Florida Attorney General Sues Maker Of Caylee Anthony Doll

The Florida Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Showbiz Promotions, LLC, maker of the Caylee Anthony doll and the Michael Vick dog chew toy, claiming that the company promised to donate the profits to charity — but did not follow through.

“Any company that intentionally misleads innocent consumers to believe they are contributing to worthy charitable causes is absolutely reprehensible,” said Attorney General McCollum. “It is disgusting that a company would exploit a tragic situation for personal gain.”

The AG’s office said they began investigating the company in 2008, after receiving over 200 complaints about the sale of the Michael Vick dog chew toy.

From the AG’s office:

New complaints have since surfaced over the company’s use of Caylee Anthony’s name and likeness for the “Sunshine Doll Collection” and other “Caylee Sunshine” merchandise. The lawsuit states the company and Salcedo intentionally misrepresented that a $5,000 donation was made to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by Showbiz Promotions when, in fact, only a $10.00 donation was confirmed.

“This effort is outrageous and attempts to exploit the tragic murder of a child for personal benefit,” said Ernie Allen, President and CEO, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. “NCMEC does not and will not ever be associated with any attempt to commercialize or raise money in connection with the victimization of any child.”

Attorney General Sues Jacksonville Maker of Caylee Anthony Doll, Michael Vick Chew Toy [Florida AG]

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