Bad Idea: Confessing To Your $100,000 A Year Shoplifting Habit On National TV

All the clever shoplifting tricks in the world won’t save you from yourself if you decide to reveal your secrets on Dr. Phil. Last week a fraud task force raided the home of Laura and Matthew Eaton, who appeared on an episode in November to show the audience how they did it and to say they were going straight.

A Secret Service field agent told the San Diego Union-Tribune that so far there have been no arrests or indictments as “it’s still early on in the investigation,” but we can’t imagine that nationally admitting you’re a big-time shoplifter—and even bringing cameras along to prove you can do it—is the sort of thing that helps your case. Dorks.

“San Marcos couple’s raid may be linked to ‘Dr. Phil’ appearance” [SignOnSanDiego via Cele|bitchy] (Thanks to Ashi!)

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