Mmmm, This Salmon Is Full Of Tasty Spinal Column

Alena writes: “This evening I opened a can of Crown Prince Natural Wild Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon I was shocked to find part of the spinal column, of the fish and several other bones in my product. I sent a very angry email and pictures to the company so they could see how disgusting your product is. The can is the 7.5 ounces and lot number 627OK 1PINJ. UPC/Barcode: 073230008962. Absolutely “not ready to eat.

UPDATE: As several commenters point out, it is totally normal for canned salmon and lots of other canned fish to have bones in them. The bones are edible and good for you if you have the teeth to gnosh them. Boneless varieties are available, check the can’s label. However, boneless varieties are more expensive. A money-saving trick: use a blender on the cheaper kind.

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