Worst Company In America: AIG WINS!

Congratulations to AIG for beating Comcast in this year’s final.

Comcast is always a tough competitor in the Worst Company In America contest — but even after upsetting Bank of America, they just didn’t have what it took to get past the economic meltdown’s poster child for irresponsibility and corruption. Sorry, AIG. Between the attorney general’s investigation, the fancy conferences, controversial bonuses and the fact that you made jolly old Ben Bernanke describe losing his temper on 60 Minutes — you really did have the “Strength to be there.”

Stay tuned for the official mailing of the lucky golden poo trophy. We hope AIG will display it proudly in one of the skyscrapers that used to have their name on it — before they pried it off the building in shame.

As for Comcast, we feel like a runner-up prize is in order. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

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