Worst Company In America: Apple VS United Healthcare

Do pricey, pretty computers have a dark side? Or will you choose a health care company that insures 70 million individuals nationwide? Who will feel your wrath?

It’s Apple VS United Healthcare:

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2009 series. The companies nominated for this honor were chosen by you, the readers, and seeded according to number of nominations. Keep track of all the goings on at consumerist.com/tag/worst-company-in-america Download the bracket here.


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  1. slsashrk96 says:

    Whether you dislike Apple’s penchant for exclusivity or not, Insurance companies are the devil.

  2. MostlyHarmless says:

    I suppose there will be a lot of Apple-bashing and “If you dont like it, dont buy it” in response, with a “overpriced shiny gadgets didnt deny you payments.” +5 to the first person who ties in Jobs to the Financialapocalypse in a semi plausible way.
    Expect some low blows about Jobs health not being disclosed and returning jabs about it being his private matter.

    • MostlyHarmless says:

      @Lucifer_Cat: Oh, but i forgot to add, United Healthcare will win anyways. Hands down.

      • ExtraCelestial says:

        @Lucifer_Cat: Yeah except this isn’t Gizmodo so arguments will be much more (even more?) stupid and baseless.

        • Spero says:

          @TinkishDelight: I dunno, Gizmodo’s Apple articles tend to bring out the worst in humanity. It’d be tough to be worse than that

          • MostlyHarmless says:

            @Spero: Yeah. Unless Giz features it on their site and tells the fanboys to vote for UHC. And quite naturally the opposite will happen and the Applehaters will come out in force and spew their hate. And the fanboys will respond…

            *sigh* a man can dream…

          • ExtraCelestial says:

            @Spero: Oh the basement dwellers come out in droves, that’s for sure. However often (not always) they have somewhat of a point. And occasionally I even learn a thing or two. Apple haters on this site just repeat that it’s overpriced which, really, is quite relative and that it’s “evil” whatever that means.

      • Papa Midnight says:

        @Lucifer_Cat: It’s not even a fair fight, but some people may have their priorities a bit skewed if a consumer electronic is more important than their health.

    • Nighthawke says:

      @Lucifer_Cat: Well, your avatar is Tux, a Linux mascot.

      • BadBoyNDSU says:

        @Nighthawke: Me Cat just has a thing for well dressed penguins.

        • BadBoyNDSU says:

          @BadBoyNDSU: Me=Maybe

          • MostlyHarmless says:

            @Nighthawke: Lol, that doesnt mean i’m anti-Apple. Infact I looooove my iPod. Wouldnt buy the iPhone or the macbook air ever though.

            @BadBoyNDSU: Its just a left over symbolism from my days as a grad student. I had 3 linux based classes, was my final semester, totally overworked, sleep deprived, and between all of that, had to attend all the on-campus job events. Needless to say, i added on a few pounds with eating at the food court all the time. (Disclaimer: was nowhere near to being rotund ever)

            • Russ Savage says:

              @Lucifer_Cat: any semi intelligent individual realizes that the iphone is the most capable phone on the market, hands down.

              • Robert Fallstich says:

                @Russ Savage: I’d like to introduce you to a little phone named G1, and it’s very verbose open source OS named Android.

                The iPhone is a nice piece of equipment, but not “the most capable phone on the market, hands down”. I can do quite a bit more than an iPhone. Like picture messaging.

                • Russ Savage says:

                  @Robert Fallstich: let me rephrase.. the jailbroken iphone is the most capable phone on the market. but really.. who hasn’t jailbroken their iphone.

                  the g1 is extremely laughable. it’s huge, hideous, and the os leaves a lot to be desired.. i’m not the only one to think those things either.. read the dozens of reviews all over the internet.. it’s not a competitor yet.

              • ameyer says:

                @Russ Savage: Can you copy and paste with a generally available firmware?

                (Yes. I know iPhone OS 3.0 will be able to do that. If/when it comes out.)

