Online IQ Test Is Really A Stupid Mobile Phone Download Scam

An innocent-looking IQ test on Facebook is really a test of your privacy savvy. And ability to read tiny, tiny print.

Tipster Cosimo saw an ad on Facebook for a silly little IQ test. At the end, the test asks for your cell phone number, in order to text you the results, or something. But, wait! What’s that at the bottom of the page, only visible if you bother to scroll below the question screen? Looks like some fine print. So fine that my incredibly nearsighted self had to copy and paste it into another program in order to read it.

Summary of Terms
Welcome to the Official Mobile IQ Quiz! After completing the mobile quiz, we will calculate your score and ask you to enter your cell phone number to gain access to your IQ results as well as a mobile content subscription. Depending on your carrier and cell phone manufacturer, the mobile content may include ringtones, games, wallpapers, or fun text messages. This content will cost as much as $19.99 per month and will be sent to your cell. If you would not like to sign up for the subscription content to your phone to see your results, simply click the Get Results link on the cell phone entry page to view how you did!

I think I’ll just pass on the test, instead.

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