Worst Company In America: Target VS AIG

Here we go, folks. Your first match-up of the 2009 season. Tie your sneakers and put on your gym clothes.

#1 AIG takes on #32 Target in a battle of retail vs. insurance.

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2008 series. The companies nominated for this honor were chosen by you, the readers, and seeded according to number of nominations. Keep track of all the goings on at consumerist.com/tag/worst-company-in-america. Download the bracket here.


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  1. Jim Topoleski says:

    this isnt even fair…..

    • KyleOrton says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Which is how it should be, correctly seeded. I’m guessing Target won the play-in game against kittens and I never noticed. Just like in the NCAAs.

      • TouchMyMonkey says:

        @KyleOrton: You at least have to have a winning record to get an invitation into the NCAA tournament. Even the kittens would have to have been pretty damned evil.

        Still, this is shaping up to be a runaway to the Final Four, just like last year. You’d think we could come up with 32 companies that are on more or less the same level of suck.

    • Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

      @Jim Topoleski:

      (Looking from afar)…

      -It’s a battle… No a massacre!!!

      *Prince Ashitaka in “Princes Mononoke”

    • EricLecarde says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Its like playing a video game with Cheat mode on… in this case… AIG mode on. All will fall beneath the hoven foot that is AIG.

    • februarymakeup says:

      @Jim Topoleski: @Marc Melton: Yeah, I’m wondering about the people (%4 as of this writing) who DID vote for Target.

      I wonder if they’re related to the people that didn’t vote for, say Babe Ruth to get into the Hall of Fame. Because some people are just jerks.

    • Shadowman615 says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Just like the 1 vs 16 seeded games in the NCAA tournament.

    • Papa Midnight says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Seriously, if the rest of the bracket is like this, there won’t be any competition.

  2. noone1569 says:

    Easiest. Win. Ever.

  3. Kaessa says:

    Like pitting a mouse against a mountain lion.

    • lpranal says:

      @Kaessa: If the mountain lion had just murdered your whole family and stole all your food, and the question is “which one would you shoot first”

  4. penuspenuspenus says:

    At least use Wal-Mart or something.

    • ceilingFANBOY says:

      @sodomanaz: I don’t know, judging by the bracket, I even see Wal-Mart being eliminated in 2 rounds.

      • noone1569 says:

        @ceilingFANBOY: Yeah, but you dont want to put a #1 up against a #2 right off the bat . . ratings folks, for the ratings.

        • ceilingFANBOY says:

          @noone1569: I don’t really know why Wal-Mart was placed at #3 while Best Buy is seemingly #13. The ranking there seems a little off. Best Buy might even take out Wal-Mart, especially given that they have had more things on the site recently than Wal-Mart. In fact, the last two things that I remember Wal-Mart being on here for are things that people actually rallied for Wal-Mart (snake in Lawn & Garden/rampant people greeter pushing cop who shops while on the clock).

  5. Porntipsguzzardo_GitEmSteveDave says:

    How do you expect us taxpayers to vote against ourselves? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

  6. Marc Melton says:

    I can’t imagine target getting more than 10% of the vote, and if they do, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Target never did anything close to what AIG has done, and no telling what will do.

  7. ElizabethD says:

    I’d love to hear the reasons anyone voted for Target! Seriously.

    • Illusio26 says:

      @ElizabethD: Only reason I can think of is their crap return policy (not that that is worse than destroying our economy)

    • Onion_Volcano says:


      treat their distribution employees like shit is one reason.

    • Munsoned says:

      @ElizabethD: Maybe 3% (last time I checked) of voters are using faulty computer mice and/or are legally blind and accidentally clicked on the wrong button; or maybe it’s Internet spiders/bots clicking through webpages or something…

    • formatc says:

      @ElizabethD: There’s probably psychological studies already done to this effect, but I’m sure if you put up a poll that had two options – “Pick This one” and “Don’t Pick This One” – you’d still get some chumps who pick the wrong one, either because of a mistake, server error, or just to feel like a rebel.

    • LavenderSoap says:

      @ElizabethD: AIG is great! They gave me this big bonus even though I basically destroyed the global economy!

