Man Goes Crazy, Gets Tasered After Store Refuses To Let Him Use Bathroom

Village Lighting in Bellingham, Washington refused to let a 29-year-old man use their bathroom, and the man retaliated by going completely batshit insane on them.

The man, who was reportedly not a customer, grabbed a 3-foot copper lighting fixture weighing about 10 pounds and began smashing cardboard boxes that contained merchandise on Friday, May 15, said Mark Young, spokesman for the Bellingham Police Department.

The man held the lighting fixture above his head and moved toward an employee in a threatening manner, Young said. The employee got out of the way, and the man left the store

The police found him nearby with a box cutter in his pocket and feces on his shoe, although they don’t specify if it was his own feces or some miscellaneous street feces. He was Tasered, then booked into jail “on suspicion of second-degree assault, third-degree theft [he left with the lighting fixture -Ed.] and malicious mischief.”

Washington just passed a law that requires stores to let customers use the bathroom under certain circumstances, but it doesn’t go into effect until July 26th. If only he’d been able to hold it until then. And been willing to buy that lighting fixture.

“Man arrested in vandalism of Bellingham store” [Bellingham Herald] (Thanks to Ryan!)
(Photo: scriptingnews)

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