"Frighteningly Loyal" Jack in the Box Employee Now Working A Sane Schedule

Remember Blake, the north Texas Jack in the Box employee Consumerist featured and described as “frighteningly loyal” a few weeks ago? Kevin, the person who originally introduced us to Blake, printed out a copy of the page and drove around with it in case Blake happened to serve him on a snack run. A few days after we posted the story, he did!

It’s 2 AM in the morning and I pulled up to Jack in the Box and guess who takes my order? Our tattooed buddy Blake. I had previously printed up the Consumerist page with the story that ran on him just in case I were to come across him again. The guy freaked out and said he was going to frame it. He called his boss to tell her about it (must be a cool boss to take a call at 2am over a web posting) and she seemed happy to hear the news. Even mentioned that she had tried to get him on the Jay Leno Show at one time. To think, all over a stupid tattoo of a clown let alone a corporate icon?

Kevin W.

P.S. Blake did mention that he isnt allowed to hand out his hours anymore. Apparently some of your observant readers noted that he was working more hours than the Texas labor laws allow and they had received some calls about it. Blake has a more reasonable schedule now, and still travels around North Texas working the late night drive-through lanes. He wanted to pass along his thanks to the consumerist for posting his picture and story.

So, the reason for posting this is to let all of our “observant readers” know that no, Blake is no longer working a 72-hour work week, and he loved the attention. If we learn that he’s appearing on late night TV, we’ll let you know.

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