KFC Free Meal Rainchecks Come With Generous Helping Of Potatoes

You forgot about the free grilled chicken meals from KFC, didn’t you? Well, I did. Melissa in Maine reported that she was able to use her raincheck coupon, and was satisfied with her meal. Or at least the side dishes.

I don’t know if anyone’s written to you about the aftermath of KFC, but I thought I should give my report from Maine. After all the posts about how KFC gave up on their promotion and was instead asking folks to fill out forms for their raincheck 2 piece meal, I certainly wasn’t expecting much from my local KFC. But when I walked in and timidly
asked if they were accepting the coupons, the assistant manager brightly exclaimed with a “Yes – we sure are!” I even noticed 3-4 coupons by the register that they had already accepted earlier that day. I’ve included a photo for you because before I even noticed how small the chicken pieces were (as most people noticed when the promotion first started), I was surprised by the portions of the sides. I haven’t seen that much mashed potato in an individual side in years! Did this happen anywhere else or was my branch just incredibly generous and compensation for the small pieces of grilled chicken?

Has anyone else turned in their raincheck coupons?


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  1. Can'tReadEnglish_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Well, except for the confetti stuff on the right, that looks DAMN good, down to the lumps in the gravy. Great, there goes my diet again.

  2. GuJiaXian says:

    Man, now I really want KFC cole slaw. It’s probably terrible for me, but it’s among the best cole slaw I’ve had at a restaurant, fast food or otherwise.

    • Alessar says:

      @GuJiaXian: This I have to agree with. I have occasionally driven through and bought just a side of it and then gone home and added it to anotherwise healthy meal.

      • hewhoroams says:


        I’ve done the same thing, when we get a meal i end up getting a large cole slaw in case anyone else wants some.

    • YourTechSupport says:

      @GuJiaXian: Hell yes. Their Slaw is the best from any fast food joint, hands down.

      • JeffMc says:

        @YourTechSupport: Agreed, if we’re talking about the mint green goo coleslaw not whatever it is that might be coleslaw in that picture. I loved the glowing green stuff. :)

  3. animatedantmo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like the op used the original coupon and not a raincheck?

    • ExtraCelestial says:

      @animatedantmo: Why would you think that? The original coupons expired quite some times ago and she referenced the raincheck coupons in her submittal.

    • uninorth says:

      @animatedantmo: Hey, I’m the OP, and I guess I wasn’t clear about it to Laura, but this *was* for the original coupon that I had redeemed before the expiration date. I’m just incredibly slow about uploading photos. =X But I redeemed it after Mother’s Day, when the company had freaked out about the promotion and dished out raincheck coupons instead. So I went in thinking that I’d be filling out a coupon redemption form, but walked out with the free meal unexpectedly!

    • Tito151 says:

      @animatedantmo: Yes you are.

    • Greatech says:

      @animatedantmo: No your not; it sounds the same way to me as well.

  4. pb5000 says:

    I used the original coupon on the first day (there’s a KFC a block away from my house) and the KFC I went to didn’t have the grilled chicken so the substituted extra crispy for me. I was happy I got my greasy chicken for free and my sides were huge like the above picture.

    • Tito151 says:

      @pb5000: That sounds awesome. I love the extra crispy recipe, but I think Popeye’s Crispy chicken is my favorite.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    She should be so lucky. The mashed slop and gravy is the best thing at KFC. We used to go to KFC when I was a kid just so I could have the mashed slop. I didn’t want the chicken, I just wanted the potatoes. And after I had a few teeth pulled (shakes fist at dentist) and had to eat something mushy and lukewarm I ate this stuff for a week and never got tired of it.

    • Catpain Blackudder says:

      @pecan 3.14159265: Hee, my friend’s sister used to work at KFC and people would place an order like “aghfshsshahshsh”… and she’d say “I know what you want! You just got your tongue pierced and you want mashed potatoes!” and they’d nod.

  6. elganador says:

    Has anybody else gotten a raincheck coupon? I was told by the KFC person I’d receive one within a week and it’s been longer than that.

  7. tbax929 says:

    I prefer my mashed potatoes with lumps of actual potato, like mom used to make. One of the reasons I don’t like KFC is that I don’t like their sides. I find their chicken to be sub-par to their competitors’. We just lost our last Popeye’s, which was my favorite chicken place. Now I hit Church’s when I need a fix.

