Worst Company In America: Verizon VS Sprint

Which phone giant will taste your fury? Did FiOS burn down your house? Did Sprint’s wandering CEO step on your toes?

It’s #20 Sprint VS #13 Verizon.

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2009 series. The companies nominated for this honor were chosen by you, the readers, and seeded according to number of nominations. Keep track of all the goings on at consumerist.com/tag/worst-company-in-america. Download the bracket here.


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  1. MostlyHarmless says:

    Ohh nice matchup. Though I am tempted to vote verizon because of [xkcd.com] and because they charged me 50 bucks for a supposedly free phone [switch and bait], I think Sprint is worse. Sure Verizon has its moments, but Sprint seems to suck all around. Of the first round matchup, this is most likely to be an upset (sheer # of verizon subscribers who have a bone to pick). Lets see :)

    *kicks back and grabs a drink*

    • T Axel Jones says:

      I’ve used both companies in the past and they have reprehensible customer service, but only Verizon continued to charge me for 6 months for internet service even after I had cancelled the account, moved out of the apartment, and sent them a certified letter demanding they stop billing me.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Lucifer_Cat (Does Not Tweet): I don’t know why you would vote for Sprint here. It seems you are voting on perception only. If any wireless company stiffed me the way they did you I would have to vote for them not the one with the image problem. I have had Sprint Wireless for ten years now and have never had an issue that was not taken care of. I know not everyone can say that but it is true in my case. I know use the HTC Touch Pro and it is an awesome phone. I have never used an Iphone but it cannot be any better. Plus the 3G is great on this phone. I have, currently, Verizon for a home phone and I cannot say their customer service is stellar. I had a second phone I wanted to disconnect and it took forever. How hard is it to turn off a phone line? It was almost as bad as trying to disconnect AOL service in the past.

  2. jscott73 says:

    I have no experience with either, looks like they both get a buy week from me.

  3. Yankees368 says:

    Come on. While Sprint has had it’s issues, they are limited. Verizon lured people into FIOS by promising them new TV’s years ago, that still has not followed up on it. I get pushy door-to-door sales people from Verizon for fios every week.
    Sprint is annoying, but harmless.

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @Yankees368: But they are offering FIOS. That more than makes up for their issues.

    • HFC says:

      @Yankees368: The sales people may be pushy, but FiOS is worth it.

      • Shrew2u says:

        @HFC: Ditto that. We had salespeople knocking for months after we switched to FIOS – the five seconds to took to shoo away each one was worth the service we get. (We actually got the free TV, too; if I were still waiting for the TV, I’d consider filing a small claims court suit for the value of the TV.)

  4. MFfan310 says:

    Many of my friends who have Sprint have dropped calls, poor customer service, or both. Verizon customers typically don’t have these pesky issues here.

    I was chatting on the phone to one of my friends who’s a Sprint customer a few days ago, and I could barely hear her… she had to hang up for fear that her call would be dropped. Yet she stays with Sprint for the $99/month unlimited everything. She uses her smartphone for work… which reminds me, what good is a smartphone if you can’t use it?

    • divide says:

      @MFfan310: “she had to hang up for fear that her call would be dropped”

      Is it just me or is this illogical, like quitting your job for fear you might be fired.

      I’ve used Sprint for going on five years now and I’m very happy with the service (most reliable I’ve had so far in SW Colorado), they roam fine on other networks so I don’t see the benefit of Verizon “for the awesome network” — I get the Verizon benefit with Sprint anyway.

      Furthermore, its hands-down a much better deal. We pay less than our friends’ two-phone family plan and have 50% more minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data on our smartphones. What’s not to like? :)

      Go Sprint!

  5. rhpot1991 says:

    Sprint gives me my awesome $30 a month Sero plan with unlimited data and the ability to tether to my EEE. Verizon was unable to do anything (except try to trick me into a new contract) to keep me as customer. Easy choice here I think.

    • camman68 says:

      @rhpot1991: How did you set up your tether? I have sero too but haven’t been able to get this one figured out?

      • rhpot1991 says:

        @camman68: I have a Mogul which runs Windows Mobile (yuck :P). There are some free ways of doing it but reliability sucks. I use this: [wmwifirouter.com]

        Will let you share out wifi from your phone like a router, or hook up with usb/bluetooth. Worked with Ubuntu Intrepid out of the box, surprised me. They offer a free trial as well.

