TWC: Thanks For The Tips, But This Is Just A Marketing Tool

Kevin wrote to us about a friend who took up a Time Warner Cable rep’s Twitter request for advice on improving customer loyalty. What followed was an amusing exchange that made it clear TWC was tweeting up the wrong tree.

@jeffTWC: Please RT: working on customer loyalty programs and would love your ideas/input – raffling an iTouch on Thurs to constructive suggestions

jchristenbury @jeffTWC I have a whole handful, where do I send them?

jchristenbury @jeffTWC I want to choose and pay for the channels I want. (I know this is not a TWC decision but TWC has the clout to push it)

jchristenbury @jeffTWC I want the CS reps to listen when I tell them I have already rebooted my computer and its not on my end. #customerloyalty

jchristenbury @jeffTWC I want a bill that I can understand that doesn’t have cryptic misc. charges. I want to know what the charges are #customerloyalty

jchristenbury @jeffTWC I want Higher internet speeds. the US has the lowest speeds of all.

jeffTWC @jchristenbury Thanks for your tips here — but we’re not really addressing industry problems with this, just creating a marketing tool

jchristenbury @jeffTWC These ARE things that will increase customer loyalty.

jchristenbury @jeffTWC Gimmicks only get you so far. Take care of your customers.

JeffTWC gets a gold star for telling an inconvenient truth about what his job really is. Too bad we have to take it away for his initial claim that he was actually looking for “constructive suggestions.”

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JeffTWC on Twitter

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