"Baby Shaker" IPhone App Keeps Getting Pulled From App Store, We Can't Imagine Why

We know there have been complaints from developers that it takes too long to get iPhone apps approved, or that Apple is behind on payments, or that it’s hard to know what they’ll reject and what they’ll accept. Well, apparently they’ll accept an application that “challenges users to see how long they can withstand the cries of a baby before they shake it to death.” Oh wait, they won’t, they pulled it after complaints yesterday. No, wait, they put it back up for sale today! Oh no now it’s gone again. Maybe they’re just making room for a Pistol Whip Your Spouse app.

The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation has sent out a press release condemning Apple for ever allowing the app to reach the public in the first place. Seriously, Apple rejects a jiggling boobs app for being “obscene” but lets an “abuse a baby to death” app through?

In the interest of reminding people that shaking babies is a really bad idea, here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Jennipher Dickens, whose 2-year-old son Christopher was shaken by his 21-year-old biological father when he was only 7 weeks old, said, “This horrible iPhone app will undoubtedly be downloaded thousands of times by others in that same young male demographic – the population group that is already statistically the most likely to shake babies. As a result of the child abuse my son endured in the form of Shaken Baby Syndrome, my son now has irreversible brain damage.”

Don’t shake babies IRL.

“‘Baby Shaker’ app fuels outrage” [Boston Herald]
(Photo: Matt Stone)

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