Sirius Streaming Radio Not Working For Some Customers

Sirus-XM charges for access to its Sirius Music Player, but for the past few days, some customers can’t get it to work. One of them in this forum says it only connects after Howard Stern is over, and speculates that some cost-cutting measures have reduced available bandwidth, leading to locked-out customers. In another thread customers are complaining that popular third-party streaming radio services have been sent cease-and-desist letters from Sirius, further limiting access to streaming Sirius programming online. Naturally, Sirius-XM hasn’t responded to customer queries about the issue.

Here’s what our tipster Andrew has to say:

Since Sirius-XM has started charging to use their internet streaming, the service has gone down hill. I’ve been having trouble even opening their media player on their website, with it usually saying “Sirius Internet Radio is Temporarily Unavailable”. If I do manage to get it to open and get to the log-in screen, I enter my info and attempt to log-in, then it says something like, “Gateway Timeout”. And now, if I do actually manage to log in and get it to play, the section of the player where you switch channels is now giving me the “Sirius Internet Radio is Temporarily Unavailable” message, despite the fact that I am still listening to the channel I was able to open upon logging in.

I have sent numerous e-mails to Sirius via their website and have gotten no response, and from I have read from other users, calling customer service has to been to no avail either. Maybe a consumerist article on the topic will help shed some light on the problem. This is extremely annoying seeing as when the internet streaming service was free, it worked perfectly fine. I never once had an issue until they switched to making customers pay for it seperately. Just another case of paying more and getting less. So much for that merger being good for consumers.

“Sirius Internet player not connecting” [Digital Radio Central]
“Starplayr & uSirius are no longer available” [Digital Radio Central]
(Thanks to Timothy for the screen shot!)


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  1. Dan Cull says:

    Pandora or Last.FM. No questions asked.

  2. Rebecca Brown says:

    Boy, that sucks. At least I don’t listen to the radio. :/

  3. Jonbo298 says:

    Man, what great benefits customers have with the merger being done.

    • sleze69 says:

      @Jonbo298: The merger isn’t the source of this problem. The delay caused by FCC chairman Martin and the crappy economy is turning Sirius into the Sears of the radio business.

    • Anonymous says:

      I canceled my accounts as soon as I found out they were going to start charging me for services I was currently getting for free. Satellite Radio has lost its appeal.

  4. Exek says:

    I’ve been okay using the Sirius Yahoo Widget and I listened to Howard Stern this morning as I was getting ready for work with no problem. Let you know if it works tomorrow knock on wood.

  5. agentUrge says:

    I suggest a long multi-page letter complaining about service and demanding a change for the better or a cancellation of service will be in effect. My wife has done that countless times and it usually results in a discount of service, credit, apologies and release from contracts.

  6. Yankees368 says:

    It’s just as bad on the XM side. All past users are stuck on 32 kbps sound quality, XM knows this, and has done nothing since March 11th to fix it. They promised that anyone who had a contract passed the March 11th would maintain ‘premium’ quality for the length of said contract. XM sucks.

  7. JayDeEm says:

    I was listening for about 4 hours mid-day today and didn’t experience any problems. I have been a subscriber of the ‘Premium’ stream for a couple of years which may or may not have anything to do with it. The free service was nice, but for the amount of time I was spending on it a couple of bucks a month for the better stream wasn’t a big deal.

    I just fired it back up and it’s working fine. I notice the player still shows the Standard (Free) and Premium (Pay) buttons. Try clicking over to the Premium stream and see if that works.

    It is sad that they have discontinued the free stream though :(

    • Anonymous says:

      @JayDeEm: The stream isn’t down all day. For me happens at around 9:00am EST. If you log in earlier in the morning you can get in but if you try to switch channels around 9:00am you’re done. Wednesday I could not get back in until after 10:30am. It also doesn’t seem to happen on the weekends.