  8. TheObserver says:

    Not complaining about anything, but I have noticed the grilled chickens are much smaller in size than the original/cripsy options. I’m not sure why but there must be a reason why they use smaller chickens for the grilling. The breading is definitely not the difference.

    • Tito151 says:

      @TheObserver: The grilled chicken is probably smaller since they are kinda marketing it as healthier. Smaller portions have fewer calorites and higher profit margins.

  9. billlnv says:

    Have you ever tried to grill a half chicken? It takes forever, but if you deep fry it then it does not take very long. Got to have small pieces of chicken to grill.

  10. Mykro says:

    Every time I used the coupon (at all 4 KFCs within 2 miles of my work) thy all gave me a HUGE chicken breast and a little wing. I can honestly say my grilled chicken breasts we’re as big if not bigger than the cripsy my girlfriend got.
    And our sides were filled to the top.. and we actually got to choose our sides most of the time.. No where did the coupon say it had to be mashed potatos and coleslaw. :)

  11. DashTheHand says:

    That looks just about awful as a whole.

    I understand the need that some people require to obtain “free” merchandise, but that looks outclassed by a microwave dinner.

  12. mizike says:

    I haven’t been to a KFC in years, but that looks like a reasonable piece of chicken to me. I remember the original photos from when the promo was going on and the chicken here looks noticeably bigger and about the size that an average adult should be consuming with a meal. You really shouldn’t be eating a piece of chicken the size of your head anyway…

  13. unobservant says:

    The KFCs in Canada (or Toronto, anyway) don’t have biscuits. Could anyone tell me how big they are so we Canucks gan get a better idea of how small the chicken is?

  14. MosesKabob says:

    The price of free chicken was my wife berating me for actually eating at KFC after we saw the videos regarding how KFC-associated farms treat their live chickens. Free food vs. guilt. I still haven’t figured out how to solve that particular equation.

    • unobservant says:

      @MosesKabob: I had the same dilemma when Harvey’s offered free hamburgers last week.

      The thing is that I’ve seen the 30 Days episode that explains that the price of cheap/free meat is the use (and abuse) of sick animals that aren’t considered worth full price in the first place. If you can get through all the PETA preachiness, the underlying issue is that you really do get what you pay for.

      In fact, I think of that episode every time I think of eating meat. I’ve been a vegetarian ever since.

    • RandomHookup says:

      @MosesKabob: You can always claim it was too late for that particular chicken anyway. Not eating there wouldn’t have made that chicken’s life any better.

    • veg-o-matic says:

      @RandomHookup: Technically true, but individual reductionism doesn’t really solve that problem, it just rationalizes the perpetuation of it.

      If it makes you feel better, great, but it still allows the company to make loads of profit off of a cruel business model.

    • Razorgirl says:


      I haven’t been able to solve that equation yet, and keep hoping that someday I will see that KFC and Tyson (in particular) have officially cleaned up practices at their plants. Likely not going to happen, so I am without KFC. I actually whimper when their commercials come on, but I just can’t bring myself to eat Tyson chicken when I KNOW what kind of behavior they condone. Not knowing was so much sweeter.. and tastier. =(

  15. Saboth says:

    Does anyone else think KFC changed their gravy recipe like 15-20 years ago? It’s always bugged me…I swear their gravy was better when I was younger. It isn’t terrible now, but it used to be much better. My guess is they went to the powdered stuff at some point, but I have no proof. Either that, or the fact my taste buds have lost something.

    • Razorgirl says:


      My husband and I both have commented on the same thing.

    • chiggers says:

      @Saboth: KFC used to make their gravy from drippings acquired from the fried chicken. Also, they used to make their biscuits FROM SCRATCH! My sister worked there for a few weeks in high school.

  16. almightytora says:

    Where’s the Pepsi they promised?

  17. tenners says:

    Is it just me, or does that drumstick look a bit puny?

  18. StevePJobs says:

    Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew… mashedtaters.net

  19. watchout5 says:

    I commented on this before, that’s what their chicken is, did you even read the nutritional facts? It’s all fat and little protein, it’s pretty much the worst “chicken” you could put in your body. I believe a doctor would suggest you eat nails before this “chicken”. Why the hell are you complaining about the sides? They’re the only good thing in the meal, you suck at posting.

  20. mike6545 says:

    I never received my coupon. I was just thinking about it the other day in fact because it’s been a while and should have come by now. Could it be that the manager of my KFC just tossed them all instead of sending them in? Or are they just ariving now?