BK's Texican Whopper Ad Too Spicy For TV?

Mexican officials have taken issue with a new Burger King ad that suggests Mexicans aren’t as tall as Americans and use the national flag as a poncho.

The new European campaign for the Texican Whopper features a diminutive Mexican strongman-in-a-cape sharing the challenges of cohabiting with his new buddy, a lanky Texan in a cowboy hat. Cowboy helps Mexican reach top shelf, hilarity ensues. Mexican helps Cowboy open jar of pickles, sides are split. “The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican,” is the tagline. See, everybody can get along.

Above and beyond the ad’s homo-erotic undertones, we’re left asking: How come the US embassy isn’t taking issue with BK’s portrayal of American men as buttless-chaps-wearing, window-washing weaklings who can’t open their own condiments?

Mexico Slams Burger King For ‘Whopper’ Of Insult [TIME]

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