months ago.

  24. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    I have a Mastercard that over the last 3 years has gradually had the due date moved from the 22nd of each month to the 13th. Its just another attempt to make you miss a payment.

  25. halcyondays says:

    I had a Fidelity Visa card do this to me a few years ago. No notice was sent. I was hit with a late fee of $29.95. After I called to complain, the fee was reversed and I was assured the billing date would not change again. The next month, sure enough, the due date had been moved back and I was hit with another fee. I immediately canceled the card.

  26. AMetamorphosis says:

    Just called Discover …

    They pulled this same crappy stunt with me too.
    Got transferred to the Arizona call center.
    Expressed my displeasure 7 told them if its not returned to the first due date I would simply stop using the card.

    they sucked up to me 7 returned it to what it had been although she rambled something about this being my anniversary month with Discover and that it wouldn’t go into effect until next month.

    I also KINDLY informed the agent that consumerist has posted their crappy stunt and to expect more calls from people like me.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i love discover. nine years ago i had an engine fail in a 5 year old car. it seems they had problems with these engines and notified the original owners. no one told me when i bought this as a used car.Ford wouldn’t budge and so i put $3500.00 on my discover card and then proceeded to dispute the charges. i downloaded everything about this problem and to make a long story short after i submitted a file about 2 inches thick, discover reversed the charges. i tell everyone how much i love discover.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My due day was also moved up by four days without notification. I’ve had the same Discover due date since at least the early 1990’s.

  29. SugarMag says:

    I received a notice from Discover indicating my due date would be changed.

    Then I received a notice to disregard that notice.

    Then I received my statement, which had a due date four days earlier than normal.


    (as an asside, Citi changes the dates due within four days of previous statements all the time. I carefully check the dates no matter what kind of notice they send because I’m paranoid of being late and being hit with a universal default fee)

  30. RonDiaz says:

    Yea they moved my due date up for June by like 10 days. I don’t remember seeing a notice, but I could have just skimmed it and filed it 13. I am glad I glanced at the bill, because normally I have all my bills pretty clustered and get paid on the first of the month so I pay all these bills around the 5th (due between the 10th and 18th). My new due date WAS the 5th so I would have gotten hit with a late fee for sure. I tried to change my due date back on the website but it said I can’t because it is my anniversary month.

  31. MelanieArsinoe says:

    I received notice in March. I received a paper notice in April along with an email. I also received another notice in May. I think the issue is people not checking their accounts. BTW, I’m on paperless billing.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the card companies do this on purpose to trip people up so they pay late, get charged a late fee, take a credit score hit, go into universal default, then all the other companies get more money due to higher interest rates, etc. Back in January one of my cards went from the 20th of the month to the 18th, all of a sudden, and this happened to be the Sunday before Martin Luther King day, and the next business day to apply payment was Tuesday, Jan 22. I caught this and paid it on the 16th.

  33. EdnaLegume says:

    thanks to this article I just noticed they moved my date up by FIVE days… and it WAS due on the 29th. I hate them now.

  34. andrewcilento says:

    Happened to me too, but to Discover’s credit, they waived the late fee that resulted.

  35. locura79 says:

    This is actually the second time that Discover has done this to me. I’m just paying off the balance on the card, so all I do is make sure there aren’t any new charges when I get the bill. I’m glad this was brought to my attention in time to prevent another late payment. Getting the last one sorted out was a pain.

  36. Richard Eddy says:

    Same thing happened to me. I caught it just in time to make pay the bill before the due date. When I called, the customer service rep told me that they were “uh, we are doing in to give our customers a little break, to save them a few days of interest charges….” Riiiiiiggggghhht. What a crock!

  37. Marcus White says:

    I have worked in the banking industry for over 15 years and its always amazed me at how trusting everyone is of their banks. Each month I find discrepancies on my bank and credit card statements. After each month’s calls to make adjustments (and sometimes for the same problem for which they would continually charge me if I didn’t speak up) I wonder how much money is being made on the account holders that do not speak up or even realize that something went wrong. The banks are in existence to make money and are not an arm of the government set up to protect our money. They make money by selling money and the more features that come with that cash the more charges and profits made. How do we identify the charges? They’re right under our noses…try financial literacy and stop accepting these practices.
    – ColdFrenchFries.com

  38. QueenHawkeye says:

    I just checked with my mom since she also has a discover card, and lo and behold, her due date was the 24th and it got moved up to the 20th.

  39. unpolloloco says:

    I remember a notice a few months ago. Not a big deal.

  40. synergy says:

    Thanks for the head’s up, although I had already noticed by a fluke. I checked in on Saturday since I got paid 2 days earlier than expected and wanted to guesstimate what was going to be my total for the month for me to pay it off. Lo and behold the due date was pushed back 5 days earlier than every month for the last, er, 30 or so months, which is how long I’ve had that card. Thanks Discover Card jerks!

  41. startertan says:

    Hmmm, I just checked mine and it’s due on the 5th of June. It’s always been due on the 5th of the month since I’ve had the card (around 12 years or so…).

  42. Anonymous says:

    I remember the notice from about 2 or 3 months ago. It was definitely in the fine print, and only stated that the due date ‘might’ be moved up by ‘several days’. I was careful to check my account early this month. They backed up my payment due date by 4 days, which put it before my paycheck instead of shortly after. I called, spoke politely with a rep, and they changed my due date back to the original due date starting next month. This months’ date was still early, but at least it was fixed.