  6. JartMaster_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be awesome if the Verizon Guy ran into Dan Hess while he was walking in a commercial? The mixture of color and black and white just make me giggle.

  7. battra92 says:

    I like Verizon most of the time. When I talk to the linemen and techs I always get intelligent guys who know what they are doing. The CSRs are usually pretty dumb, though but most are pleasant.

    Sprint I’ve had no dealings with so this is a no-vote for me.

    *I’m a phone tech

  8. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    i dumped sprint in favor of verizon 5 years ago.
    Verizon isn’t much better.

    (it’s going to be a close race)

  9. The_Legend says:

    Verizon is worse. At least you can talk to Sprint, if you know the right person. Verizon has a “screw you” attitude.

  10. NightSteel says:

    I had an issue with Verizon DSL some years ago. They oversubscribed the local DSLAM and didn’t give it enough bandwidth, so every evening when enough people came home and started using it, the service would slow to a crawl. It took *three months* for an engineer to acknowledge the problem.

    Switched to cable internet and never looked back.

  11. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I voted for Sprint because they can’t even seem to get what little they are doing done right. Verizon, as large and widespread as they are, sells decent phones and leaves you alone as long as you don’t cause problems. And every time I’ve needed to get something fixed on my plan, I’ve been able to get a good CSR, even though it takes a long time and repeated tries. Eventually, when I do get a person, it gets resolved.

  12. Radi0logy says:

    Frankly Sprint has been good to me. Theres no beating an older SERO plan, and customer service has been mostly acceptable. I came from Verizon, they sucked hard. Honestly I think most people will vote Sprint just because other people shout “Sprint sucks!!”, without any firsthand knowledge.

  13. hypochondriac says:

    Finally a excellent versus. Never used verizon, but love my SERO plan so I guess I have to vote for verizon.

  14. razremytuxbuddy says:

    I easily voted for Sprint. However, as an Alltel customer the last two years, I’ll soon learn about Verizon. Alltel is almost as bad as Sprint, in terms of sneaky sales practices and bad customer service, so we’ll see which way the company gets pulled now that Alltel and Verizon are one company making really big promises about future products and services.

  15. Geekybiker says:

    If you’re on a SERO plan there is nothing that compares to sprint. Not sure they’d be my first choice at regular price, but the network has been better in the Chicago area than ATT in my experience.

  16. parliboy says:

    Sprint killed the SERO plan just as I was ready to jump. The price increase was enough to make me willing to pay more for an iPhone instead.

    It’s a minor thing, to be sure; but since it’s the only interaction I’ve had with either company, that’s the winning vote.

  17. Eric1285 says:

    Ugh, I DESPISE Verizon. They came to set up out business DSL line about 5 years ago. They made an installation error and now every time we receive or send a fax our internet gets cut off for 2 minutes. We’ve called them several times about this but they refuse to fix it. They did sent a technician a couple of times but they did absolutely nothing. Every time we call now they say there’s nothing wrong.

    Sprint on the other hand has been fantastic to me with the SERO plan. Customer service has been great – they recently refunded a late charge on my bill just because I asked.

  18. Firesoul1 says:

    Verizon, not becuase FIOS burned down my house but because its not here yet.

  19. Mary says:

    This is a hard matchup for me. I have Verizon Wireless and have been with them for years with no troubles or problems whatsoever. I get service in a lot of places where no one else does (D.C.’s Metro for example) and I’m generally happy.

    However, Verizon’s home phone service gave me nothing but trouble for three years while I had to use them and their monopoly just to get a phone to my home (I had dial-up internet, or I might have passed entirely). And I’ve heard precious little that is good to say about Fios.

    But then there’s Sprint, who have somehow bought the soul of my workplace and I’m constantly being told I should hawk their service to unsuspecting customers for things, not to mention that the system rarely works as advertised.

    I can’t say I like either company, really. But I went with Sprint this time.

  20. mmcnary says:

    I’ve got them both right now. (personal and work phones) and it’s a tough call.

    I’m going to have to go with Sprint, though. I have almost no coverage at my house, and I have been forced to ask that when I’m on call that they call my home phone first.

  21. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Verizon scares me because they can’t seem to do math..

    Also they put an ETF on my dad’s old “contract” with them after it had expired and he didn’t get a new phone.. It’s still on his credit report.

