Gander Mountain Fixes Your Flat Tire, Apparently Also Sells Stuff

This may be the bizarro world version of the Bed, Bath and Beyond store that wouldn’t let a customer use their phone to dial 911. North of Houston, Thomas witnessed employees of a Gander Mountain outdoor equipment store come to the aid of a motorist with a flat tire. A motorist who, as far as they knew, wasn’t even their customer.

Today I was driving home from college on I-45 north just above Houston and saw a car with its flashers on and a lady going through her trunk. I though she might need assistance so I looped back and stopped behind her car (now I see she had a flat tire), but she was not there. I looked around and figured she might have gone to the big store near by to seek some help, Gander Mountain. I drove in the parking lot and noticed her walking from the store in the direction of her car. I asked if she needed help, only to find out that the store is going to help her. A few seconds later I see two gentlemen wearing orange safety vests in a truck riding out to meet her. The one gentlemen whom I could see his face had a smile and looked as if he was genuinely happy to help. I went on my way, but I could not help but be impressed by Gander Mountain’s staff that are willing to go out of their way to help a stranger, not even one of their customers

If anyone from Gander Mountain is reading, I’d love to know what the story is behind these employees and their impromptu road crew.

(Photo: madmolecule)

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