Bankruptcy Court To Reveal The Identities Of Investors Trying To Stop The Chrysler/Fiat Deal

Hey, this is getting kinda dramatic. Over in bankruptcy court land, Judge Arthur Gonzalez has decided to reveal the identities of the group of investors calling themselves “Non-TARP” lenders that are seeking to stop the auction of most of Chrysler’s assets to an entity managed by Fiat SpA, says Bloomberg.

The judge rejected the investors claims that releasing their identities would endanger both their lives and their reputations. Chrysler’s lawyer says the so-called “threats” are just commenter rants on the Washington Post’s website.

“The only evidence they have provided is a series of four or five anonymous rants on a Washington Post Web site,” Hamilton said. “Anyone with a passing familiarity with the hyperbolic rants on such boards on the Internet would not take such comments seriously.”

We have more than a passing familiarity, and we’d have to agree.

Chrysler Dissidents Must Reveal Identity, Judge Says (Update2) [Bloomberg]

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