Walmart Goes All Redbox On GameStop's Racket

If you’re a gamer you know how shameful it feels to plunk down a game you played $60 at a used game store counter in exchange for $15 or $20 three weeks later.

Now Walmart is giving you the same feeling with Redbox-style kiosks that save you the indignity of having to atone for your failures in front of a smirking clerk. In a program that Walmart is testing in its Northeastern U.S. stores, you scan a barcode from the game box, pop it into the machine and wait for a chargeback to pop up on your credit card two or three days later.

Next Walmart will unveil a machine that will let you trade in a kidney. Psst, Walmart, if you actually try that you’d better donate a portion of the proceeds to the Consumerist tip jar for stealing our idea.

Trade used games at Walmart [Neocrisis, via Kotaku]

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