Seeking Used Skee-Ball Games

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[flickr video=2668290324 secret=42a1b06f8b w=158 h=119]UPDATE: Roy & Friends Find Used Skeeball Machine

UPDATE: Roy & Friends Find Used Skeeball Machine

Roy and his friends have from Austin, TX just joined the Brewskeeball skee-ball league and are having trouble locating a used one they to buy so they can practice without stuffing token after token in the ol concentric-ringed bandit. Roy asks, “Do you know of a site where they show various places like Peter Piper Pizza, Chuckie Cheese, or Dave and Busters that are closing down so we can get these antique games on the cheap?” Whaddya say folks, where can Roy can find a used skee-ball machine for the least coin? (Video: believekevin)

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