                • Russ Savage says:

                  @ameyer: why would it matter if it’s a generally available firmware, when you can jailbreak a generally available firmware in seconds with one click.. you dumb people and your technicalities.. any lamen can have copy and paste working on an iphone in minutes.. yet you all claim there’s no copy and paste.. guess you shouldn’t have bought a G1.. haha

    • ludwigk says:

      I’m somewhat confused as to how Apple even made the bracket. Their support is generally good, their philosophy is consumer-friendly, and half the Consumerist stories on Apple have a happy ending, or are positive to begin with.

      • zonk7ate9 says:

        @ludwigk: Maybe because when I was in the market for a new laptop about 6 months ago I was able to configure a top of the line Dell XPS M1530 for $1,800. A simirlarily equipped 15″ MacBook Pro (Apple was still using the previous gen processors and chipsets at this time, not the new line that had just been released, hence the use of similarly) was $2,8000. The 1530 is also a very sexy piece of hardware. I’ve always admired the look of Apple products, but I prefer my Dell to the 15″ MacBook.

    • diasdiem says:

      @Lucifer_Cat: I don’t have any experience with United Healthcare. As for Apple: Overpriced computers, smartphones that require a pricey contract, DRM on music, then a fee for removing DRM on music, then price hikes on music. And Apple fanboys.

    • RedwoodFlyer says:

      @Lucifer_Cat: Well….not everyone can backdate options…

  3. Brian Ackerman says:

    Healthcare companies are inherently evil.

  4. AvWuff says:

    Apple is one of the most evil companies on the planet. Their price doesn’t bother me — there will always be a company that makes a pricier version.

    What bothers me about Apple is that they force people to use their devices only how Apple says, and people accept it, like mindless sheep. Apple is evil, vote for Apple.

    • samchristian says:

      @AvWuff: lol, they don’t force you to do anything. You have the choice to buy (or not to buy) an Apple product!

      • HFC says:

        @samchristian: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

      • Raiders757 says:


        Your right, nobody forces anyone to buy Apple products. The problem is that most consumers don’t do enough research and end up stuck with a product that won’t do what they wish it would without hacking it. Problem is, these sort of people don’t even know they can do so, and just conform to what they have.

        Not really Apple’s fault, but it still doesn’t make them look any better for it.

        • Russ Savage says:

          @Raiders757: you couldn’t be more wrong. any well educated person would know that apple computers are simply better in every way, and well worth the price. and as far as limitations.. i consider windows OS a major limitation in and of itself. maybe if everyone had the know how to specialize linux to their needs.. but.. alas.. i’ll just stick with the obviously better choice in every regards.

        • redkamel says:

          @Raiders757: really? most apple consumers I have met that didnt do any research are pretty happy since their apple product does what they wanted it to do without bothering them or breaking. Can you name some things that uneducated consumers have bought and then found out their apple product wouldn’t do without hacking? Keep in mind it was pretty obvious when it came out the iphone would be closed for a period of time, and that almost every article lamented the lack of copy paste and MMS.

          BTW I had a treo before my iphone. Never copied and pasted. Never wanted to. Still dont care. I also never sent an MMS, nor wanted to. Nor do I now. And neither do my friends. We are all in our mid 20s, btw. So I never really understood those complaints.

          Just to keep going, everyone loves to pick on all these apple “problems” when in reality, I have never met a person in real life who truly had a real problem because of their Apple product. OTOH, half the documents in our last presentation didnt work because the older version of Word couldn’t read the newer version (yes, it was a .doc).

    • coren says:

      @AvWuff: You mean like jailbroken iPhones and former Macs hacked to run Windows (or OSX run on a non-apple built box)?

    • lannister80 says:

      @AvWuff: I could give two shits about iPods and iPhones. I can use my Mac any damn way I please. I have it triple-booting into OS X, XP, and Debian.

    • diasdiem says:

      @AvWuff: That makes that 1984 Macintosh commercial

      ) pretty ironic now, doesn’t it?

    • Rachacha says:

      @AvWuff: The only “Evil”ness that I can really apply to Apple is when they rolled out Safari to Windows OS through an iTunes update (and continue to do so). Dear Apple, I own an iPod and have installed iTunes on my computer. Just because I have iTunes it does not mean that I would like to add Safari as my web browser SO STOP ASKING ME IF I WANT SAFARI!!! Now that I have an iPhone I get promted to install Safari and MobileMe. Ask me if I want these products one if you would like, but don’t keep asking me every time a new update to the software that I have not installed is pushed out.

