TweetCongress Lets You Succinctly Shout At Your Congresspeople Online

Missouri Senator and prolific Twitterer Claire McCaskill called our attention to TweetCongress which lets you look up your representative and senators and talk to them.

Each member’s participation and response will be different, of course, but it’s a good way to get a politician’s unfiltered thoughts and they do occasionally respond to direct messages. (We tried looking up our members’ info, but we live in DC and have no representation. Oh well.)

(Photo: lauterhaus and mjar81)


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  1. rpm773 says:

    Great. I’m Twittering Robert Byrd right now.

  2. HiPwr says:

    I’ve never used this Twitter site, but every time I’ve written to a reprentative on the federal level, I get back a lame form-letter. The answer to our failing government is TERM LIMITS.

  3. ExtraCelestial says:

    The Senate voted in favor of the bill not too long ago. With so much democratic majority in DC at the moment you might just have a chance.

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    You know…with all the talk about Adrian Fenty (D.C. mayor) going off on all these undisclosed trips…I’m wondering if he’s not currying some kind of connections for a future run at Congress. Who wants to be mayor forever? He moved to the mayorship (mayorhood?) from the D.C. Council, why not onward to Congress, especially since it seems likely the bill to give D.C. representative rights is going to stick.

    • HiPwr says:

      @pecan 3.14159265: I’d be in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to give D.C. residents representation. Until then, however, Congress has no authority to overrule it.

      • mac-phisto says:

        @HiPwr: i’m not in favor. DC doesn’t get a vote for a reason.

        why can’t they just shift the representation to maryland or virginia & give one of them an extra seat or two?

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          @mac-phisto: Because D.C. residents would still not get any representation because they can’t vote in Virginia. You’d have to do some serious overhauling to allow that.

          • mac-phisto says:

            @pecan 3.14159265: well, either way you need to do some serious overhauling, considering the consitution creates an explicit distinction between the government seat & states.

        • ExtraCelestial says:

          @mac-phisto: @pecan 3.14159265: Not to mention the fact that Virginia is a traditionally red state and DC which is filled with minorities (read:democrats) would be swallowed whole.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I want to know what kind of response I get if I tweeted WTFBBQ.

  6. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    Some of my congresspeople are of the elderly set, let’s say, and I just envision them to react to twitter the same way my 88-year-old grandma reacted to when I tried to explain to her what e-mail is: confusion and apathy.

    Then again, the senators and representatives aren’t the ones actually checking in, are they? Wouldn’t they have some twenty-something intern do most of the twitter dirty work for them?

    • Kogenta says:

      @Yoko Broke Up The Beatles: Assuming they get more that 1 tweet a day, it’s almost certain that it’s someone in their office (probably a technically inclined intern(s)) that’s dealing with this type of thing and summarizing for the congressperson.

      But hey, you never know, some older people are just as technologically involved as kids these days.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @Yoko Broke Up The Beatles: The tweet probably goes to the press secretary or that person’s assistant. Press people generally know the most about what’s going on.

    • batsy says:

      @Yoko Broke Up The Beatles: This is completely off-topic, but I find your username to be highly ridiculous. If you listen to any of the Beatles’ interviews on the subject, you’d realize very quickly that it’s an unsubstantiated rumor. Each member has stated numerous times that there were many, many factors involved in the band’s eventual break-up. John was already growing bored with the band, and I doubt that he would have had a change of heart if he hadn’t met Yoko. Rumors like these are started by the same people who called Yoko “Dragon Lady,” and I’m sure you don’t want to be associated with them.

  7. katieoh says:

    i love the way it also gives you a form to ask your reps to join twitter.

    it’s okay, guys, i’ll just assume you’re paying attention to your job and not dicking around on your blackberry. [yeah right, but still!]

  8. Nathan Yost says:

    too bad you can’t tweet (scream) back at them…

  9. Frank Murphy says:

    Basically, contacting elected officials is done by weight and volume with an automatic thank you letter generated by computer and/or intern. This is just a bit of PR nonsense.

  10. Nogard13 says:

    Are people who use Twitter called Twits?

  11. crunchberries says:

    Good idea, but none of my reps are on Twitter. Considering I come from NY, this is not all that big of a surprise.

  12. JosephFinn says:

    I don’t have representation either, here in the IL-5th.

  13. korybing says:

    I’m a fan of Claire McCaskill AND Twitter, maybe I should check this out.

    On a semi-unrelated note, I actually live above Clair McCaskill’s offices in Springfield Missouri, and nearly every night someone lobs garbage (or…fruit? I can’t really tell what it is) at her windows. It’s tough being a democrat in this town I guess.

  14. pz says:

    You know one thing that I’ve noticed since the Republicans got thoroughly trounced in these past two elections?

    Since then, they’ve really, really started picking up on new technologies like Twitter and whatnot. Even if it’s just their staffers doing it, the people working for them are starting to get really connected.

    I think people are going to be very surprised about eight years from now if this keeps up. (Or maybe even just four years.)

    • AtomicPlayboy says:

      @mdmadph: You may be right, but I hope it’s not the twit herd who wile away their time broadcasting the minutiae of their daily routine on the internet that selects our next president. Bad enough that it was the naive, unserious lefty blog followers who brought us this one. It may seem old fashioned, but I’d rather have people who read whole books choosing our leaders as much as possible.

  15. kewlfocus says:

    I feel your pain Alex, I live in DC too.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere, I have filed a mid-1990s email reply-bot response from John McCain, in which he asks me to recontact him about my issue by writing him a conventional letter on paper stationery and sending it via postal surface mail. Priceless. I gotta find that.

  17. kreatre2009 says:

    I just put my name on the petition to get Congressman Sam Johnson (TX district 3) on Twitter. We’ll see if he actually gets on — fat chance. He won’t even respond to a letter that I sent to him AND faxed to his office. What in the hell is up with these people? They forget that they work for us. We need term limits damn it!

  18. sam-i-am says:

    You live in DC and you didn’t already know you don’t have representatives in congress?

  19. oregongal (lynnie421 on Twitter) says:

    Well supposedly one Sen. Jeff Merkley here in Oregon is on Twitter but the link to his tweets is invalid. Rather like the link he has with the voters.

  20. Will Turnage says:

    Here’s a Facebook app I created called RepresentedBy which also lets you keep track of what your legislators are up to.

  21. Trevor May says:

    Also check out the Canadian political twitter site [] which also tracks elected representatives along with all political tweets.