Florida Used Game Shops Required To Take Traders' Thumbprints

If you’re trying to sell or trade used games in Florida, expect to be treated like a registered sex offender or a diamond fence. The state legislature passed a law in October that classified video game trade-ins as pawn shop items, requiring businesses to take thumb prints and in-depth personal information from customers. Thew NewTimes Broward-Palm Beach reports a county sheriff is cracking down on game shops to make sure they follow the law.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kayla Concepcion said the new requirement comes straight from the Florida Legislature, which enacted a law on October 1 of last year that treated video games like second-hand goods sold at pawn shops. Now any store buying used video games has to collect the thumb prints, along with a bunch of other personal info about the seller.

The worst news for gamers: This means the cops will now a have a permanent record that you once owned a copy of Wii Music.

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