  8. agentUrge says:

    oh, and I use the yahoo widget too….but I’m not saying anything for fear that i might jinx it all to hell. :)

  9. golddog says:

    I listen to Sirius streaming pretty regularly during the workweek, haven’t had these problems on the Windows player, but the WM5 streamer on my phone doesn’t work anymore.

    It took mere days after the merger was official before Sirius announced they were going to start charging to listen on the Net (used to be free w/your radio subscription). I know you can’t just go to Lowes to build and launch a satellite, but how you run a company in to the ground w/$1.6 billion of annual revenue is beyond me. Streaming over the Net should be the easiest thing they do.

  10. kalikidtx says:

    Canceled my Sirius account about a year ago and glad I did. The internet streaming was never perfect but when it was free it did work most of the time. Sirius customer service (in India I assume) has always been terrible. The customer service and the monthly fee were the 2 main reasons I canceled, and you know what I CAN live without it!

    Not surprised now that they have a lot more customers that the service has gone downhill as it was never perfect or great to begin with! I wish them good luck they have an uphill battle

  11. rbb says:

    It is a joke that XM/Sirius is now charging for online streaming. A couple of years ago, XM jacked up its rates to force people to pay for opie and anthony. They threw in online streaming for “free” as part of the deal. Now, they want to charge for it.

    Another thing they have done recently is to kill the bandwidth option on the online player. You used to be able to select 30 kilobits/sec or 60 kilobits/sec streaming speeds. Now when you go to the settings page, the option is gone. All it allows you to do is to hide/show the cpremium channels. That sucks because the default is now the 30kilobits/sec rate and the quality is horrible.

  12. tmerf says:

    Same experience here. I’ve been livid the last few mornings. Once the Stern show is over, literally within minutes, I can connect no problem and listen to the “Wrap up show” and the replays. I actually did a quick search and found a pirated stream of the show on another site and surprisingly enough it was working perfect.

    I’m embarassed I didn’t think to send something here to the Consumerist…

  13. pmcpa2 says:

    Wow, another negative Sirius Story Consumerist, way to go.

    Here’s the deal. 3rd party unauthorized listening apps… that’s like reading the consumerist with ad-block software installed! Sirius/XM is launching new software very soon, and an iphone App for streaming.

    I love that you take the word of a 3rd party chat room for this story… and just checked, my streaming (free) still works fine (IE7). I suspect maybe these users are either trying to use the 3rd party apps (get a life), or they haven’t even bothered to contact customer service.

    Typical, contact the Consumerist for all your customer service needs!

    • Ein2015 says:

      @pmcpa2: Sounds like a typical customer-hating IE user. Yup.

      I think the bigger issue here is how much Sirius Siriusly Sucks.

    • karmaghost says:

      @pmcpa2: Welp, the Consumerist isn’t exactly here to sing the praises of companies that are doing great things. Sure, they’ll do that once in a while, but that’s not the point of this blog. The point is to call out companies that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing and make it known to the general public. There are a lot of companies that are doing exactly what they’re supposed to, but that doesn’t make for good reading.

      The last post that had much to do about Sirius/XM was the middle of last month; Comcast gets featured almost every day, so to say “another negative Sirius story” I think misses the point of this entire blog and how often info gets posted.

      And if you’re dissing Consumerist for quoting forum posters, but at the same time are making assumptions without reading said forum posts, maybe it’s you who needs to “get a life.”

    • dwasifar says:

      @pmcpa2: Hey, are you that guy who was campaigning a year or two ago for website operators to block Firefox, on the grounds that not displaying ads makes it theft? Or are you just one of the eight or nine people he actually convinced?

      Sheesh. Next you’ll want us to answer quizzes to make sure we actually read the ads before the page content displays.

      You say “unauthorized” as if that’s a bad thing. If the internet winds up controlled by the “authorized,” we might just as well turn off the servers and routers and close the whole thing down.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      3rd party unauthorized listening apps… that’s like reading the consumerist with ad-block software installed!

