Microsoft E-mails You as a Reminder That You Opted Out of Receiving E-mails

Taking a page from the grossly overpriced playbook of Barnes & Noble college bookstores, earlier this week MIcrosoft sent an e-mail to users of the myriad Windows Live and MSN services reminding them that they…had opted not to receive e-mail from Microsoft. Um, thanks?

See a screencap here.

Dear Windows Live User,

We are contacting you regarding your communication preference settings for Windows Live and MSN.
Currently, your settings do not allow Microsoft to send you promotional information or survey invitations about Windows Live and MSN. We would like to communicate important product updates to you, so if you would like to change your settings, please visit your account profile here to change your preferences.

The Windows Live Team

Note: You can also change your Account settings by going to your browser and typing in: After logging-in to your account, look for ‘Additional options’ and click ‘Marketing preferences’. Then uncheck the top preference box and click ‘Save’.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and to Kevin for the screencap!

Photo: CarbonNYC

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