Yum! Wants Feedback Only From Ancient Ones, Mummies, Civil War Veterans

Want to provide some feedback to Yum! Brands, the company behind KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, and A&W Restaurants? No matter how old you are—they go back as far as Jan 1st, 1906—they’ll tell you that you’re too young to use the “Contact Us” part of their website. Yum! is in it for the long haul, and they don’t need a bunch of jibber-jabber from hooligans like you.

“Contact Us” [Yum] (Thanks to JB!)


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  1. taking_this_easy says:

    is this a problem? its just a coding ‘mistake’, somethign that doesnt affect anything…

    • CaliCheeseSucks says:

      @taking_this_easy: I think that, like many things that consumerist commenters take too seriously, this post was made half-jokingly. It’s an annoyance, and should be fixed…but it’s the end of a Monday and time to laugh at some lighter news.

    • VOIDMunashii says:


      Yeah, doesn’t effect a thing provided you don’t want to give any feedback.

      I’m sure it is not intentional, but just because there is no malice behind it does not mean that it is not funny.

      • dragonfire81 says:

        @VOIDMunashii: It depends, if its been broken for a long long time than its rather comical a huge corporation would leave such a glaring mistake unaddressed.

        Or it could be a creative way to deflect any and all customer service complaints, like other websites whose “contact us” links magically never work.

    • snclfe says:


      The problem is that they didn’t test their website before publishing it. Good jobs they could have created but chose not to – they don’t deserve any tax breaks.

  2. honestlytoomuch says:

    They must have fixed it/it was never broken. It worked for me fine.

  3. Ninja007 says:

    woah…its like my “Back” button was pushed

  4. chucklebuck says:

    This is a website glitch, easily explained by the fact that all the engineers are patching potholes in Chicago.

    • Kaellorian says:

      @chucklebuck: I saw colonel sanders patching a pothole at 47th and the Dan Ryan. Then he was jumped by the Vicelords and forced to mule cocaine.

      Damn fine waste of an officer.

  5. Ninja007 says:

    their coding isn’t much worse than the commenting software for the Consumerist.

  6. TacoDave says:

    I left a comment about an unbearable experience at Taco Bell a few months ago. Nobody responded to it. So it doesn’t matter if the form works or not…

    Seriously, there were at least 10 people in line, but the only cashier left us to go wipe tables clean. We stood there doing nothing for a while.

  7. jake7294 says:

    It’s been refreshed by KFC.

  8. tundey says:

    I was able to reproduce the problem @ 7:28pm eastern. And the redirected page was called “toyoung.asp”.

    • rkaufman says:

      @tundey: SAY IT’S NOT SO.

      My English Major lasers are set to maximum.

      • RimkaIzumo says:

        @rkaufman: You guys have LASERS? Shit, more reason to never piss off my girlfriend. o_o

        Somewhat related: I had a friend who once worked for Tacobell, she often related the stories of people growing pot in the back and mildewy nacho cheese dispensers.

  9. Smashville says:

    I had no problem requesting a return of the Chili Cheese Burrito.

    • fonzette says:

      @Smashville: omg, does your Taco Bell not have the chili cheese burrito anymore? I would DIE.

      • Froggmann says:

        @fonzette: Nope been gone from the LA/OC area for at least 5 years now. The Chlitio is just one of those perfect fast foods, cheap and tasty.

        • HogwartsAlum says:


          They used to have this thing called Extreme Nachos, with red chips and a huge pile of beans and cheese and stuff. It was only like $1.49. I used to eat it all the time (this was in about 1994 or 1995). I think it was being tested (I was living in CA at the time) and it disappeared. I would give anything if they would bring it back.

          MAN that was good. And an insane amount of food for the price.

      • Smashville says:

        @fonzette: Wait…yours does? It’s been gone from Nashville since 2002.

  10. tundey says:

    I looked at the javascript and OMG…all that code just to check if a person is over 13? And they still got it wrong. Wow!

    • suzieq says:

      @tundey: Yikes, that is a lot of javascript. I find it especially funny that they feel the need to cookie you with your birthday, and then block you from subsequent submissions.

      What I want to know is, why do they even need to ask your birthday? How many 5-year-olds out there are trying to give feedback for Long John Silver’s?

      Otherwise, love the unique navigation on the site.

      • scottywz says:

        @suzieq: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. If one kid under 13 contacts them and they don’t have parental permission, they can get fined $11,000 each time.

        Given that they do this to comply with Federal law, they should be doing these checks on the server, not in the browser where you can disable JavaScript or whatever.

        • suzieq says:

          @scottywz: From the Wikipedia article:

          “The Act applies to websites and online services operated for commercial purposes that are either directed to children under 13 or have actual knowledge that children under 13 are providing information online.”

          I somehow doubt that kids under 13 are reading about Yum Brand’s corporate “Vision and Strategy.” This site is not geared toward those under 13. I am chalking this up to an overzealous legal department and not any real need to protect the children.

  11. Skeetz says:

    Well my parents do go to pizza hut a ton..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Luckily, they cookie you as “too young” (just try going back to that page) and you will never be old enough to send them a comment.

  13. Donathius says:

    I just tried it (6:46 p.m. Mountain Time) and it’s still screwed up.

  14. Frank Murphy says:

    Sounds like the Y2K bug!

  15. oregongal (lynnie421 on Twitter) says:

    Yeah hmmm I’m not old enough huh? I guess 51 is too young in their world lol.

  16. parnote says:

    LOL … now the Contact Us page doesn’t seem to work … it comes up, but hitting submit does nothing.

  17. unobservant says:

    You rapscallions! Get off my site! (Shakes fist)

  18. Rachacha says:

    Well Someone should go to their website and leave them a comment advising them about the coding error utilizing their com…never mind.

  19. The_IT_Crone says:

    …am I wrong that I tried it just to be told I was young?

  20. jermscentral says:

    I’ve never been able to call the 1-800 number on the back of the receipt because it always tells me I have to call back from a home phone and not one that is owned by the Yum Corporation. I always thought I owned my phone.

  21. chrisjames says:

    The Contact form for at least LJS worked fine when I tried it. I imagine not a lot of people try to leave feedback or get issues resolved directly through the Yum! site–or even know that Yum! owns those chains.

  22. LegoMan322 says:

    I tried it and it works fine…unlike the reply buttons on the Consumerist. This is a non-story. I see the Consumerist is going the way of the media?!

  23. Tonguetied says:

    It didn’t work for me several months ago after a most irritating attempt to get my order correct at a Taco Bell. I wound up calling the 800 number and got through but I forgot to mention the problem. Though it is highly unlikely that the lady I spoke with would not have been able to do anything about it.

    I did get satisfaction from my complaint call btw.