      @pmcpa2: I don’t listen to Sirius at all so I’m not getting the comparison. Do you mean the 3rd party apps are literally to get around ads that come with the normal service?

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @pmcpa2: Oh and btw, Adblock Pro fixes the issue with the reply button so…yeah.

    • Pandrogas says:

      @pmcpa2: There seems to be someone like you on every forum too. Hey, nobody could possibly be having a problem because my stuff’s working!

      I’d like to invite you to the other side of the fence, but you’d probably never accept because I support (read, reply and help fix) a popular XM Online Radio gadget. You’re analogy about the 3rd party apps is also flawed.

      Sirius XM is a content company, the ads are built into the programming and subscribers fees cover the rest. Ad tracking is based on subscribers, not website clicks. 3rd party programs merely tap into the stream (via the online player most of the time), but since they require the user to cough up their credentials, they aren’t streaming for free.

      Truth is, subscribers from both companies tend to hate the online players with a passion because of how basic and featureless they are or they like having different forms for various platforms.

      • pmcpa2 says:

        @Pandrogas: Actually, 3rd party apps are forbidden in their contracts with the record industry. Their apps, while they lack features, prevent easy recording, and redistribution of the contact, as per their contract. I run an IT Support company. I also realize that yes, some people have issues, but I’ve seen IE8 break everything it touches recently. Have to say, logged into the online system (still free on my accounts on Sirius) today at 9am, and it worked fine, on both IE7 and Firefox. The Sirius stream works off of Media Player, so IE8 could be passing a bad stream to MP.

        Again, Sirius is protecting their ass. If they allow 3rd party apps to download the stream, then the record industry could revoke the contract. Example, you host a server on your residential DSL connection. That is a violation of your contract with your DSL provider, so they can yank your connection.

        What I am hearing from you is… “They broke my app…. WANNNNN! They are bad!” My question, did they ever say you could use their stream in that way? I don’t think so.

        • Pandrogas says:

          @pmcpa2: The community is well aware that recording and organizing the radio recieved is viewed badly and gets apps removed. There was an app called TimeTrax that got pulled a while back for that very reason.

          XM was always a bit more lax on it then Sirius was, not sure how this will affect the new policy. Crap rolls downhill, the record industry will apply pressure before revoking the contract, so far as I’ve seen, they only do so when there is an actually percieved threat.

          Sirius XM does know about our app. No doubt they know about several others as well. The only apps we’ve ever seen get pulled were for recording or competition reasons (like the recent iPhone app).

  14. Meathamper says:

    That fact that you need to wait for Howard Stern’s show to be over first is hilarious.

  15. tmerf says:

    Sirius subscriber for 3+ years now and I’ve been livid the past 2 mornings. I’m using the Sirius player from their website (no 3rd party apps) and get the exact error that is described in the article. And literally within minutes of the Stern show being over, I’m able to connect with no problem.

    Haven’t had a problem since they started streaming Sterns show however long ago that was and now boom. Same thing over and over. I’m embarassed I didn’t think to send this in to the Consumerist myself.

  16. Izzo says:

    I listen all week long, starting with Howard then at 12 to various music channels, and have had no problems. Streaming now…80’s on 8

    As I understand it, the free internet stream will run out when your contract is up for renewal, so I dont think that has anything to do with it.

  17. Frank Murphy says:

    Silly question, why would someone listen to the stream if they have a radio that gets the same thing?

  18. Blueskylaw says:

    Maybe they just finished paying Howard Stern his
    half a BILLION Dollars and they have no money left to actually run the company.

    • karmaghost says:

      @Blueskylaw: From what I understood, a lot of what they paid Howard to come over to satellite was given in company stock. Ooooops! Hope he sold it a long time ago!

  19. Brendan Long says:

    To people complaining about the merger affecting service: I was under the impression that one or both companies would go out of business without it. This seems related to shitty/non-profitable business tactics, not the lack of competition (since there are about a billion places to listen to internet radio for free, and a bunch of free radio stations).

