Best Recession Bargains From Consumer Reports

We know, we know: everyone’s poor. But just in case you want to offer your favorite retailer a little economic stimulus, Consumer Reports has rounded up a lot of discounts and deals on luxury purchases like cruises and basic things like, uh, a house. Our favorite tips, inside.

The bargains are broken down into four separate posts. The first post offers advice for those looking for a new TV or car, or looking to take a cruise. CR suggests that you “cruise in your backyard” to save money. While that was surely a possibility in our old neighborhood, we think they mean departing from a nearby port to save on airfare.

We also appreciate the advice on digital cameras. For instance, we know our iPhone’s crappy camera (combined with the lack of flash) isn’t so hot, but it’s good to know that 6 megapixels is plenty for most people.

If you’re looking for clothes, cell phones, or furniture, check out these tips on finding sample sales or making sure your couch won’t collapse the day after you bring it home.

Just in time, here’s some advice on buying a grill. Apparently stainless steel grills are a bitch to maintain, so get that rustproofed undercarriage.

Feel free to share good recession discounts you’ve found in the comments.

(Photo: dooleymtv)

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