    • volenti non fit injuria says:

      @ElizabethD: I picked Target.

      AIG is not to blame. It is the government. Would you give your child $20 and say don’t buy shoes with it only find out that they bought sandals? Weird analogy, I admit.

      the government capped executive salaries at $250K, but said nothing about bonuses. Now, you sign a contract and it stipulates that in x years if you meet your benchmark, then you get x dollars. That’s what happened. It’s the government’s fault for not clearly delineating what can and cannot be done with the money. Now they know for future bailouts….

      Furthermore, I think the amount of praise AG Cuomo is receiving for this situation is ridiculous. Also, I am not entirely sure why the execs would return the money if it was contractually owed to them.

      • volenti non fit injuria says:

        @volenti non fit injuria: one more thing… please do not bring bankruptcy into this – yes, I have an argument for that, too…

        • T Axel Jones says:

          @volenti non fit injuria: But this is the “Worst Company in America”, not “Worst Government” contest. AIG ran itself into insolvency. That’s a sure sign of a bad business. That it bribed and cajoled government officials into going along with its ploy does not absolve it of its poor business practices.

          • volenti non fit injuria says:

            @T Axel Jones: i agree 100%, but that’s not why 99% of you all are voting for AIG. you’re voting based on what the media and talking heads say.

        • MostlyHarmless says:

          @volenti non fit injuria: You are missing the point. The original problem with AIG is not the bonuses. And I would like to see someone justify AIG’s bringing the economy to its knees act.

          • volenti non fit injuria says:

            @Lucifer_Cat: no, I get this point. However, the perception I am seeing here is that everyone is voting for AIG due to the gov’t bailout and bonuses. READ THE COMMENTS SECTIONS.

            I know they had shady business practices and normally a company would just declare bankruptcy. BUT, has a major insurance company every declared bankruptcy? What would that do to the individual policies? The ramifications of a bankruptcy declaration would have been so widespread.

            And so the gov’t swooped (sorry, just saw the bat car on jalopnik) on in and gave em a bailout.

            • Anonymous says:

              @volenti non fit injuria: A.I.G. got greedy and helped European Banks circumvent their Minimum Capital Requirements by essentially handing out AAA ratings on credit default swaps without investigation. They then took the money they projected and over-promised their potential to other people artificially inflating their position.

              I voted A.I.G. because they were working to circumvent rules set up to try to make sure banks don’t collapse, which in turn collapsed banks. Did all of the A.I.G. do this? No, however it was the base of their company.

              Until you can prove to me that Target made actions that would knowingly destabilize a world power for the purpose of profit, they have nothing on A.I.G.

            • ARP says:

              @volenti non fit injuria: The problem is that if we didn’t bail them out, they would have gone bankrupt, not paid claims, putting additional pressure on banks that bought insurance from them. So, their impact on teh general economy without the bailout would still qualify them for the Final 4 in my mind.

              • Con Seannery '09: Ban Facebookers! says:

                @ARP: Okay, let them fail! This bailout bonanza by the fat cats up in Washington is just their way of saying FUCK YOU to the people that come after them and their way of RUINING the economic principles of the free market! America has had major corporations fail before, and did they plunge us into a depression? NO. You can’t have a functional capitalist economy if you reward the losers. LET. THEM. FAIL.

      • figaro1010 says:

        @volenti non fit injuria:
        Is this where I point out that these people weren’t children?

        Just because you can get away with something you know is wrong, you do it?

        The government deserves blame as well, but the mess AIG is in is entirely of their own making

        • volenti non fit injuria says:

          @figaro1010: Nobody is “getting away with” anything. The bonuses are contractual incentives.

          AIG is to blame for what happened to their company. But, they are not to blame for what they did with the bailout money.

          Now, the gov’t wants to know where the money went. There was no stipulation when the bailout was given to keep track of the money.

          So I have $10 dollars and you give me $10 more. I now have $20. I use some of the money and you ask me, “what did you buy with the $10?” How the f- am I supposed to know? You did not tell me you wanted to know what I did with the money. Now the Obama administration is going back on their word and can’t do anything about it.

