U.S. Government Sees Dead People, Cuts Them Stimulus Checks

Whippersnappers who are still young enough to work get a tax credit, but 52 million Social Security recipients will get $250 stimulus checks in the mail or direct deposited. Yay! Except for how as many as 10,000 dead people are receiving checks.

One U.S. citizen who died in Italy 34 years ago received a check. His family was a bit confused.

Antoniette Santopadre of Valley Stream was expecting a $250 stimulus check. But when her son finally opened it, they saw that the check was made out to her father, Romolo Romonini, who died in Italy 34 years ago. He’d been a U.S. citizen when he left for Italy in 1933, but only returned to the United Stated for a seven-month visit in 1969.

That’s just great. I realize that it’s difficult to keep track of who’s alive in a country of a few hundred of millions of people, but you’d think they’d notice after thirty-four years.

Dead People Get Stimulus Checks

(Photo: clairity)

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