Capital One $5,000 Credit Card Customer Bailout Is Just A Typo

What’s in Lori’s wallet? Not $5,000. She received a letter from Capital One, telling her that since it was her anniversary date with the card company, she had earned a $5,000 bonus, to be credited to her account. Really? It must be true. Capital One wouldn’t send a letter like that out by mistake, now would they?

She logged in to her account online, and didn’t see $5,000 credited to her account, so she called Capital One to find out what was going on.

I called and was promptly informed those were incorrect and should be $50, not $5,000. You think with the bail out money given these people, they could afford proof-readers?

I called up and the rep seemed to be tired of her spiel…”sorry, it was a mistake. They put the period in the wrong place” (more like they didn’t use one)

I want my $5,000!!!!

This, kids, is why decimal points are important. The letter’s invitation to use the reward for “a night on the town” should have been a clue, since five grand could pay for one heck of a night on the town. I can understand assuming that the letter is a scam, but not assuming that thousands of customers received the same letter in error.

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