Another Angry McDonald's Customer Calls 911; Angry Employee Also Calls 911

A 20-year-old in Aloha, Oregon, called 911 on Memorial Day to complain that he wasn’t given the orange juice he ordered. While he was on the phone describing this emergency, a McDonald’s employee also called 911 to complain that the 20-year-old was blocking the drive-thru. And somewhere in the city, a kitten died in a tree fire because the emergency lines were all tied up. UPDATE: We’ve located the audio of both calls.

This time around, the caller was arrested and spent the night in jail. According to the AP,

Sheriff’s Sgt. David Thompson said Osman ignored deputies who told him the emergency number isn’t to be used for straightening out fast-food orders.

Some people really take this fast food stuff seriously. (See the Florida Chicken McNugget Lady and the Burger King Won’t Make It My Way Caller.) Maybe we should implement a special emergency channel just for those calls—something like 7838 (STFU).

“Ore. man calls 911 over orange juice at McDonald’s” [Associated Press] (Thanks to /u /u!)
Aloha man calls 9-1-1 over botched fast-food order [OregonLive]

(Photo: hoyasmeg)

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