Free membership to BJ’s Wholesale Free 60-day trial memberships to BJ’s Wholesale are available. Best of all, there’s no premium pricing added on (sometimes trial members pay an extra surcharge of 5 percent or so). [ShopSmart]


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  1. m4ximusprim3 says:

    Free BJ’s! I’m so there.

  2. ToddMU03 says:

    Shop S-Mart. YA GOT THAT?

  3. AT203 says:

    Do they require a credit-card? Is it one of those deals where the membership becomes a paying membership if you do not cancel by a certain time?

    • baquwards says:

      @AT203: I have done their free memberships before as late as september and they never required a credit card to join. I got a 30 day free membership at the end of sept, last year and the lady at the desk informed me that it wouldn’t expire until the end of the year, almost 90 days woo hoo!

  4. chiieddy says:

    BJ’s saves us $1/week in milk costs (1 gallon) alone. That alone makes up the cost of membership

  5. Murph1908 says:

    BJ’s has saved me a ton o’ cash in diapers, formula, and baby food.

  6. czetie says:

    How does BJs compare to Costco? I have no problems with Costco’s prices and the service is excellent, but the food selection is a bit limited

    • baquwards says:

      @czetie: Similar stores but costco is often much better. One advantage with BJ’s is that they accept all major credit and debit cards and manufacturers coupons.

    • FLConsumer says:

      @czetie: There’s a BJs 2 miles from me, Sam’s 10 miles, Costco 9 miles. I drive past the BJs every time and head for Costco.

      BJs comes off as a downmarket version of Costco/Sam’s to me. More like those ghetto grocery stores. If anything that’s about all BJs is. Mostly groceries, probably great if you have a ton of kids like that inbred family in Arkansas, but not much that I found appealing.

      • baquwards says:

        @FLConsumer: I often go to Bj’s it is a mile from where I live and sam’s and costco require me do get on the highway which can often be congested and miserable to drive on. I wish that I had a costco close to me.