    • zlionsfan says:

      @Brendan Long: Yeah, I am guessing that the problems that we’re hearing about aren’t so much about the merger as they are about poorly-run businesses. (Business, now.)

      The biggest thing the merger did was combine the problems. Now, instead of Sirius and XM customers suffering separately, we get to suffer together.

      Looking at it another way, we’re on the same ship when it sinks, rather than having one ship sink and those of us on the other ship thinking gee, that looks bad, hope there’s no iceberg ahead of us.

  20. Jan Scholl says:

    We continue to get XM online free because we extended our account in our car for three years. If you resubbed even for 3 months, you could keep the online part free by a certain date. I am disappointed I can’t listen to NBA online but I got a great renewal price for the car and hubby is happy now. It was his birthday gift early.

  21. Rider says:

    Stern broadcasts 24 hours a day so the Stern conspiracy theory makes no sense.

  22. Rider says:

    @kalikidtx (the reply button is still fubar)

    And I’ve also never had any problem with Sirius customer service. I have called several times and never had any issues. It is also very obvious that you are not talking to someone in India when talking to them. Seems like you are making things up for some reason.

  23. supergaijin says:

    Streaming works fine for me. 128kbps, according to the widget. And yeah, the Stern conspiracy is weird because the stern show repeats all day long on 100 and part of the day on 101. It’s never technically “over”.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i lsten to stern every day on xm’s stream, np whatsoever another nab tactic to discourage people from subscribing to satrad, service is better than every what a bnch of crap.

  25. jp7570 says:

    …and remember how Sirius said the merger between them and XM would benefit its customers?

    ….and anyone that had XM before the “merger” knows how bad the integration of the two services has been. This was a take-over by Sirius and they have systematically undermined anything that previously made XM interesting.

    They’ve also done weird cost-savings measures such as combining two cities on each traffic channel – some that are not even in the same geographic region.

    Subscription-based satellite radio is like cable – its better when you have a choice. (Of course, since their business plan was intiially dependent on new vehicle sales, maybe the satellite model will not be around much longer?)

  26. ajlei says:

    I’ve never seen the need to pay for radio. Then again, I don’t listen to radio locally, either. Thank goodness for my iPod! That or CDs.

  27. henwy says:


    I really wish the consumerist would do some investigating in these cases instead of just taking the word of anonymous people online. Sometimes it doesn’t take much effort at all but they don’t even try.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @henwy: It’s not like Sirius didn’t have time or opportunity to respond to customer complaints. Also, I don’t think it’s likely that a bunch of people would complain that the service doesn’t work properly if it was actually working for them.

  28. MrGutts says:

    Any investors around that want to give me a huge pile of cash so I can fire up a new Satellite company and steal all of Sirius-XM customers away because they are a bunch of fools and have no customer service. Oh and I promise not to piss away millions of dollars on goofs like Howard Stern and Martha Stewart…

  29. Anonymous says:

    As a regular user of Sirius internet radio, I can confirm this is what happens for me:

    I am used to regularly tuning online in at 9am, for the Stern West Coast feed. I get the same problems as your tipster. If I try to listen online later at noon (when the show replays again), it works fine.

    I have also sent in mails to customer service, with NO response.

  30. BroderickCicero says:


    Reading through these complaints – I feel I need to go all Tech-Nazi on the deflectors/complainers sharing their trouble with a smooth SiriusXM internet streaming experience.

    Nobody likes being accused of ‘deflecting’ responsibility for their own tech issues – but there’s an entire subculture of ignorant technology users who rather complain than spend the time to read the instructions, or pay a professional to do the job efficiently and correctly.

    Professionally, I’m IT consultant and network troubleshooter.

    Socially, I’m a HUGE Howard Stern Show fan. I listen everyday and most of my listening these days is done on my PC. I listen through the “Sirius player” or a “Replay AV” recording.