          BUT lesson learned for the next time they hand out billions of dollars.

      • FaustianSlip says:

        @volenti non fit injuria: But that only explains why you’re not voting for AIG- it doesn’t tell me why you would vote for Target. I’m not trying to be argumentative, just saying.

      • dangermike says:

        @volenti non fit injuria: The bonuses are just a whole lot of smoke and mirrors to keep us distracted from the fact that a lot of the AIG bailout money went directly toward paying off foreign banks and governments that had been wrapped up in the whole investment mess that AIG helped to create and is the source of the current economic vortex we’re swimming against.

      • Con Seannery '09: Ban Facebookers! says:

        @volenti non fit injuria: Also, remember that in order to recover the company, you might want to go with some good execs instead of the budget execs. The point of the government here is NOT to save AIG. The point is to take steps to nationalize as many companies as they can, because that’s what the Democrats want. God, we need to just clear out our politicians and put some fresh blood in there. Term limits, please.

    • HeatherD says:

      I worked there, so I can give you a few reasons.
      Target often doesn’t put their sale prices into the computer, so when you ring up, you don’t get the sale price.
      They regularly break labor law by refusing to allow their employees to take their breaks.
      They understaff the stores fully understanding that it means that you will have to wait longer.
      When a major disaster happens (ie Katrina) they claim to give large amounts of money to help clean up, and talk about how their employees are helping to do the cleanup, when in reality, the money and the volunteers are only going to cleanup damaged TARGET stores.
      The way they treat their employees like crap, giving them raises of 30 cents if they have done a good job that year, taking away the part time benefits, and ensuring that almost everyone there is part time. Not even being able to tell employees whether they are still working there or not, after removing them entirely from the schedule, regularly “losing” confirmed time off requests so they don’t have to give it to the employees.
      Oh, and even Walmart has better quality clothing.

      • Jim says:

        @HeatherD: That’s a bummer. However, Target hasn’t lost $460,000 per minute. 30 cent raise isn’t too bad.

      • valsharess1 says:

        @HeatherD: This is interesting. My husband worked at Target and they treated him extremely well. Perhaps you were stuck at a bad Target, but that does not mean they suck on the whole. I’m sorry it was so crappy for you though.

        • HeatherD says:

          I’m glad your husband had a good experience with them. Mine was a two year nightmare before I realized, hey wait.. I can just leave! My boyfriend worked a different and they literally could not tell him for a week why he was not on the schedule. They couldn’t even look up a record of whether he was still working there or not. He just showed up for a shift and was no longer on the schedule.

    • David Meadows says:

      @ElizabethD: I suppose one could probably argue that target along with Walmart, it is moving many manufacturing jobs over seas. Jobs that that don’t pay amazing but pay better than say working at the retail job. Because of these big box retailers buying over seas products so that the CEO’s can have a bigger paycheck, and not paying these associates that work at the stores the same as say the possible factory jobs they would have, might have a little help in the downfall of the economy i’m guessing is what they might say? I don’t know if its all true, im just saying its a possibility that this might be their reason for the argument.

  8. Skankingmike says:

    target has bad return policy

    AIG is costing the American tax payer untold billions.


    • Scoobatz says:

      @Skankingmike: What is so bad about their return policy? I like the fact that if you bought something with a credit card, you can return them within 90 days without a receipt. It’s very convenient, actually.

    • HiPwr says:

      @Skankingmike: Actually, AIG made piss-poor business decisions, Congress is to blame for spending our tax dollars to bail them out.

      • vastrightwing says:

        @HiPwr: Right on! I wanted to vote for the Government, but no. People just can’t seem to direct their wrath towards the real perps!

        • Con Seannery '09: Ban Facebookers! says:

          @vastrightwing: Can I please vote for the Democratic party? Hell, put the Republicans in there, too, they’re no saints. How about instead of acting in the interests of big business or big government, they REPRESENT THE PEOPLE? My message to the silent majority out there too wrapped up in American Idol and Entertainment Tonight to focus on their money, freedoms, and government is this: WAKE UP! DON’T LET THESE CROOKS STEAL YOUR PERSONAL LIBERTIES! DON’T LET THEM SADDLE THIS NATION WITH A DEBT THAT WILL RUIN IT! By the time Obama is declared king, it’s going to be too late. And that’s when the people will wake up.

