60,000 Trampolines Recalled for Fall Hazard Skywalker Holdings is recalling 60,000 of its Chinese-made trampolines because the support straps can fail, causing jumpers to never come down fall. [Consumer Reports Safety]


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  1. Slow2Whine says:

    I think if it did cause one to never come down, I might buy one.

  2. ohenry says:

    Am I the only one who looked at that and thought it said “…recalled for fail hazard” at first?

  3. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Curious… Skywalker Holdings appears to have come into being after 1977, and yet they don’t appear to be affiliated with Lucasfilm.

    Does George know about this?

  4. magic8ball says:

    OK, obviously there’s a greater falling hazard with this model, but don’t all trampolines represent a falling hazard?

  5. Meathamper says:

    Who’s the CEO of Skywalker Holdings? It’s just my suspicion that… you know….

  6. Can'tReadEnglish_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I can never think of tra-mop-olines, tra-mamp-iline, TRAMPOLINES! without thinking of the Simpsons:

  7. West Coast Secessionist says:

    So would this be the Chinese Mayhem Train?

  8. lockdog says:

    Just remember, you home owners insurance will drop you if they find out you have an outdoor trampoline you didn’t tell them about (and they haven’t been charging you extra for).

    • SexCpotatoes says:

      @lockdog: because indoor trampolines are what those ginormous two-story entrance-ways in your McMansion were designed for.

    • bennilynn says:

      @lockdog: That’s interesting and something I wasn’t aware of.

      When I was a young’n, I broke my ankle in several very creative ways during one bad jump on a friend’s trampoline. My parents ended up collecting from my friend’s parents’ home owner’s insurance for the medical bills. My friend claimed I was ‘suing’ them for the accident and refused to talk to me for a couple of years.

      I suppose that’s why. They must have not have mentioned it to their insurance. Now that I know it was just her stupid parents’ fault, a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

      Thank you.

  9. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    “This just in- 60,000 trampolines on the rebound to China”

  10. ovalseven says:

    This is bad news for the producers of AFV, who too often seem to think trampoline accidents are funny.