    • SacraBos says:

      @AvWuff: Yeah, but it does do what you paid for. Unlike United Healthcare…

    • Anticitizen says:

      @AvWuff: Flamebait much?

      I’m no total Apple Fanboy like some are, but the whole point of Apple’s “It just works” thing is that they control the hardware and the software. That ensures that their products are built of superior quality, and the software doesn’t suck. Granted Apple has screwed up a few times in the past, but their quality is superb.

      Apple doesn’t limit what programs you install on your Mac. Only on the iPhone is this the case, and even then, you can jailbreak.

      In any case, your argument falls to pieces.

    • MMD says:

      @AvWuff: Right, because Microsoft didn’t force Vista on everyone.
      Oh, wait…

    • Mythandros says:

      Wow, so many Apple Fanboys and Fangirls. Every one of you apple supporters sounds like a fanboy in your unwavering support for such a crappy product.

      I just hope you don’t breed. Please, oh please don’t breed.

  5. trapper3 says:

    I can tell you that UHG has paid millions of dollars in fines and class action settlements for using a home-based system to short change claims that cost members higher out of pocket costs. This program has also caused lawsuits against other health insurance companies that used this program. The company is awful, and needs to make it to the next round. Please, as a worker for UHG, vote them in!

  6. Illusio26 says:

    While apple may be pricey, I’m sure they have never made decisions to deny people medicine and healthcare

  7. Traveshamockery says:

    I vote for Apple, because if they weren’t around, we wouldn’t have to deal with Apple fanboys all day every day.

    /just kidding, I voted for UHC.
    //is cut open by a fanboy wielding a razor-sharp MacBook air.

  8. Mark Peterson says:

    I’ve actually had United Healthcare, and it’s placement in the bracket is justified. Lack of participating providers, ridiculous monthly premiums, and poor customer service. Worst health care I’ve ever had.

  9. ameyer says:

    Call me when Apple kills someone.
    Until then, UHC all the way.

  10. legwork says:

    The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps UHC isn’t on the radar of younger, healthy types? No experience means nothing to compare against technology religion?

    Otherwise, 25% of you people are freaking high.

    • zonk7ate9 says:

      @legwork: Your probably right, I haven’t been to the Doctor since I was 16 (6 years ago) and that was only for a physical for sports. I’m a goldmine to my health insurance company. The later portion of your comment may apply to me, but it has nothing to do with why I voted for Apple. Just because I own and iPod and an iPhone doesn’t mean I can’t hate Apple (it was actually the iPhone that made me start hating Apple).

    • RandomHookup says:

      @legwork: Since health care is somewhat regional and often dependent upon where you work, most people don’t know the players in the same way they would know a consumer electronics company. Most of us have only a handful of HMOs and the like that have messed with our lives.

  11. valen says:

    United Healthcare for the win. I could buy a decent Apple computer system for the cost of two monthly C.O.B.R.A. payments to United Healthcare. It is a very expensive service that I never want to use.

  12. ForrestWhitakersLazyEye says:

    I voted UnitedHealthcare, because of the $1.50 check they sent me after I paid $150 for a filling. I guess that’s directed more so towards their DENTAL PLAN (lisa needs braces), which I have through work (as well as the health plan, which I haven’t used yet).

    • mac-phisto says:

      @ForrestWhitakersLazyEye: feel you pain…anthem bc/bs refuses to believe that a filling costs more than $23 (& they reimburse me 75% of that).

      tell that to my $120/filling dentist (who isn’t the most expensive in the area, by any means).

  13. PunditGuy says:

    I was stuck with United Health for a year on a plan that made absolutely no sense. Some magical percentage of some costs would go toward my deductible, while others wouldn’t. An appointment that my pediatrician made for my daughter with an optometrist — a medically necessary decision — was denied because the eye wasn’t a “covered organ.” I appealed and got a lovely letter that stated that they wouldn’t care if the appointment were the only option medically available — they still would never, ever cover it. I paid out of pocket, and I don’t think any of it went to my family’s deductible.

