Unilever's Opt-Out Page Thinks It's A Tax Form

We’ll give Unilever points for offering an exhaustive opt-out page that covers every conceivable form of communication you may be receiving from them. We’ll take all those points away, however, and award them a fail badge for creating the world’s longest, most labor intensive opt-out page you’ve ever seen.

Sarah writes,

I had been on the Dove email list for some time and finally decided to unsubscribe today. I don’t use their products any more and have no need for the email newsletter. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email:

Hey Unilever, how about a single one-click opt out option that removes the subscriber from every channel at once? Then, for those who want to micro-manage their relationship with you, they can click through to this page. Maybe you’re just trying to be helpful, but we can imagine such a huge opt out hurdle stops a lot of people from going through with it once they hit this page.