  43. Biggbrother says:

    Don’t use bank bill pay services to pay your credit cards!! Login to your CC account online directly and make the payment that way. Your better off setting a monthly reminder for yourself to login to all your CC accounts once a month and make the payment on your due date. This way you will never be surprised. Chase and Bank of America allow Automatic Payments which is nice.

    I have several family members who work for Citizens Bank and they tell me that the number of people who have problems with Bill Pay and credit card payments is unbelievable. That’s why I just make the payment directly to the CC electronically.

  44. harryhoody says:

    Good thing my wife and I paid of our DiscoverCard yesterday. Woot!

  45. Casey Jackson says:

    Are you kidding? Bank of America says they can do it without notice. They change my due date regularly. It can be anytime between the 23rd and the first of the next month. It drives me nuts. Especially since I asked them 3 times to set my due date for the last day of the month, and was assured two of the times that it would be done. I found out on the last request that they could not promise such a thing and that my request was erroneous. I now have to be very vigilant about checking my statement just to know what date my bill is due. Considering every other bill I have has a set date unless it falls on a holiday or weekend, it really irritates me that this one is purposely, and for no apparent reason, flexible based on the whim of the cc company. Ugh!!!!

  46. brettbee says:

    Discover moved our due date from the 19th to the 15th. But that’s not what got my goat. Our statement closes on the 20th. We usually receive the bill on the 25th or 26th. We received our June bill — with the sooner due date — today, the 2nd.

    I called, not so much get my due date changed back, but to call shenanigans. I think I used that exact word. He immediately offered to change it back and told me they had sent out notices but it seemed to him that many people hadn’t received them. I made it clear that I really didn’t care about the due date – but that I thought changing the due date AND having the bill arrive 7-8 days later than usual was “not nice” and I wanted him to pass that along. Yes, I know, the lateness of the bill was probably USPS’ fault, but it just really smells fishy.

  47. bjcolby15 says:

    Me too. Was the 26th of the month, now it’s the 22nd.

    Also got a nice little message that I underpaid by $4, and with it came a nice little $39 late fee.

    Let’s just say Discover’s going to get a nice little break in the sockdrawer for a little while.

  48. JonasElectryon says:

    They did the same thing to me. 2nd time now. Last time they changed it back. This time they wouldn’t when I called. What I can’t understand is I can go online and change my due date.
    Old due date 25th
    New due date 21st
    I cannot change it back to the 25th (discover blocked that day out), they will however LET ME CHANGE IT TO THE 28th! So I can make it a week later but not 4 days later? I’ve had a discover card since ’96. This is garbage. I just wanted contact info to complain to. They offered me a supervisor. I know they can’t help, they didn’t decide this policy. They told me that was it or the general info email address. That got me mad. I told them, no thanks, I’ll just get your CEO’s contact info on consumerist and contact him directly.

  49. DiscoverCard says:

    I work at Discover Card and wanted to provide some answers to your questions. It is true that your payment due date is now five days before your billing cycle ends. However, cardmembers still have a minimum of 25 days between the date their billing period ends to the time the next one is due to pay their bill.

    Cardmembers were notified of the upcoming changes through statement inserts, direct mail, or email beginning January through February. The changes were communicated again via statements in March, April and May. Cardmembers still have the option to choose their payment due date, which we know is very important to them.

    Additionally, we offer Email and Mobile Reminders that help cardmembers track spending, avoid fees and stay on top of their account. Today, cardmembers can choose from any of the following alerts: new statement available, payment posted, minimum payment not received, balance transfer posted, refund/credit posted, nearing credit limit, purchase exceeding a set amount, balance exceeding a set amount.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Discover is not the only one, I have couple others that have done same. By moving due day up from 4 to 8 days or so, it’s called double cycling I believe, and by the end of the year, you have paid an extra months finance charges. I believe the bill before Congress addresses this, but not sure. Keep an eye on all of them.

  51. Anonymous says:

    After having the same due date for 10 years I got no fair warning from discover card, I didn’t find out until I went to make a payment online. It was due on the 10th they moved it to the 6th I was already 2 days late. They charged me $39 late fee and raised my APR from 13% to 21.24% my heart went up so high my mouth and arms went numb I called and was told I was warned on my last 2 statements. I got my past 2 statements with discover on the phone and looked and still couldn’t find a warning, I finally found it at the bottom in small print *Attention*. That was the warning. Even with her on the phone directing me it took me a while to find it. Fraud!!!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Here is a question for you sports fans. Don’t have a problem at all with the 25 day billing cycle but why is the adjustment always 4 days prior to what the payment due date was? And why is the old date (the 2nd in my case) no longer available via customer service online.

    If DC polled each customer affected and asked would your prefer us to change the billing cutoff date or the payment due date what would most customers opt for? My guess it would be 97%/3%. This would get them to their 25 day billing cycle and it would leave in tact the most important date to most consumers–the payment due date.

  53. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I have separate accounts. They moved our due dates up by four days. By the time i realized, my payment was late, a $39 late fee was charged and my rate skyrocketed. I called and was able to get them to reverse everything on my card but my wife’s rate went up to 27% and she was told that a lower rate was not available. I transferred her whole balance to another lower rate card which will allow me time to pay it off. Unfortunately it’s a legal scam they can get away with…for now.