Continuing Adventures Of The Stupid Shipping Gang

Today’s “Toothpaste For Dinner” Web comic features a visit from the Stupid Shipping Gang. A bigger version of the comic, and more adventures of the Stupid Shipping Gang, inside.

First up, we have the box in which a gift card for tween clothing retailer Justice was mailed.

Second, Chris received a set of Amazon Nesting Boxes. (Another reader received a set of these back in September.) He wrote:

While this is certainly not the worst example of wasteful boxing, what I found particularly amusing was that the box on the inside had a “Amazon Ready to Ship” sticker on it.

Amusing, right? Take a box that’s ready to ship and throw it in a much bigger box with a bunch of bubble wrap.

But wait, there’s more! The next week, Chris wrote back:

I finally got around to opening the inner box shown in that picture I sent you. Inside that box was another box that also had an “Amazon ready to ship” sticker on it. Sheesh!

Nicely done, Amazon! Remember, if you receive a ridiculously packaged Amazon item, let them know.

May 21, 2009 [Toothpaste for Dinner] (Thanks, HBM!)