    I finally got them back by having a heart attack two weeks before moving to a different provider. They lost something like $50K on me. That, and the fact that there was no permanent heart damage, damn near made the experience worthwhile.

    I voted for United Health, by the way.

  14. huadpe says:

    Apple: sometimes annoying, too controlling of computing experience.

    UNH: kills people.

    Not a really hard choice.

    • AtomicPlayboy says:

      @huadpe: If that’s your criterion for this whole thing, how can anyone else possibly win? Isn’t this supposed to be about customer experience, business practices, etc, and not really about the actual product being delivered?

  15. Geoff Gibson says:

    As a die hard Windows, Xbox 360, and Zune user I decided to unbiasedly vote for United Healthcare.

    Sorry guys, but as much as I like Microsoft products there really is nothing I can think of about Apple that would make me even tink they are a bad company, let alone the worst. Hell, they even gave $100,000 to the “No on 8” campaign in California because they are very progressive and equalistic.

    Besides everybody knows health insurance companies are the scum of our corporate sector; profiting off of death… wow.

    • ludwigk says:

      @Geoff Gibson: Apple is an incredibly gay-friendly corporation from a HR/policy standpoint, and they are proud of that reputation here in the valley.

      One benefit of this is that their domestic partner coverage made it effortless for my girlfriend to add me to her health insurance policy when I was without employee coverage. Its good to know that we can get the same coverage as gays.

    • GuinevereRucker says:

      @Geoff Gibson: I didn’t know about that. -10 points for Apple IMO, even though I hate PC’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        @GuinevereRucker: So you’ve lost respect for Apple because they aren’t bigoted against gays? Why not bash them for refusing to discriminate against women, or people of Asian ancestry as well?

        • GuinevereRucker says:

          @LincolnGolden: No, I don’t respect any company for supporting homosexual agenda, because I believe that lifestyle is wrong.

          Even if you don’t agree with me, would you like it if a company was giving millions of dollars to specifically heterosexual agenda? Or white-only lobbying? Of course not, because that’s not really the job of massive corporations (and may grate against your beliefs). Neither is it their job to support gay agenda, and in doing so they lose the respect of many people, like me. And I’m a die-hard Apple fanatic too.

          • Anonymous says:

            @GuinevereRucker: The difference is that Apple supports equality; the examples you gave support bigotry and exclusion, just like sexism and racism. Do you support sexism and racism as well? If not your argument is extremely hypocritical.

      • MMD says:

        @GuinevereRucker: -100 points for you for bigotry.

  16. ds says:

    Irony: Apple uses UHC as their main provider. (Ex-employee here.) I’d vote UHC in a heartbeat, because, even though I didn’t get much of a raise at Apple, they never denied me coverage for a prescription.

  17. coren says:

    27 percent Apple? Are you fucking kidding?

    How many stories about Apple on Consumerist end with a negative resolution?

    Even better – how many stories are posted here saying “Apple went way beyond the call”?

  18. seanhcalgary says:

    I’d say of Apple’s 28% of the vote, 90% of that is anti-Apple Microsoft fanboys and the rest is the few who’ve had a genuinely bad experience with Apple.

  19. lunarworks says:


    • kreatre2009 says:


      DRM in their headphones? I would have to severely violate consumerist.com policies and terms and conditions to give you the response that you deserve for that comment.

      • ameyer says:

        @kreatre2009: DRM in Apple’s headphones? It’s more likely than you think.

        Seriously, though, the new iPod Shuffle uses a new/non-standard control protocol on their headphones. Some have called that DRM.

        Not that I really care, because I probably won’t buy a mp3 player that
        1) Doesn’t support Ogg Vorbis and/or Rockbox
        2) Doesn’t have a screen
        3) Doesn’t have buttons on the player itself.

      • Rectilinear Propagation says:

        @kreatre2009: I think it was a joke.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think this is an unfair matchup. Apple is certainly evil in many ways, but I don’t see how any of the big health insurance companies could even compare to the others. For the love of god, they make money on our fear of poor health/injury and they try to make more money by denying benefits whenever they can!

  21. Ouze says:

    I don’t like Apple’s policies much, but they never killed anyone, either.