  9. philmin says:

    Is Target really known for being anti-consumer? I haven’t seen much beyond some minor pricing issues.

  10. pop top says:

    I think it’s safe to say that AIG will take the title this year…

  11. Project Thanatos says:

    I think at this point its safe to say AIG will win this year by a landslide.

    • zentex says:

      @Project Thanatos: I don’t even understand the facade of voting this year with AIG on the ballot.

    • ARP says:

      @Project Thanatos: I’m not sure how I’d vote in Wal-Mart v. AIG. I think if you added up the financial damage Wal-Mart has done via tax breaks, health care costs, wages, etc. they’ve had a pretty big impact on our economy. AIG’s impact is just more tangible.

      • Con Seannery '09: Ban Facebookers! says:

        @ARP: What’s the big deal with Wal-Mart not paying big, cushy wages? That is NOT the place you work if you want to make a career out of your job. That’s where you work while you look for other work or take a summer job.

      • NinjaMarion says:

        @ARP: Yeah, but at the heart of their business, Walmart provides products and services to their customers, often at discount prices. AIG is a professional rapist. Insurance companies business model is designed to rip you off. You pay Walmart, you get something in return. You pay AIG “in case shit” happens. If shit doesn’t happen, they keep your money. If shit does happen, they pay you for it and then begin charging you more money “in case shit” happens again, so they can make up for the money they actually had to pay out to you. And in the case of auto insurance, they don’t even have to pay out to you to begin charging you more. If you have an accident and they find out, even if they don’t pay out a single cent, they’re going to charge you more just because they can.

        So even if AIG weren’t partly responsible for the massive financial collapse, I consider insurance companies in general to be only a mere few rungs lower on the ladder of evil than Hitler and Satan; far worse than anything Walmart or Target could ever do unless they decide to start murdering babies in their stores.

  12. GuinevereRucker says:

    How about AIG vs Congress?

    • Eric Toth says:

      @GuinevereRucker: Naw, congressional approvals are actually increasing.

    • kathyl says:

      @GuinevereRucker: I think they’re fighting that battle in real life right now, so no reason to simulate it here on the Consumerist.

    • tc4b says:

      @GuinevereRucker: AIG v. … wait, I was going to mention a certain politician, but I hate those political flame wars.

    • RStui says:

      @GuinevereRucker: That showdown would test my powers of reasoning.

      But honestly, Congress would win. Hands down.

    • HiPwr says:

      @GuinevereRucker: I’d vote Congress. I like how they voted to protect the bonuses and then were full of sanctimonious outrage when AIG granted them. Of course with our new “transperent” government, Congress could say that they didn’t have time to read the legislation, but I don’t think you’ll find many of them admitting that they voted for a bill and didn’t know what the hell was in it.

      • ARP says:

        @HiPwr: Much of this started with the previous administration So, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

        • HiPwr says:

          @ARP: #1: This is the same Congress that voted for this bail-out boondoggle during the last administration. #2: Bush was living in a Dallas suburb when the protection of the bonuses were put in place.

        • Con Seannery '09: Ban Facebookers! says:

          @ARP: Excuse me, but here’s a fun fact: The Democrats controlled Congress since ’06. Just saying…

      • vastrightwing says:

        @HiPwr: No one needs to read the bill to understand it because the groups who wrote the bill explain it to them in simple terms.

  13. hypochondriac says:

    I was a bit disappointed with last years match up. In the initial rounds the companies should be in the same field.

    This match isn’t fair. It should be two financial/insurance companies or two retail stores against each other.

  14. badhatharry says:

    This is like Muhammad Ali fighting Verne Troyer.

  15. Eric Toth says:

    AIG treats their employees better than Target; FACT!

    • PixiePerson says:

      @Eric Toth: This is true. Bonuses are given at AIG regardless of performance. I’ve never even HEARD of a Target employee getting a million dollar bonus.

