At Food Lion, "Value Pricing" Means Extra Confusion!

Food Lion can’t decide how much this boneless New York strip steak costs or weighs. It could weigh .47 pounds at $9.49 per pound, or it could be 1.06 pounds of value priced meat at $6.64 per pound. Reader Mike isn’t sure what’s really going on here, but he’s hungry and confused and wants his steak to come with answers.

He writes:

I was buying a small NY strip steak at Food Lion the other day and noticed a very high price for a such a small cut of strip. I looked closer at the sticker and peeled it away to see a much lower priced sticker underneath. The pictures are self explanatory.

If this were us, we’d get a scale and then argue for the lowest unit price available. Or we’d just get some ground chuck and cook up a tasty burger.

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