Personal Finance Roundup

Hotel Deals Abound, but So Do Sneaky Fees [Smart Money] “Here’s what you need to know before booking your next trip.”
5 Tips For Investing in TIPS: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities [US News] “TIPS-short for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities-offer investors the closest thing Uncle Sam has to a sure bet these days.”
Five Frugal Food Tactics from Trent’s Kitchen [The Simple Dollar] “Several useful frugal cooking tactics.”
Lots of Tax Hikes Coming in 2011 [Kiplinger] “Tax increases will hit businesses and individuals, and don’t think for a minute that only the wealthy will feel the pain.”
An emergency fund out of thin air [MSN Money] “Can’t spare hundreds of dollars a month? You can nickel-and-dime your way into a comfortable cash cushion.”
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