    It makes me angry because an ETF is supposed to cover the subsidy of a new phone with a discount.. but if there was no new phone there should be no need whatsoever for an ETF.

  22. Anonymous says:

    My issue with Sprint is that they jerked my parents around after their house was destroyed by a tornado. Sprint provided their home phone service. I had to call them so many times and each time they wouldn’t understand that we couldn’t forward the phone from the house BECAUSE THERE WAS NO HOUSE.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Gotta vote Sprint on this one since I’m an Alltel customer who is pleased that Verizon adopted MyCircle. I don’t have personal experience with Sprint, but my cousin does. Dropped calls left and right.

  24. Aaron Poche says:

    Verizon actively cripples features on the phones they sell so you have to pay for their subscription services. For example, they disable the navigation features on the Blackberry so you have to pay for their monthly navigation package. They cripple some of the bluetooth functions so you can’t put ring tones on your phone, so you have to buy theirs.

    This is an easy vote.

  25. Chris Stone says:

    “Did Sprint’s wandering CEO step on your toes?”

    Oh, The Consumerist… You say that these commercials were horrible, but when you keep joking like this, it makes me feel bad that they’re no longer on air. When you said the whole thing about looking for customers in diners and how the b&w was because he’s sad, I loved watching the commercials with that in mind.

  26. Gamethyme says:

    I will nearly always vote Verizon on these because of the time they turned me over to collections AFTER I’d paid my ETF and cancelled my service.

  27. SkittleKicks says:

    Sprint, by a long shot. After constantly switching the due date on the bill, we finally canceled when the contract was up. They sent us a bill for $0.00. We called, confirmed everything was square. One month later, here comes the collection notice for $15.86.

  28. snowburnt says:

    I used to have Sprint, they didn’t give me any issues other than coverage.

    I have Verizon for my cell and I used to have them for a land line. I have also dealt with their business dsl tech support for various companies I’ve worked with. Their Cell customer service started out horrible and in my opinion, with the issues I’ve had, have gotten much better.

    The one bill service they have (myverizon or something like that) is garbage, mainly because they have 3+ different companies trying to talk to each other when none of them seem to want to have anything to do with each other. It took 2 months for it to get set up, then when I cancelled the land line, they cancelled my onebill which meant I had to set up the auto pay again. Problem is that no one tells you that. I complained and they removed any late fees after waiting on the phone for a few hours and escalating 3 times. Verizon gets my vote for this, but the cell side seems to be improving, they’re one and done in my book.

  29. HungryTuna says:

    I’ve had Verizon for years.

    Excellent reception (My old Nextel wouldn’t get access anytime I was indoors).

    Repair centers are often crowded but I rarely get anything other than quality tech support.

    My one negative experience involved a stolen phone where the thief used it to call Bermuda ($300 worth of long distance). Verizon was able to reverse these fraudulant calls but only after 3 months and several followup calls to remove late charges/penalties.

  30. Harlan says:

    I have a Sprint cell phone (Centro), so in an effort to rationalize my possibly stupid decision, I voted Verizon.

  31. JeanStork says:

    Sprint’s pricing schemes make sense… The first mobile company to actually make sense… $99 for everything…
    Verizon is $99 for everythign… plus $10 for text messaging… plus $10 for data…

  32. Melissa Hadley says:

    Sprint’s been awesome to me and the signal has been great, both in San Jose and in San Diego, where I’m at now. Voted for Verizon.

  33. Jonathan N says:

    4 Years strong with VZW here. Sprint’s PTT phones are for the gangsta inside. Also, they market their crap in movies that are garbage as well.

  34. Sudonum says:

    Verizon. Right before Katrina hit, I canceled my Verizon service and paid them of (or so I thought). Katrina comes and NOLA residents are without mail service for several weeks. During this time period Verizon sends me another “final” bill for $60. I never get it. I don’t have their service anymore, I have no idea Verizon is trying to bill me. Without any further attempt to contact me they charge it off as a bad debt and report it to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. I pull one of my free credit reports and discover it. They “agree” to take my check to settle the debt and remove the charge off. The supervisor I talked to made it sound like they were doing me a big favor. A couple months later it still shows up on one of my credit reports, so I dispute it. The upshot was that it stayed on my report, but was shown as paid, with an asterisk noting that it was due to a natural disaster. I’ve had Sprint (Nextel) since then. They treat me like a God compared to Verizon.

