Pet Airways: Free Snacks, Mandatory Bathroom Breaks, No Fights Over Arm Rests

As I helped my friend drag three suitcases and two cat carriers across the airport at 5 AM for a cross-country flight, I thought to myself, “there has got to be a better way to transport cats than this.” Especially when I imagined her cats, or any of my own pets, spending most of the day in cargo. My dog can barely handle a fifteen-minute car ride.

I guess a lot of other crazy people pet owners think the same way I do, which created the need for Pet Airways. They’re getting a lot of press coverage, mostly because it’s an airline for pets. It’s a good idea, though, and not just for coddled pets—I like the idea of someone checking on the health and well-being of animals every fifteen minutes.

For now, the service transports “pawsengers” between major airports. Service starts in July, and they’re taking reservations now. I also love their pet travel guide. I’m still looking for hamster-friendly resorts.

Airline Going To The Dogs … And Cats, Too [NPR] (Thanks, R!)

(Photo: Catskills Grrl)
(Here is the alternate illustration for dog-loving readers.)

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