  22. jillian says:

    Um. United almost managed to weasel out of paying for the ob/gyn to deliver my son last year ($6,500). I spent a month, praying I didn’t go into labor before I got a written statement guaranteeing coverage…as promised in my policy.

    I’d put them a lot higher up for worst company in America, IMHO.

  23. ephdel says:

    i can’t feasibly compare any company to the likes of a health care company unless its a utility provider, or a firm of patent trolls.

  24. Sheila Cook says:

    I voted United. Because of their inability to protect their client’s confidential data, we have 2-years of free credit monitoring.

  25. Anonymous says:

    United Health Care has denied coverage for every general check-up I have gone too (I’ve been covered by them for three years). They state a denial in coverage because getting a check-up is somehow catagorized as a pre-existing condition. They also denied paying towards talk therapy because I had attended therapy session when I was in high school. This ‘pattern’ of therapy was determined a pre-existing condition. It is an awful awful company.

  26. Jester6641 says:

    Dang, I’ve had nothing but good dealings with both. And quite a few dealings with both, I might add. I guess I’m lucky.

    (Wife’s company has the bestest UHC rep ever. Goes out of his way to help us get the most out of our policy. Apple care has yet to let me down the few times I’ve had to use it over a few years and a half dozen products.)

  27. njtrout says:

    If I could only count the ways I have been screwed over by UHC. Their reimbursement practices brought so much attention they were sued by the NY AMA and the NY Attorney Generals Office. The NY AG filed 16 lawsuits that were recently settled out of court. Something to the tune of a $350 million payout to subscribers. They are being forced to give up ownership of Ingenix, the company that decides what the doctor gets paid vs what you as the subscriber owe. They are the scum of the earth. Now ask me how I really feel.


  28. StevePJobs says:

    Apple? Why is Apple even in the running? How many Apple-related stories on Consumerist aren’t resolved reasonably? Apple has good customer service, not quite L. L. Bean, but they’re right up there.

    Stupid Microsoft fanboys and Linux hippies…

  29. Saboth says:

    Any healthcare related company should be on the top of the list. Healthcare in America needs to be unprivatized so we don’t have companies worried about their bottom lines denying coverage to dying people. It’s one thing if you don’t have insurance…it’s another when you do, and some nitwit on the other end of line is paid big bucks and bonuses if they can find ways to deny as many claims as possible.

  30. halloweenjack says:

    Oh, Consumerist, ye silly geese! Not since the latter phase of Mike Tyson’s heavyweight career have I seen such a lopsided matchup.

  31. nudger says:

    At Vanno , Apple is #887, UH #5848. No contest.

  32. acutusnothus says:

    I don’t know much about Apple as a company and can ony say the two Apple computers I have experience with, grape iMac and newer Mac Pro, were/are consistent in their ability to create daily headaches.

    As for UHC, until March the company, for us, was reliable and we had nary a complaint. Then came the pissing match with St. Luke’s healthcare in Kansas City. In a year long PR battle neither would blink on pricing and coverage policies; neither would acknowledge the importance of patients caught in their corporate crossfire. The two entities parted ways. As a result, we are among the small legion of human beings with chronic diseases now forced to find new doctors and healthcare facilities. Thank you, UHC and St. Luke’s, for completely ignoring the purpose of medicine.

  33. TerribleDecade says:

    Apple isn’t part of a bigger problem, like a broken health care system. So United wins this round.

  34. Thunderdome says:

    As much as I dislike Apple, people don’t die because of their practices. They’re relatively harmless.

  35. Skater009 says:

    United Health is the worst by far .

  36. NightElfMohawk says:

    Y’know… I work for Apple, and I have United Healthcare. Both are pretty darn good to me.

    • NightElfMohawk says:

      @NightElfMohawk: That said, I do pay more for a higher plan. I’ve heard horror stories for folks on the lower brackets. And they only do the direct medical – dental’s through a different company, optical’s through a different company, etc…)

  37. Outrun1986 says:

    Apple takes children’s monies for the trendy iPod, but a lot of other companies put out products designed to take children’s money. Apple does not provide anything that you HAVE to have in order to live though, and you can easily say no to their products and teach your children how to resist advertising and peer pressure.