      • HeatherD says:

        @PixiePerson: That’s right! Target would never be so shameful as to give their employees a bonus. Instead they give them a richly deserved 20 to 30 cent raise every year.

  16. edwardso says:

    Economy crippling evil insurance company or the place where I go in to buy paper towels and end up spending $60 hmmm… that is a tough choice

  17. dwhuntley says:

    Target????? Not even close. If your going to have a title fight, you need two champions in the ring, not an baby vs. DOOM!

  18. tc4b says:

    AIG vs. Ebola = fair fight

  19. Hadoken3 says:

    First round matchups are supposed to be a blowout. AIG wins by at least 45 points.

  20. Onion_Volcano says:

    target treats their distribution plant employees like shit, but AIG destroyed America…hmmmm.

  21. PixiePerson says:

    So… Target’s a bit of a lightweight here. I’m calling this match rigged-by-match-making: AIG wins in a landslide.

  22. TheFuzz53 says:

    Who are the 3% that voted for Target?

  23. rrrebo says:

    Really, who voted for Target? The same people who campaigned for Sanjaya?

  24. Tom_Servo says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Target that a Target employee didn’t immediately fix. The cart wrangler even helped me load the dresser I bought there, I didn’t even have to ask.

  25. JeanStork says:

    This is rigged just like the presidential election… i mean, taxpayer money being used to help give CEO bonuses I MEAN help the economy…

    I really like target… Now if walmart was up there, i think we’d actually have a fight on our hands!!

  26. mradequate says:

    target must have won the play-in game against amazon.

  27. Rebecca Brown says:

    Congratulations, Target. You’ve been eliminated. I tip my hat to your less-than-horrifically-evil policies.

  28. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    97% for AIG


  29. plutonyum says:

    Not even Jim Nantz can get excited for this matchup.

  30. SDreamer says:

    Never, ever had a problem with Target. Almost shop exclusively with them…

  31. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Reminds me of The World’s Most One Sided Fistfights Caught On Film.

  32. eddie9999 says:

    I vote target because the employees of their headquarters in Minneapolis are annoying on the bus (loud cell phone/blackberry talking), get in my way in the skyway (often pushing those damned wheely suitcases), and wear too much purfume and cologne.

    I think i take things too personally.

    • kimshot says:

      @eddie9999: Yeah, there’s a lot of Target entitlement in MSP.

      • Anonymous says:

        I work there and I would agree with Eddie’s assessment. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been forced to hold my breath in the elevator because Retail Ken or Barbie steps in, having showered in cologne. Yech.

  33. Thaddeus says:

    Just give the damned award to AIG an be done with it.

  34. metaled says:

    The fix is in to keep Target’s name out of this……
    Come on, comparing Steak to Dirty Diapers, keep it fair… Maybe categories are due to the number of companies involved (that truly suck!)… banking, restaurant, retail, car rental, etc…
    Think like Consumer reports, this thing could be BIG, Consumerist Worst of the year, chosen by Internet users! Do it right. This one is a joke……..

  35. limiter says:

    I voted for Target. I had a number of weddings to go to in July of 2008. I ended up buying five Target brand toasters for each of them. 2008 summer will forever be known as the summer of firey death. All five wedding couples burned alive in their homes from the faulty product. I lost 10 friends that year because of Target.

    Fire marshals recovered the charred parts of the toasters and I brought them back to Target. The customer service representative said they would not take them back because I did not have the original packaging.

    Ok that’s all a lie, I voted for AIG, but seriously the above story is the only possible way someone could vote for Target instead of AIG.

    • edwardso says:

      href=”#c11605482″>bentcorner: That isn’t that unreasonable considering that you didn’t have a receipt. Was it open? Most places won’t accept returns on open CDs and DVDs since people can burn them and return them

    • volenti non fit injuria says:

      @limiter: guess again…

  36. Ben Popken says:

    You match the top ranked team against the lowest – that’s how the NCAA works and that’s how we work.

  37. Randy Treibel says:

    Target does have terrible return policies.

