New York Times Was Just Joking About That Whole 'Closing The Boston Globe' Thing

Those pesky unions, always asking for reasonable pay for their employees, decent working conditions, continued employment and the like. Well, the New York Times Company found a way to deal with the scalawags at the Boston Globe: threaten to fire ’em all and shut down their place of business.

The Times Company is seeking to save $20 million off the money-losing Globe operation, which the Times owns, but unions balked at agreeing to more cuts. So the Times threatened to close the Globe within 60 days, several unions cried uncle and the Times postponed the shutdown.

The struggle isn’t over quite yet though, reports Wall Street Journal-owned MarketWatch:

The newspaper said, however (it) has yet to resolve talks with its largest union at the Globe, the Boston Newspaper Guild, which represents more than 600 newsroom, advertising and business office workers.

Regardless of the outcome, smug New Yorkers can take comfort in the fact that they can shutter that little Beantown rag whenever they see fit. Heck, when you can’t beat ’em at baseball, you’ve got to cling to something, right?

New York Times Postpones Boston Globe Closure [MarketWatch]

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