    Health care on the other hand, most people will have to use it at some point in their life..

  38. VikingP77 says:

    After watching Sicko, it’s UHC hands down for me!

  39. CyrilNuddleman says:

    I am typing this comment on my 6 year old Apple PowerMac. How many of you are using a non-Apple computer as old as that? Apple makes quality products and I have never had a computer virus issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree. I’m typing this on a 9 year old power mac. While I’ve upgraded the CPU and video board, none of the original Apple components have failed, and I use the mac several hours a day. The operating system has evolved through System 9 to System X, with several significant updates, and the mac has had no problems with any of it. Haven’t even had to call on the Apple customer assistance people! It’s just that good.

  40. H3ion says:

    We managed a chain of radiology clinics. United would delay payment so often (often claiming that we never filed which is why everything went certified mail) that we finally refused to accept their patients. When it came time at my new company to purchase medical insurance, United was one of the three our broker proposed. We quickly narrowed it down to two.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Oh, UHC..you wiley devils. I had just started a new job with coverage by UHC when I was struck by racking pains in my lower back, fever, urgent need to well…urinate. Suspected kidney stones (family history). Called UHC to find out where I could go and the lady advised me that maybe a massage would help and maybe someone in the office could do it for me and save me a trip to the emergency room. As interesting as that sounded, I opted to go to the doctor. And yes, it was kidney stones. Just who staffs their phone lines, anyway?

  42. ivanthemute says:

    I’ve never had the displeasure of having UHC, however I’ve had to deal with Apple snobs, so Apple.

  43. Anonymous says:

    UHC is the WORST company in America! My daughter is on their plan through her Dad’s work. I got stuck paying $60 for a prescription because after 2 refills, you are supposed to order the meds through Medco. They will not guarantee delivery on time and the letter I received stated if they received the prescription AFTER paying for the refill, I would get a refund – NOT!
    So, you are possibly stuck with no medicine and they will not fill anymore until you pay for the ones you ordered. They put you over a barrel, you either pay or go without your medicine. It’s much easier for me to pay for one month at a time instead of 3 months!

  44. gotbock says:

    OK so Apple, Dell and HP are all in this tournament of awful. So just who the heck am I supposed to buy a computer from now?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Like it or not, Apple’s user micromanagement has your best interest at heart: By keeping control on hardware and software they can insure a level of stability and integration that an open ecosystem cannot.

    If this is not for you, there are loads of other options available, and you are free to use any of those, many running on Mac harware as well.

    But a bad HMO such as UHC is a different story: As a user you are locked it, and are denied any choice. So when your HMO starts denying claims on pseudo-arbitrary basis, death may not be the worst outcome. How many bankruptcies, how many people tossed on the street, how many divorces caused by financial stress…?

    UHC has been at the root of so much misery and grief that the choice should be rather obvious. Anyone picking Apple, no mattrer what your experience with the company may be (and, no fanboy, I have my own stories there!) simply has not given this any thought.

  46. kreatre2009 says:

    Oh jeezus!!! How did Apple get added to the mix? They’re a VERY well run company, and they’re great to work for. I know. I worked for them for four and a half years. About their prices… If you don’t want to pay more for a Mac, iPhone, or an iPod, don’t buy them. Problem solved. No one has a RIGHT to set the price of a product made by a private corporation. If the market stops supporting Apple’s prices, those prices will come down. I happen to think that Apple’s products are worth their price. I’m not a wealthy guy, but I’m not going to buy cheap quality products. I only want the best. That’s Apple.

  47. Ellen Wiegand says:

    I have a mac and a UHC HSA/ PPO. I’ve had nothing but good service from both. Maybe I’m in the minority?

  48. iantm says:

    being that UHC felt the need to screw me over to the tune of $25k for a hospital stay, and Apple has actually done good by me by replacing a defective out of warranty iPod twice for me, this is easy.

  49. NightingaleJen says:

    At least Apple produces useful things. UHC is evil. This comes from a former “client” who was given the go-ahead for a surgery (so I could breathe-just a piddly thing) by said evil company and was then told that no, they wouldn’t cover it after all when I called asking about the thousands of dollars the hospital was billing me for. After about a year and a half of fighting with these swine (no offense to the creatures which provide us with ham and bacon), I just gave up.

