Watch Out For Health Insurance Robocallers

Spammy “discount health care” pitches are hated by anyone who owns a fax machine, but now scammy health insurance vendors have taken to robocalling people, too. Reader Dustin was annoyed enough that he decided to track the calls to their source.

I just received my second call in two days on my cell phone from the “National Health Care Association.” It was one of those recorded calls that almost sounds clear enough for you to think it’s a live person talking, but it’s just a recording. A “Sam Parker” left the recorded message in my voicemail saying that I was prequalified for a National Health Care plan for $3/day, blah blah blah. He left a number, 877-827-7861. I really can’t believe that these companies are preying on the uninformed people who more than likely think this is some new government program. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this and maybe you can remind people that this is a scam. Also, I googled it real quick and came up with this on Ripoff report.

I also just looked them up on the BBB website and this appears to be them, with a rating of F and some contact info.

I can’t verify that this is the same business, since “National Health Care Association” is a rather common name that tries to sound legit, but the pieces do fit.

BBB Reliability Report for A V A Marketing [BBB of Upstate NY]
Report: National Health Care Association

(Photo: alexkerhead)

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