Duane Reade May Want To Rethink The Instructions On Their Generic Sandwich Bags

Duane Reade wants you to compare their store brand sandwich bags to Ziploc’s bags, and you should, because Ziplcoc’s bags are $0.50 cheaper.

Caroline writes:

I stopped by Duane Reade last night to pick up a few things. I remembered I needed some baggies. Instinctively I almost grabbed the store brand, but fortunately they had a banner on their box saying “Compare to Ziploc”, so I did. I noticed the Ziploc brand was 50cents cheaper for the exact amount of same-sized baggies. I grabbed the Ziploc. Now if only all brands did this!

Even though you should always compare absolute prices, don’t forget to also glance at the unit price to make sure you’re really getting the best deal.

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