    Still paying for the surgery and related care, by the way. It’s been about seven years.

    May a thousand hamsters spend eternity peeing on UHC’s headquarters!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Apple is worse. I was recently terminated from Apple after working there (and getting exceptional performance ratings) for nearly 10 years because Apple refused to negotiate ANY accommodations whatsoever for my disability (which originated as a work injury). I had always performed very well (doing the work of multiple people, taking initiative, seeking new responsibilities), had no disciplinary problems the entire time I worked there, got along great with all of my coworkers, and absolutely loved my job — in a position that was created just for me because of work I had done on my own time while working in a different organization. I’d file an ADA claim, but I fear they’d only lie, drag me through the mud, and pressure anyone who would come forward to support my story. UHC, OTOH, was the health insurance carrier while I worked there and they never refused a claim or gave me any hassles at all. So while insurance companies are evil, I’d have to put Apple squarely on top for this one. I was an Apple fanatic before all of this. They may not have killed me, but they have certainly helped to destroy my life (this is the abridged version of my story. They also allowed their Workers Comp insurance company to refuse to authorize any treatment for the illness causing this disability for nearly 2 years, as it got far worse, though they had the power to override their decisions at anytime.)

    Most people have no idea how Apple really treats people and how discriminatory it really is.

  51. Vinzenz Stemberg says:

    My first PC is 13 years old, win95 then win98.
    Used it for all kinds of things, but it HAS been unused since I made an authentic ‘rig’ back in June 2005, first it had a pirated 2k and then *nix.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s nice, but will it run Windows XP or Vista? I’m glad it’s still running, but the BIG difference is that it most likely can’t cope with the latest operating systems like my Mac does.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had United Healthcare for 11+ years. Never had any problems. I’ve had, in my opinion, some of the brightest, finest physicians available. copays were easy, when I had an MRI for a stroke, it was easy, sleep apnea, no problems, all easy, and they made it effortless. Now if you want to talk about b*tsh*t crazy rules and a mystifying range of qualification criteria for treat, that has to be Pacificare. they were truly horrible. When I was a fattie, I had a sleep study performed, and I stopped breathing 11 times an hour. They said they’d only pay if I had 13 times or more. United said even 1 time a night, and I qualified for treatment immediatley. So, while this insurance may not meet many peoples wants/needs, it suits mine just fine Depending on the company you work for, it can be pretty cheap.

    Apple, now, I have about a 50/50 ratio of people at work with Apple notebooks. While I don’t care for them, it’s their choice. I have no problem with that, same as people who would buy a Ford/Kia, etc. I don’t mind them, I just don’t care for them. That my preference.

  53. Kelsey Moore says:

    While I think Itunes blows toads, UHC is worse by a mile. We are stuck with them thru spouse’s employer. When our daughter was born, anesthesia for c section was $2600, UHC paid $1000. By the time they got done paying their teeny fraction for hospital and doctor’s bills, we were left holding the bag for over 8 grand. Plus, every time we find a med that works for offspring’s reflux, they decide they don’t cover it anymore.
    UHC = evil.

  54. shifuimam says:

    I have a UHC HMO that is FABULOUS. Apple is just…terrible. Terrible customer service, overpriced machines, fanboyism, and Steve Jobs is a tool.

  55. RobThy says:

    Apple may be expensive but they are not a corrupt healthcare system that is killing or bankrupting thousands of customers a day.

  56. UnicornMaster says:

    Really, Apple at 26%? UHC is what is wrong with all of america!

  57. baristabrawl says:

    I don’t care so much for insurance companies, but I do want to work for one. ‘Cuz that’s where the money is.

  58. Tom_Servo says:

    Long story short, United Healthcare only honors their policies when you get a lawyer involved.

  59. dorkhero says:

    I’m torn. I get my health insurance through United and have never had any major issues with them. I’ve also been an raving Apple fanboi since 1989, so obviously they can do no wrong in my eyes. I guess, I’m just going to have to sit this one out.