  35. vastrightwing says:

    I’m a customer of both & a coin toss determined that Verizon got my vote.

  36. crichton007 says:

    I’m not a Verizon lover but c’mon, they’re up against Sprint. This should be a no brainer!

  37. lunarworks says:

    I voted for Verizon just because I hate made-up names.

  38. kylere says:

    Verizon sucks so bad it alters space/time.

  39. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    I’ve had Verizon forever and so far, am pleased with the service I’ve gotten. The last time I went in to the Verizon store in town, the manager spent probably an hour and a half with me tailoring my current plan to my family’s needs, and finding a phone that I wanted. OTOH, my experiences with Sprint have been less than a pleasure so they got my vote right away.

  40. ramthor says:

    Great service from Sprint for 7 years
    with no contract. No experience w/Verizon.

    No vote.

  41. Anonymous says:

    From Peter S in LA
    Good question. These two are both pretty bad; but the vote goes to Sprint for not being able to issue a correct bill for eight months in a row. To their credit, every time I got one of these bills and called (always at least 20 minutes on the phone), the CSR du jour was always able to fix it, and in some cases, took some more off for the hassle factor. Also: recently I’ve been getting spam text messages, which of course I am billed for. When I called to find out how to stop this, I was told that Sprint had sold some numbers to telemarketers, and short of turning off text messages, they have no way to stop this. Nice going Sprint; you so deserve this award.

  42. TerribleDecade says:

    Sprint, because Verizon hasn’t screwed me over for some needed utilities in today’s world. Although I am disappointed in both for impeding technological advancement. Look at those Japanese phones and internet speeds!

  43. circusgeek says:

    I’ve used both for cell phone service. Verizon doesn’t seem to cause any trouble for me. Sprint, on the other hand was just awful. Do they contract their customer service reps from prisons? Because that’s how it seemed to me when I had the misfortune of needing their customer services.

  44. polymer girl says:

    I left Sprint years ago because they were so terrible (terrible reception, terrible and rude and lying customer service). Verizon is more expensive, but they have provided the service that they promised me for the past 4 years. Sprint is by FAR much worse.

    • veg-o-matic says:

      @polymer girl:

      I have had similar experiences. I have Verizon DSL and not only have they so far promised not to rat me out to The Man, download/upload speeds are just peachy.

      Plus, Verizon is at least partially unionized, whereas Sprint is not. That’s more than a few points in my book. I vote Sprint on this one.

  45. aftercancer says:

    No vote from me, interested to see how it shakes out

  46. nudger says:

    Vanno predicts Sprint (#410) over Verizon (#222).

  47. Jabberkaty says:

    Verizon was mean to me once. I did not randomly call Africa.

    Second CSR fixed it but the first one treated me like a liar. Thus, I vote for Verizon. Fair? No. But, son, no one said life was fair.

  48. vladthepaler says:

    No experience with either one. I’ll pick Verizon because their ads are more annoying.

  49. Jace Bobius says:

    Verizon is absolutey cutting edge, leading the way, blowing other companies out of the water when it comes to hidden charges and screwing you out of your money. I can’t believe the numbers involved here. $180 if you don’t want service any more? Are you kidding me. I would rather spend all day at the DMV than have to resolve something with Verizon. It’s really that bad. I’ve never used Sprint for anything but I can’t imagine how it could be any worse.

  50. Ninjanice says:

    I’ve worked for both in the past. I voted for Sprint. In my dealings with both companies (which was only with wireless phones), I’ve found that about 5% of the CSRs at Sprint are helpful and polite, whereas at Verizon about 98% are helpful and polite. Sprint CSRs also have a nasty habit of hanging up on you, even if you’re one of their colleagues…

  51. smackswell says:

    I choose Vodafone US. When I had their service, it sucked. And that awful red user interface makes me want to claw my eyes out.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I now have two plans on sprint, both with six phones on them, all of them with free blackberries and free service for those blackberries. On one plan i pay 150$ for 3500 minutes and everything else is free, and the other i pay 200$ for 6000 minutes, everything else free

    Verizon would laugh if I told them i wanted that deal!

    The choice seems clear to me

    • SimplySinful says:

      @CiroRufus: it is only a matter of time before Sprint catches you illegal plan and charges you as a single subscribe on the 6th lines for all family plans were up to 5 lines. If they see that you have free texting and internet on all those phones, they will take that away also. They are cleaning house. It takes time with 50 million plus customers but they will clean yours up soon.

