Phone Numbers For Yahoo!

If you’re in a pickle with Yahoo and regular customer service isn’t helping you, these phone numbers may be of service:

408-349-3300 Corporate headquarters
408-349-5151 Billing customer service
408-349-1572 Customer care
866-800-8092 Small business services 8a-5p M-F (Pacific)

And here’s how to reset your password if your Yahoo email address gets hacked.

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  1. Ninja007 says:

    my yahoo email loses a lot of incoming emails.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Ninja007: I thought the same too. It turns out that Yahoo seems to send messages, especially those with “large” attachments (150k and up) directly to your trash. I discovered this after realizing I was randomly not getting emails. Through several conversations with Yahoo tech support through email, they claimed my account was fine, and they basically ignored my additional emails for support (I do pay $19 a year for the POP access, so I am a paying customer. Yahoo is very broken in many ways, and this is one example.

    • P_Smith says:

      @Ninja007: You’re lucky to still have an account.

      Hundreds of users, if not thousands, have had their accounts closed without warning, without reason and without appeal. The only response many have gotten is, “Pay us money and we’ll look into it,” with no guarantee of an account being restored.

      It reeks of a money making scam – no surprise, coming from a company that turned over the names of pro-democracy protestors to the PR China government. The most interesting fact is that those afflicted by the “closed account” scam are long-term users, some as long as ten years.








      I got the same nonsense from the Bad Business Bureau as did the person on the last link.

  2. bitwiseplatypus says:

    Before you resort to calling the corporate switchboard and dialing a random employee’s extension, read this blog post to learn how it feels to be one of those random employees receiving a call from a customer who’s irate about a problem with a product I know nothing about.

    Please at least try the customer care numbers first.

  3. Ben Miner says:

    I’m pretty sure they will only provide phone support for paid services.

  4. Dacker says:

    Sweet info! Here is an email I send to Yahoo regularly:

    Please, no canned response. I’d really like a live human to reply to this for a change! Escalate this to the next level if you cannot provide a personal response.

    Will Yahoo Autosync ever be updated?


    That page says, “Note: Vista/Outlook 2007 are not currently supported. We hope to have this by the end of 2007.”

    Hello?!? We’ve been waiting 1.5-2 years!


  5. mbressman says:

    In general, I find Yahoo! to be incredibly unresponsive even to paying customers. I reached their Executive Concierge Group about 4 months ago, and received one call back from them about 3 1/2 months ago, despite leaving at least 20 or so messages over the past 4 months – and I’m a paying customer (domain names and Yahoo! mail plus)

  6. kaceetheconsumer says:

    That would have helped back when I used them for webhosting several years ago. A major reason why I left them was because they started offering better plans with more space for less money, but in order to switch to that, I’d have to kill my original account with them and set up a whole new account. That meant re-uploading all of my site, plus the associated down time.

    I had a ridiculous series of emails with “support” staff, all of which made me want to scream, “DID YOU READ THE F*ING QUESTION?”

    I finally did get them on the phone by calling a separate department (I think for ad sales) and whining until I was transferred to the right place. Then a guy there admitted that, dumb as it was, they could not port my files from one server to another for me. He was very understanding when I said that Yahoo had permanently lost my business.

    It really did seem like they didn’t want to earn money anymore!

  7. Corporate-Shill says:

    Might not have been able to find these #’s using a Yahoo search, but I am sure our good friend Google would have quite helpful to provide the #’s.

    I guess I need to try Yahoo to find the Google telephone numbers.

  8. parnote says:

    Yahoo mail is next to useless. The only reason I say next to useless, as opposed to useless, is that I use my Yahoo mail account only as a spam filter any more. Most of the spam directed to me goes there. And Yahoo mail’s spam filters are woefully inadequate. I sign in periodically to delete all the mail there in a wholesale manner. 95% of it is spam. The other 5% I can and do do without.

    Gmail is SOOOOOOOO much more superior, especially with their spam filters.

    Gmail FTW!

    • Maude Buttons says:

      @parnote: Do you have any idea how to include a link in a signature on Gmail? I think I have to part ways with my Yahoo! account. With Yahoo! though, I was able to have links in my email signature; I can’t find that same function in Gmail. Does it exist?

  9. Rachacha says:

    Yahoo is still around? Who knew.

  10. driver905 says:

    I gave up on my Yahoo email account several years ago when they suddenly randomly locked me out. Every single email I sent to customer service was answered by a bot asking for my personal details for prove my identity, but they were always rejected as being incorrect. They seem to have a different country listed or something weird like that. No matter what I wrote, I just got the same bot reply – I finally learned they do not actually employ any human beings and gave up.

  11. maxx22 says:


    As a Yahoo shareholder, my main complaint is the amount of spam on their finance message boards. Most of it comes from a single spammer posting under dozens of different user id’s and pointing to dozens of URL’s, all of which end up at an at a pay for market letter site.

    Considering that there is a message board for virtually every listed and unlisted stock and many mutual funds, we could be talking about THOUSANDS of these spams per day.

    If you report an individual spam, you will get a canned response. The spam may removed but only after thousands more have been posted.

    emails to Yahoo management to unanswered.

    To me, this represents an absolute theft of Yahoo’s key asset – its web space. It is providing free advertising that diverts viewers from its paid sponsore.

    These user ID’s could only be granted and spam messages could only appear if Yahoo management is either totally incompetent or if someone is being compensated to “look the other way”.

    This is NOT a well run company.

  12. Paul Subhas says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am unable to get acess to my yahoo mail since 1st. of April
    2009.I changed my password on the 1st of April 2009. I am expecting
    important mails from Cyprus and elsewhere.
    I am sending scanned copies of my passport’s 1st. page & last
    page to prove my identity. In my passport my name, date of birth & zip
    postal code is mentioned. If I need to prove some other identity I am ready
    do so.
    Please reply or give me acess to my yahoo mail as soon as possible. I am ready to furnish all my documents proving my identity. After that you please activate my yahoo mail.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Paul Subhas
    Dear Sir,
    I am still not able to get acess to my yahoo mail. My email id is
    My postal code is 700 105 which I am not able to place in the
    provided. Why this is so.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Paul Subhas