He's Not The One Making Your Thighs Tingle, It's Your Skinny Jeans Cutting Off A Nerve

Women who feel the odd tingle running up and down their thigh when they’re at a party might be disappointed to discover it’s just their super-tight skinny jeans cutting off their lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

“Tingling thigh syndrome,” as meralgia paresthetica is better known, is a disease usually reserved for the obese and those doing manual labor. But it’s been popping up in slender, fashionable young women recently, mainly due to the popularity of spray-on jeans. Luckily, it’s not permanent: the solution is to wear gnarly grey sweatpants all day.

So, ladies, weigh your options carefully when purchasing your fashion-forward pants. Because it’s actually not a very pleasant sensation. And heaven only knows what these jeans do to the gentleman wearer’s tingly areas.

Skinny Jeans May Be Dangerous to Your Health
(Photo: bbaunach)