  53. HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak says:

    I really gotta go with Sprint on this. For all Verizon’s faults, they do really go to bat for their customers where privacy is concerned. They’re pretty much the only phone company/ISP that consistently fights subpoenas.

  54. KHook321 says:

    I don’t use either one, so I voted for Sprint since those Dan Hesse commercials are, or were, about the most annoying thing on TV.

  55. No_Moleste says:

    Constant dropped calls from Sprint. I worked in Downtown Oakland and had terrible reception. No reception in my office at all, a little bit in the park across the street (but still poor)and at home I had to go out on the front porch to get a signal. This is all in East Bay…one of the most densely populated areas in the state! I’ll also occasionally get voicemail messages up to a week later…phone will beep, says I have a message, and it’s from 4-5 days ago.

    I’ve had Sprint phones (currently a crappy Treo 800W)for around 8 years but only because it’s what my employer gives us. If it wasn’t free, I’d sign up with another provider for sure.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Verizon keeps taking money out of my account although the service was cancelled almost a year ago. It takes aggravating phone calls and several months to be reimbursed each time. And this happens repeatedly!

  57. Blueskylaw says:

    Definitely Verizon. I got a new touch screen phone about a year ago and it really sucks. I have been with Verizon about four years now and have never downloaded a song, ringtone, game, picture, or sent a text message.
    My third bill or so I see a charge for a downloaded song. I call to complain and they said maybe my friend downloaded it, I said I have no friends. Then they said I did it, which I most certainly did not. Even if I did, why would I pay $1.99 when I could get it for
    .99¢? They absolutely refused to budge and said it’s impossible for the phone to have downloaded it by itself because I have to agree twice for the download.

    What’s funny is that if you leave the phone alone for an extended period (I work on a computer, so it sits in front of me all day) the screens change all by themselves, as if some had touched the screen.

    Anyone else have this problem with the Samsung Glyde?

    If Samsung is reading this, how many other people have complained about this?

  58. almightytora says:

    Verizon, despite its network, is horrible in its hiring practices. I was applying to be a worker at one of their stores, spent about 8 hours with their job fair, actually was told by the people that I was going to get the job, then told by HR (after almost telling me where to go for drug testing), that they didn’t want me. Waste of time, and false hopes.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I vote Sprint the worst because I’ve never had an account with them, yet they charged my bank account three times for services…that I never had and then refused to refund the money OR the overdrafts, bounced checks etc. that they caused.

  60. sonshine says:

    I hate sprint. I mean absolutley hate them. horrible customer service. outsourcing your customer service to people who have a language barrier….along with no ability to use the service they are actually “troubleshooting” for,or “assisting” with for customer service….lovely, just lovley! They dont even get the concept of basic math down! I get prorated for my husbands plan. ON MY PHONE NUMBER! No changes made to my line or my number. Just to his…but we both got prorated, for a plan we already had! Took 3 people to figure out what the heck I was talking about….thats just one example of the exceptional service I have received from this outstanding company.

  61. damitaimee says:

    i went with verizon.

    granted sprint has issues with dropped calls amongst other problems with customer service. fortunately sprint made the effort of making the consumerist hotline which has been a tremendous help.

    but verizon really messed it up with FIOS. they handled the situation REALLY poorly and are still currently mishandling it.

  62. z4ce says:

    Man.. I’m going to go Verizon on this one. Yes, sprint customer service/technical support is well… lacking. But Verizon locks their phones down with special firmware to force you to use their expensive picture messaging. I rank that a worse offense.

  63. knightracer says:

    I left Sprint for Verizon years ago for cell service and the service is so much better. Of all the major carriers, I would say that Verizon has the worst phone options, and it sucks that they tend to be the most restrictive when it comes to limiting phone capabilities.

  64. HenryES says:

    Although Verizon is inherently more evil than Sprint, at least the products generally work as promised.

    Sprint FTW.

  65. WeAre138 says:

    I’ve had every major carrier. I can easily say that Sprint was by far my worst experience in every single category.

    Verizon, other than being a bit more expensive than the rest, put Sprint and AT&T to shame in every category from customer service to hidden fees and call quality. The only reason I left them is because I really wanted the G1 phone from t-mo!