  38. The_Legend says:

    I guess AIG lets their employees vote on the internet. Only explanation for the 3%

  39. dreamsneverend says:

    Wow that’s a brutal potential 1st seed (AIG) vs a 16th seed (Target)… poor Target never stood a chance.

  40. Daniel Dlugos says:

    You might as well placed AIG vs. Southwest Airlines… so not fair.

  41. nudger says:

    No brainer. Today we rank target at #313, and AIG at #5364.

  42. Michael Chepul says:

    It’s the first round, people! This is the 1 seed V. the 16 seed. You have to stick around to see the big dogs of suck has it out in the later rounds!

  43. JGKojak says:

    This is a classic 1 vs. 16 seed — Target having come in 10th in their league to win the conf. tourney only to play UNC in the first round.

    I honestly don’t see how AIG loses in this thing- even to the Peanut Corp(ses).

  44. metaled says:

    Why even bother, I saw the line-up and thought it was a complete waste of time (Everyone’s)!

  45. ClarenceCochonTheEasterPig says:

    I have WILLINGLY given Target my dollars; I had no choice in the AIG matter!

  46. catskyfire says:

    For those saying the matchup isn’t fair: Traditionally, #1 vs. #16 or #32 isn’t particularly balanced. That’s the effect of seeding.

  47. Three Word Chant says:

    March 17 – The following is the text of a letter from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on [Target]’s employee bonuses.

    Dear Madame Speaker:

    I know that there is considerable outrage in the House of Representatives, as there is throughout the [kitchen], about the bonuses awarded to employees of [Target’s Merchandise Return] division at a time when the company is reliant on significant [bulls-eye logos]. The President shares that outrage, and so do I.

    I am writing to outline the steps taken by the Department of the Treasury to date, to update you on the actions we are taking to recoup the retention payments just made, and to deal with future payments of executive compensation by [Target].

    I registered my strong objections to Mr. [Bob Ulrich], the CEO of [Target], last week when I was first informed by my staff about the pending payment obligations.

    Mr. [Ulrich] told me that a tranche of $165 million in [red dresses dresses] was contractually committed and payable by March 15 to employees within the [women’s clothing] division – the very division most culpable for the rapid deterioration of [Target]. Mr. Ulrich, who took the reins of the firm after the [dresses] were negotiated in April of 2008, said [Target]’s lawyers had concluded that the [affordable prices] were legally binding. I asked for a written explanation and legal analysis to support that claim, including the legal liabilities that would arise if the [affordable prices] were breached, and turned it over to Treasury’s own lawyers to review.

    Our lawyers agreed, in consultation with outside counsel, that it would be legally difficult to prevent these contractually-mandated [prices]. Even the new executive compensation restrictions recently passed in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allow for [every day great deals] signed before the act went into effect.

    As you know, the President has asked me to fully review all additional measures at my disposal to recoup these [dresses] and to recover [style] on behalf of taxpayers.

    We are presently working with the Department of Justice to determine what avenues are available by which we can recoup the retention awards that have been paid.

    I know that much of the public ire has fallen on Mr. Ulrich, which is understandable, since it is his name on the [bulls-eye]. But it also is unjustified. Mr. Ulrich was put in place as the CEO of [Target] last year at the request of the U.S. government to help rehabilitate the company[‘s commercials] and repay taxpayer funds. He inherited a difficult situation, including these [Home Furnishings], which were entered prior to his or the government’s involvement in [Target]. As long as he is there, we will work with him on measures to wind down [Target] in an orderly way and protect the American taxpayer.

    I look forward to working with Congress to modernize our [shopping experience] in way that protects the American taxpayer, meets the challenges of [unathorized returns] and reduces the chance that we will face a [sale] of this magnitude in the future.


    Timothy F. Geithner

  48. bentcorner says:

    I voted for Target because they have a terrible return policy. I once accidentally purchased a DVD that turned out to be in “full screen” format. To be honest, I didn’t even know they still released movies in anything other than widescreen. I took it back and simply wanted to exchange it for the correct version. They didn’t have any to exchange it with. I asked for a gift card. They told me that without the receipt, I could only exchange it. I went round and round with them and ended up leaving with my stupid full screen DVD.

