Reader Has Amazing Best Buy Experience

Our reader The_Lone_Gunman just had a great experience with the Best Buy in Irving, Texas. Snark fails us at a time like this, so we’ll just humbly print his email.

I hope you’re sitting down right now…I have actually had a GOOD experience with Best Buy.

Went in on Saturday to finally pull the trigger on an upright freezer purchase I had been debating for some time.

Next day—Sunday—I got a phone call from the store, telling me they wanted me to come in so they could refund $100.00 in CASH, no less!) on the purchase. Seems that the item was reduced in price by that amount between Saturday and Sunday, and they wanted to do right by me.

No one was more flabbergasted than I was that they took such a step—most places would have waited for me to notice and then mention it to them—here they were pro-actively seeking me out to make a refund!

Another astonishing thing about the location (in Irving, TX on Airport Freeway) that I noticed was that every single person I dealt with was friendly, courteous and seemed very much on top of their game while dealing with other customers as well.

Is it possible that BB is finally ‘getting it’ with regard to customer service, or did I cross over briefly into some alternate universe consisting of nothing but Consumerist Hugs and Snugglebunnies?

We don’t know, Gunman, we just don’t know. Everything seems so topsy-turvy suddenly, and nothing is what it seems. Hold us.

(Photo: NNECAPA)

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