Honda Owners Say Brakes Are Made Of Worthlessness — Honda Hasn't Responded

While it’s OK for messages from top-secret government agencies to self destruct, that’s not the case for car brakes. But more than 200 owners of 2008 and 2009 Accords have complained that keeping their brakes in working condition has proven to be a mission impossible.

Paul’s 2009 Accord is suffering from bakes breakage:

I recently (March 7) bought a new 2009 Honda Accord, and after 2 days it has brake issues. I have taken it in to Honda 5 times to still have no resolution. They “deglazed” the rotors first, a few hours after I got it back, same thing. Now they claim Honda knows about the issue and is investigating the issue.

I’ve got a brand new $30K car with malfunctioning brakes, and Honda knows about it and won’t fix the problem. I need help.

Paul should start here and keep pressing. Honda has been known to respond to pressure after putting off dealing with important issues for as long as possible.

(Photo:mr. hodgson)

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