Watch Out For Health Insurance Robocallers

Spammy “discount health care” pitches are hated by anyone who owns a fax machine, but now scammy health insurance vendors have taken to robocalling people, too. Reader Dustin was annoyed enough that he decided to track the calls to their source.

I just received my second call in two days on my cell phone from the “National Health Care Association.” It was one of those recorded calls that almost sounds clear enough for you to think it’s a live person talking, but it’s just a recording. A “Sam Parker” left the recorded message in my voicemail saying that I was prequalified for a National Health Care plan for $3/day, blah blah blah. He left a number, 877-827-7861. I really can’t believe that these companies are preying on the uninformed people who more than likely think this is some new government program. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this and maybe you can remind people that this is a scam. Also, I googled it real quick and came up with this on Ripoff report.

I also just looked them up on the BBB website and this appears to be them, with a rating of F and some contact info.

I can’t verify that this is the same business, since “National Health Care Association” is a rather common name that tries to sound legit, but the pieces do fit.

BBB Reliability Report for A V A Marketing [BBB of Upstate NY]
Report: National Health Care Association

(Photo: alexkerhead)


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  1. consumerd says:

    Ok, what type of phone is that and where can you get one?!

    THat looks awesome and would go great with my magicjack.

  2. bohemian says:

    Can we make two things illegal with some massive penalties. Robocalling someone who has not given you specific approval to robocall you. Pretending to be a govt. office or program through deceptive sounding names or outright claims that you are a govt. anything.

    • ColoradoShark says:

      @bohemian: It is already illegal to robocall. It is generally illegal to lead people to believe you are something you are not, including from the government. IANAL.

      Now enforcing the law, that’s another thing.

      • highpitch_83 says:

        @ColoradoShark: “Now enforcing the law, that’s another thing”

        no doubt, I’ve been getting robo-calls not only from this company but a lobbying organization in MN (from a CA area code). I was told that the state Attorney General was the place to file a complaint for any action to be taken, their response: “Though we have no authority in this respect we can make a formal request that they stop contacting you.”

        Gee, thanks a lot…

    • Julia789 says:

      @bohemian: I hate robocalls. I think they’re walking a very fine and scummy legal line by hinting they are a government program. Problem is they never say “government” they say “national” and thousands of companies and organization have the name “National” in their name. National association of this, national company that. Of course these jerks word it so it sounds like they are the government, but by never saying government, they can probably avoid legal ramifications. Sucks.

  3. wcnghj says:

    I got the same robocall, the use of the word national really made me made.

  4. michelsondl says:

    Hey, this is Dustin. I also wanted to add that I’ve been getting a lot of sales calls recently. When trying to think back at reasons why, I realized that they all started happening when I joined that TrapCall service that was on Lifehacker a while back. Has anyone else who signed up for that noticed that you’ve been getting more calls like this?

  5. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    Just got one today. After reading about the number on, they’re probably sharing spoofed numbers with other telemarketers. I think we need some legislation which would jail telemarketing executives for the fraudulent use of caller ID spoofing, violating the do not call list, and systemic reluctance to provide accurate contact information.

  6. I Love New Jersey says:

    How about the fines these bastards pay go directly to those called?

  7. Fixta Fernback says:

    When I thought the automobile insurance calls were over, I got two of these these health insurance ones this morning.

    I already have bottom-of-the-barrel Aetna personal health insurance — I don’t need anything worse!

  8. NeutronDecker says:

    What kind of phone is that? I swear my uncle had one…he never let me play with it. I want one just so he can laugh when he is over for the holidays.

  9. Shoelace says:

    Round up all of the robocalling company execs and throw them in jail. Pipe spammy marketing recordings into their cells nonstop during every waking hour. See how long they take to crack.

  10. czetie says:

    Can anybody explain what is going through the minds of these people?

    I mean, I sort of understand regular criminals — conmen, burglars, muggers. They know they’re thugs and scum, they know they risk going to jail, they don’t pretend otherwise. They even tell each other, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

    But if you ever meet any of the pondscum that run these ripoffs, they’ll try to persuade you that they are legit and run a valuable business… and really seem to believe it. Inside their own minds, they’re entrepreneurs, not the bags of shit the rest of us know them for. I just don’t get it.

    • Pyrusticia says:

      @czetie: If you accuse a con artist of being a con artist, they’ll protest with wounded innocence. These guys are exactly the same. They know full well that they’re scum, but they won’t admit it, because the success of their business depends on their public image…or at the least, plausible deniability.

  11. MinorAnnoyance says:

    I’ve never understood why anybody buys anything from telemarketers or SPAMmers in the first place. Why would you even think of buying anything from a “company” sleazy enough to ignore the law and go through all kinds of gyrations just to get through your SPAM filters and security programs to ram their “offer” down your throat?

    Apparently, there are enough stupid people out there to keep them in business, but I can’t begin to imagine how dumb you’d have to be to fall for this stuff.

  12. lawnmowerdeth says:

    I got one on my cell the other day from 214-221-9430

    After a couple google searches, looks like they also did plenty of car warranty calling too.


    • econobiker says:

      @lawnmowerdeth: I love how the spoofed numbers are accumulating robo-call histories. And I wonder why the numbers owners wouldn’t be mad since it is virtually destroying the number’s availablity for future issuance to anyone legit…

  13. Winteridge2 says:

    What is so difficult to understand about DO NOT CALL? even a #$%@*&^ robot should be capable of being programmed to read that.