Jack in the Box Employee Provides Great Service, Frightening Company Loyalty


I believe that it doesn’t really matter what you do for a living, as long as it fulfills you, and you try your best to be good at it. (But then, I blog for a living, so what do I know?) Kevin had an experience at a Texas Jack in the Box that combined “Above and Beyond” customer service with unusual dedication to a company.

He put together the above photo collage, and mailed it to us with a note:

I stopped off at Jack in the Box in Corinth Texas for a quick snack. The drive through guy was very cool, my order was taking a bit to cook so he just talked to me for a minute. He mentioned that he had been working for Jack int he Box for over 8 years, and said that he is on kind of a tour right now working at assorted locations so he could hopefully move up in the company some day. When he went to hand me his change I noticed that he actually had Jack tattoo’d on his arm, a real tattoo of Jack in the box! He was nice enough to let me take a picture of it along with a signature on my receipt and his schedule…that apparently he keeps handy for his loyal customers that like to know when he is working. Overall the most dedicated and nicest drive through clerk I have ever met and way to surreal to not share with the consumerist

I can’t decide if I would really, really want this guy to be my manager, or if it’s a scary prospect. Still, kudos to him and to his adoring fans. No, really.

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