The Design, Purchase, Or Wearing Of This Dress Should Probably Be Rethought

We at Consumerist understand that there’s no accounting for taste, and we generally refrain from passing judgment on products for puerely aesthetic reasons. That said, we think this dress should probably never be worn by anyone, ever.

Besides being embarrassing, it’s also kind of inappropriate. We’ve written before about sexually suggestive clothing intended for young women, and we have to think that if someone wore this to prom, she’d get all the wrong kinds of attention from boys and chaperones alike.

In the few days since this dress came to our attention, retailer Light in the Box has clumsily Photoshopped the centerpiece of the dress to a more modest display, now seen on their website. We wonder if they’re also hurriedly altering each dress to also be less vulv vulgar.

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Thanks, JD!

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