Monster Cable Misuses Engadget Quote To Sell Its Crap

If there’s any blog more anti-Monster Cable than us, it’s Engadget—they refuse to review any Monster Cable products because of the company’s dishonest sales tactics and legal bullying. Monster either doesn’t realize that (doubtful) or doesn’t care, because they pulled a quote from Engadget out of context and slapped it on the home page of the Beats By Dre site in a way that implies Engadget has reviewed and approved of Monster headphones.

The quote’s been pulled from the front page now, barely two hours after Engadget found out about it and posted an acceptable substitute quote that they’re willing to stand behind (“Monster Cable sucks”), but we still think it’s funny that Monster gave the go ahead on using an Engadget quote.

For reference, here’s the text of the post they pulled the quote from:

You can’t put velvet in these earcups and call ’em nice headphones! As Mr. Chappelle would likely attest, there are no better headphones in which to drop the beat into than Dr. Dre’s “highly anticipated” Beats. The master of chronic himself has slapped his all-but-forgotten name onto a set of cans (which we spotted originally at CES), and is now ready to introduce ’em to the world. Starting on July 25th, the crunk-inducing headphones will be available exclusively at Apple and Best Buy (both online and in-store), though the buying experience would likely be way more gangsta if checking out at Still, for $349.95, we’d recommend looking at more respected names in sound, but if your street cred is sitting at rock bottom, you may have no other choice.

And here’s the quote they created from it:

There are no better headphones in which to drop the beat into.

“Engadget endorses Monster Cable? Uh, hell no.”

(Thanks to Miami Frost!)

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