Chrysler Will Close One Fourth Of Its Dealerships Next Month

Chrysler notified its dealers today that it will close 789 of its 3,189 dealerships on June 9th. The National Automobile Dealers Association estimates that about 38,000 jobs will be lost as a result.

Mark Calisi, 47, who owns Eagle Auto-Mall in Riverhead, New York, says he was “devastated” to learn that his dealership would be closed. He said Chrysler accounts for a third of his business, which also sells Volvo, Mazda and Kia, and that on Thursday he had to sack 30 of his 100 employees.

“I can’t even give severance because Chrysler’s not taking back my parts,” he said.

Although the dealerships that are closing may offer good deals on the 44,000 vehicles in their combined standing inventory, Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend any current Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep models. They also caution that you might not want to order auto parts from the dealerships that are closing, “as you want to make sure the parts can arrive and be installed prior to their locking the doors.” Click through to read more about which dealers are closing across the country.

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(Photo: dave_7)

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