Debt Collectors Using Cute Chicks On Facebook As Bait

Debt collectors are using cute chicks as bait on Facebook to track down and keep track of debtors. For some reason, someone at CBV collections decided to out the truth behind the online construct “Jenny Anderson,” that she was the tool of professional skiptracers, to all 658 of her “friends.” Reader Bryan, who happens to be a reporter, was one of them, and he took a snapshot and interviewed “Jenny” a bit. The story, inside…

Beware of ‘friends’ on Facebook! That random cute girl who added you on Facebook might be a skip tracer for a collection agency!!

About four months ago due to a forgotten bill I became a client of CBV Collections in Vancouver. I made my payments on time, and had no issues. A little bit afterward, “Jenny Anderson” added me as a friend on Facebook. As I did not want to be rude (and she was a cute girl), I accepted her as a friend. At the time no connection in my mind formed.

This morning, in my news feed, her status line was changed to:

“haha you guys i tricked you all my name is actually Emily and i work for cbv collections as a skip tracer i bet you guys got calls from them saying you owe money thats all my doing 🙂 you want to call and bitch? i dare you to call me 604-[redacted]!!! I wait to hear from you :)”

Judging by the amount of friends she has (over 600), it looks like her ruse worked. Just another example of how sneaky collection agencies can get to keep track of their debtors. I am curious to see how few friends she has over the next few days.

Beware of random people adding you on Facebook…. it might be people (or companies) up to no good trying to keep tabs on you, or collecting information about you. From now on I’ll be a lot more careful about whom I accept as friends.

I’m also curious to know why she decided to blow her cover, especially in such an unprofessional way. Was she drunk? Did she feel the urge to brag? Was it a friend or colleague blowing her cover for her?

Here’s the interview:

1:55 Bryan: May I have your full name, please

1:55pm Jenny: why?

1:56pm Bryan: Because I am filing a formal complaint

1:56pm Jenny: :):) ok emily scarfo enjoy

1:56pm Bryan: And you are a Skip Tracer with CBV collections?

1:56pm Jenny: supervisor

1:56pm Bryan: Supervisor, sorry.

1:56pm Jenny: Skip trace supervisor hey no worries

1:57pm Bryan: Can I also have the name and contact information of your immediate supervisor, just for my records

1:57pmJenny: hmm andrew conely his number i dont know just good cbv collections you’ll find the website

1:57pmBryan: Okay cool, thanks… I appreciate your help

1:57pmJenny: no worries

2:00pmBryan: So you say you got approval from your company to use Facebook to track down clients, correct?

2:03pmJenny: uh yah well from hr

2:03pmBryan: Did she give you permission to let people know who you are, and approve the wording in your status line?

2:03pmJenny: of coarse not

2:03pmJenny: you got a call from us didnt you :):) lol im emilys little birdy

2:04pmBryan: Can you explain what that means?

2:05pmJenny: i just know alot about that company ok no worries

2:05pmBryan: What does that mean?

2:05pmJenny: i gtg now if you see me on again you can msg me

2:05pmBryan: Please, I have a few more questions

2:05pmJenny: lol if you havent figured it out, i am not emily i am just a ltitle birdy i got in to this account through my sources

2:06pmBryan: So you are denying that you are Emily Scarfo, Skip Trace Supervisor for CBV collections?

2:06pmJenny: but i know about this account of coarse why would emily in her righ tmind do this? but you did get a call from cbv and this is how she found you?

2:06pmJenny: but im bored of all this i am gonna go

2:07pmBryan: Are tactics like this common place in your company?

2:07pmJenny: its not my company

2:07pmBryan: Please, I only have a few more questions, Emily

2:07pmJenny: I AM NOT EMILY goly

2:07pmBryan: I should tell you that I am a reporter, and I am doing a story about this, Emily. I am legally bound to tell you this

2:08pmJenny: really

2:08pmJenny:ok well i am not emily

2:08pmBryan: If you like, we can speak about this on the telephone

2:08pmJenny: i dont know f i trust anyone online

2:08pmJenny: and who i f i may ask do you report for?

2:09pmBryan: I am a freelance reporter, who writes for various publications, mainly for [redacted]

2:09pmJenny: your a photographer, not a reporter

2:09pmJenny:see you lie

2:09pmJenny: oh nvm

2:09pmBryan: I am also a freelance reporter

2:10pmJenny: so this is in alberta?

2:10pmJenny: or nation wide?

2:10pmBryan: Take a look at my profile, You will see that I have several stories and photographs printed newspapers and magazines around the world

2:10pmJenny: hmm ok

2:10pmJenny: i am not emly

2:10pmJenny: so please dont refer to me as such

2:10pmBryan: Why did you tell me you were Emily Scarfo, Skip Trace
Supervisor as CBV Collections?

2:11pmJenny: i will help you but thats it

2:11pmJenny: because

2:11pmJenny: the person who made this account is emily scarfo

2:11pmJenny: well acctually

2:11pmBryan: Then who are you?

2:11pmJenny: she had someone do it for her

2:11pmBryan: And why are you impersonating Emily?

2:11pmJenny: but she is the one who uses it

2:11pmJenny: whyu is she impersonating jenny?

2:11pmBryan: That is between her and her company. The main concern of my article is the privacy concerns. I now have a list of over 600 people who are supposedly clients of a collection agency

2:13pmJenny: she is cruel i am sick of people getting tricked on this account

2:13pmJenny: no matter how much they owe

2:13pmJenny: no matter how much they owe

2:13pmJenny: my internet sucks though

2:13pmBryan: Okay, so who are you?

2:13pmBryan: Facebook chat is not the greatest

2:13pmJenny: so if ytou have no more questions

2:13pmJenny:i wont tell you who i am

2:13pmBryan: Oh, I have many questions

2:14pmJenny: i dont need to be famous

2:14pmBryan: So you are not Emily Scarfo, you are just someone who
hacked her account

2:14pmJenny: her fake account

2:14pmJenny: but yes

2:14pmJenny: dont worry i dont acctually know how to hack

2:14pmBryan: Are you an associate of hers? Do you work for CBV Collections?

2:14pmJenny: i just knew the password to the fake e-mail attached to
this account

2:14pmJenny: no

2:14pmJenny: hmm why does it matter who i am

2:15pmBryan: Are you a client of CBV?

2:15pmBryan:Because I am curious about why you did this

2:15pmBryan:About why you blew her cover

2:15pmJenny: the more i tell you the more she knows who i am

2:15pmJenny: did you not get it


2:16pmBryan: And why you are suddenly claiming not to be Emily,
despite the fact a few moments ago you knew her Supervisor?

2:17pmJenny is offline.

People throw all sorts of personal information up on Facebook that can be very useful if you’re trying to get in touch with them, or hunt them down. Phone numbers, email addresses, web pages, messages that mention your whereabouts, all of this is potentially useful to a professional skiptracer. The trick is that some people set their profile pages as private and you have to be their friend to see it. So, as a debt collection agency, just make a profile with a cute chick in it, put a plausible amount of real content in it, and have her friend the people you want to keep tabs on.

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