    Personally, I’m tired of all the AIG angst. Too many people are grandstanding over AIG that it’s getting a little old.

    I once worked for a big company that fired the CEO after 18 months. He got a $26.3 severance package. He was an awful CEO that made a lot of bone headed decisions. They couldn’t just give him $10 million or even $26 million. They had to kick in the extra 300,000 grand. Like a straight $26 million wouldn’t have cut it.

    After seeing that, nothing surprises me.

  49. crichton007 says:

    It’s almost insulting that here needs to be a vote for this. I think AIG is going to win the whole thing.

  50. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    I hate Target, but I hate AIG more.

  51. Saboth says:

    Why is target even on there…compared to most companies, they would be Captain America compared to AIG’s Hitler.

  52. Trai_Dep says:


  53. Frank Murphy says:

    AIG. You should have picked an equally evil company to go against it.

  54. kmw2 says:

    Giving people trouble returning that ugly sweater versus playing a major role in destroying the economy? Hmmm, decisions decisions…

  55. oneliketadow says:

    Duke versus Tri-County VoTech.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s no fun. Target just laid me off and I don’t even get to vote for them once. I may not be happy with them, but they definitely are no where near the bowels of hell evil that AIG is.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Lighten up people! The 1st round seeds play the weakest opponents first because they have earned the right. In fact, this might be the only thing that AIG has truly “earned” in the last few years.

    Way to go AIG!

  58. Serpephone says:

    This isn’t fair because Target regularly pisses me off with their wrong pricing! The tag on the shelf says one thing but the cash register rings up something entirely different! I still have to go with AIG because they are just horrible.

  59. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    I am guessing this is the 1/16 matchup.

  60. urban_ninjya says:

    Hmm.. If AIG is in it this year, can we put Halliburton back in the running since they finally have a rivial?

    On the same account, most consumers didn’t directly buy the products that caused the downfall of the financial system.

  61. EdanJellyfish says:

    The Consumerist should send a mock trophy to AIG execs/Corporate Offices. :)

  62. DanGarion says:

    The only people voting for Target must be people that work for AIG…

  63. Brian Philippus says:

    gee, this vote isn’t going to be lopsided?

  64. yzerman says:

    If you picked Target over AIG I think you hit the wrong button and you can’t read!

  65. Felix the Cat says:

    Although I voted in your poll for Tarbutt for the worst company I was NOT surprised at the result. You should have paired Tarbutt up with another RETAIL company not those bone heads at AIG.
    You want info on Target then take a look at: http://www.targetfiling.blogspot.com

  66. mathew says:

    I’m going to go ahead and call the WCIA 2009 award for AIG *right now*. It’ll be a miracle if anyone else wins.

  67. diasdiem says:

    Seriously one-sided. Couldn’t they have found a company that employs child labor to skin puppies alive and then sell the hides to buy blood diamonds, so it’d be slightly more even?

  68. PencilSharp says:

    As a (16-seeded) Morehead State alum, let me just say…


  69. deleteboy says:

    Read in Cromartie or Cameron voice
    Target: Despite egregious actions and customer service, innocuous by comparison.

  70. Rajiv Varma says:

    I don’t see how A.I.G. doesn’t win the tournament.

  71. RogueWarrior says:

    Isn’t AIG already a target? Oh wait, it was MADE the target of enraged Americans by the far-more-guilty congressmen and senators WHO MANEUVERED AND VOTED TO GIVE THEM THE MONEY. It’s no different than people suing the bar owner because a relative got sh*tfaced and wrapped his car around a telephone pole.

  72. baristabrawl says:

    What’s AIG?

  73. Anonymous says:

    It is NOT supposed to be fair.

    You don’t match up your best players in a bracket sport such as tennis, bowling or whatever.
    The idea is to seed things so we have an exciting finish of AIG vs Peanut Guys or whoever makes the cut.

  74. Jack Doyle says:

    How can this even be a contest? Target v. AIG? Are you kidding me?

  75. Stream Of Consciousness says:

    Hmmm…let’s see, Target or AIG?? That’s a no brainer!