Fake Dunkin' Donuts Employee Sneaks Into Stores, Steals Purses

If you live in Fall River, Massachusetts, and work at one of the town’s Dunkin’ Donuts stores, watch out for fake employees! A woman has been walking into the DD stores dressed in an employee uniform and going into the back, where she promptly steals real employees’ purses. When confronted at one of the stores, the thief told the workers that “she was there to pick up beans for another store and a note should have been left on the manager’s door.” When the employees went to look for the note, she left.

We’d love to know what sparked this ballsy, somewhat foolhardy crime spree. Is she an angry ex-employee? An aimless youth who stumbled upon an old DD uniform at a thrift store and hatched the world’s smallest Brilliant Scheme? The ghost of DD workers past? All we know is, since you can’t tell this thief apart from real DD employees, your best bet is to tackle anyone wearing a DD shirt when you go in to grab your coffee or donuts. Or at the very least, squint suspiciously at the person behind the counter and say, “I’m on to you.”

“Dunkin’ Donuts disguise used in theft” [The Herald News] (Thanks to R!)

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