Woody Allen Makes More Money Suing American Apparel Than Making Movies

Woody Allen found a new way to make ends meet other than that zany “sell movie tickets to people” scheme: He waited until American Apparel made an unauthorized billboard using his graven image, then sued the crap out of them for $10 million and settled for half the amount.

Allen’s $5 million haul is better than the domestic box office gross of four of his last seven movies.

[American Apparel’s Dov] Charney protested in his defence that the billboards had only been up for a week in a few streets of New York and Los Angeles. He insisted that he had no commercial ambitions in putting up the posters but rather had wanted to make a social comment about the similarity in the way that both he and Allen had been treated at the hands of the media.

Hmm. Only up for a week in New York and Los Angeles, huh? Sounds like the Cassandra’s Dream theatrical run.

We kid because we love you, Wood-man. P-p-p-please don’t send your lawyers after us, k?

Woody Allen reaches $5m settlement with head of American Apparel [Guardian, via The Awl]

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