  66. QuincyCabelas says:

    I can’t say I’ve had any bad experiences with Sprint – the SERO plan is the best deal I’ve ever seen for a cell phone plan. The only times I’ve had to deal with Sprint customer service (only once, maybe twice in two years) were painless – I actually got a $5 credit that I wasn’t even asking for. The coverage can be spotty in more rural areas (I travel between Northwest Ohio, Southern West Virginia and Western Maryland regularly), but never anything terribly contrary to their coverage maps.

  67. Tom_Servo says:

    We use Sprint here at the office and their coverage, prices and choice of phones is fine, but their customer service is terrible.

  68. mbz32190 says:

    I would have to go with Sprint on this one. While my service, call quality, and things like that have not been a problem, the customer service is awful. First, when I opened my account they somehow mixed it up with someone elses..I had to spend countless hours on the phone and emails back and fourth between the higher-ups. I have had other problems requiring tech. support too and each time has been an awful experience. The only reason I’m with them is because I’m on an insanely cheap SERO plan that nobody can match.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I am not a fan of either company, but having worked for another Telco. I have an extreme dislike for Verizon. They have a flair for disrupting other Telcos services and delaying fixes or pointing fingers at others when the problem is actually theirs. They have been around in various forms since Ma Bell was broken up so they should have a jump on all network coverage phases, but still seem to not be the best in many areas.
    They carry a lot of their competitor’s last mile data links and charge extremely high prices for them. It is sort of like owning FedEx but not being able to deliver to a building. You would have to use the USPS delivery people. Good luck getting them to fix the link also. I have even seen them intentionally take down competitors’ links while they are fixing their own issues.
    They also have the best propaganda system of lobbyists in Wash. DC to keep their profits in place. They push the FCC in ways that really are not in the best interests of the country and keep a lock on some of their revenue streams. Look at the way Sprint had to spin off their data services when they merged with Nextel. Verizon has both data and wireless services without restrictions. Sprint had to form Embarq to get the okay from the FCC/Govt to buy Nextel. What is the difference? Look at the new 4G systems coming out. WiMax is open sourced (Sprint, Intel and others), LTE is proprietary. Verizon will do what ever it takes to keep protecting their profits from a real competitive market place.
    Verizon is an arrogant bully of a company that will keep their prices high and offer the least service they have to, in order to keep the FCC/Govt in their pocket and on their side. They point fingers at every other company first, then look to see if they have a problem, then they delay the repairs and report the problems as someone else’s problem. How do you think they get the best reliability rating?

  70. Anonymous says:

    Verizon has a bad name in the north and in the south. Sprint may have some challenges, but no company cares for its employess and customers as much as Sprint. In Ok. they rock the state with the most dependable network, i get to shoose a plan that fits everything i need. I have no complaints. Verizon from what I have heard is the pits.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I use Sprint, and can honestly say that I’ve been a satisfied customer now for 3+ years. Although I have never had a Verizon account, I do have family that uses them, and they are NOT as happy. In fact, I think they are planning on making the switch to Sprint.

  72. SimplySinful says:

    After working at a Sprint call center, I can say hands down that Sprint has terrible customer service. It starts in the classes and continues out to the main floor. I have never worked anywhere in my life where it was all about meeting METRICS and not about helping the customer. Employees would hang up on the customer or transfer them to someone else to meet their Average Handle Time. The employees will only help a customer if it will help their METRICS which is a sad way to do business. People in here bragging about the SERO plan…well, that is all they can brag about. If you read between the lines, they are really saying that if they could get the same plan elsewhere, they would jump ship but they are STUCK at Sprint with the plan unfortunately. I worked at the Orlando call center and I was appalled in my training class to be taught by Sprint Trainers that we could sell or upsell anybody if they could verify the account, even if it was the 7 year old child calling in. We could even extend the contract by 2 yrs for a 7 year old child. Then Sprint turned around and taught us on internal fraud for they do not want internal fraud but it was ok for us to defraud the customer? Then I am now going through all my training papers from my classes and when they taught us in class, we were given copies of real Sprint customer accounts with their Social Security numbers visible and you have a class of 20 at a time reviewing this and then they photocopied it and sent it home with me. Scary to say the least!! Keep in mind when employees are fired, most are either fired for points meaning too many absences or they are fired for FRAUD. But I sit here staring at somebody else social security number from North Carolina.