    VERY VERY VERY RARELY (and I can’t stress VERY RARELY enough) have I EVER had any problems with SiriusXM streaming service – let alone finding myself troubleshooting an issue back to them. In other words, in my experience, listening to Sirius regularly via connection to THREE different LAN’s, all with a different router/modem combination, and three different Internet Service Providers:

    – NETPLEX: an AT&T Business-grade DSL reseller in CT. This is our office line with a guaranteed 3 MBPS minimum speed.
    – METROCAST CABLE: High Speed Internet Tier (at home) my average download speed never dips below 4 MBPS and goes as high as 6 MBPS, though it’s NOT guaranteed bandwidth access like business grade.
    – VERIZON WIRELESS: Mobile Broadband Service, which typically delivers between 900 KBPS – 1.5 MBPS

    Three different ISP’s with three distinct service & pricing tiers which I use interchangeably on the reg to access the SiriusXM streaming service, virtually without incident.

    Every so often, and regardless of which ISP, router and modem I am utilizing, I’ll experience a streaming hiccup where the SiriusXm browser based player’s sound will drop out and display a buffering data message. This is QUICKLY and EASILY resolved by simply hitting the Refresh Button on the browser window that the SiriusXM Browser Player is displayed in. You don’t have to close the browser, log-in or shut down. Just hit refresh and within a second or two the player reloads and stream is clean and steady again.

    So that all said – nearly ALL of the complaints I’ve examined here are suspect at best. ALL of the complaints about streaming quality with SiriusXM could be caused and explained by DOZENS of scenarios that have nothing to do with SiriusXM’s servers or bandwidth.

    In fact, if I had a customer who complains of a streaming problem with Sirius/XM, I’d automatically assume the issue is somewhere between “User Error” and the ISP’s servers and the ISP’s sometimes absurd (and borderline criminal) bandwidth management policies.

    THUS, I would begin to TROUBLESHOOT with the PC or device which my customer is attempting to stream on . . . working my way back to the router on that LAN or network segment. And ultimately the MODEM for that location. A ‘modem’ as many of you understand, essentially serves as the MAIN GATEWAY between the ‘Local Area Network’ (whether this be a HOME or OFFICE ‘LAN’) and the Internet Service Provider’s main PIPELINES to the World Wide Web (a.k.a. the Internet).

    A customer who complains of repeated, regular poor streaming experiences from ANY of the major audio/video services (whether it be a YouTube, a TV network such as NBC, or an audio service such as Sirius) almost certainly have a LAN configuration problem or an ISP that throttles down bandwidth access and transfer rates during peak usage hours. Particularly if one or several IP addresses associated with a domain are disproportionately consuming too much bandwidth for that ISP. Smaller local and regional ISP’s often struggle with this.

    Anyway, I hope this lengthy post helps shed some light on the streaming problems you are experiencing. One thing is for certain, if you continually blame SiriusXM and not thoroughly check your own network and configuration yourself or with a professional, your issue will never be fixed.

    • vastrightwing says:

      @BroderickCicero: Basically you can sum up your post by saying, the Sirius/XM internet stream is just is not ready for mass consumption at this time. Come back later when we figure out how to give the customer a good experience without having to hire a full time IS person to debug the network.

      • trustsatan says:

        @vastrightwing: I think he is also saying (and I wrote a lengthy post on this very subject yesterday in relation to the announcement of the OnLive game service) that most consumers’ expectations of what web-based data streaming can handle are completely out of whack with reality, because of the hype and marketing of all the new streamed content sites. Streaming vid & audio is always going to have hiccups and occasionally require refreshes – it isn’t an open tap like their cable connection, and most people just don’t get it.

      • BroderickCicero says:

        @vastrightwing: Well, VastRightWing, if that’s how you CHOOSE to interpret my words, then that lack of reading comprehension is on you. And, really, your point is exactly why they invented the Geek Squad. So really if I had to sum it up I would say this:

        The internet is not yet ready for mass consumption by users who don’t have basic networking skills.

        My point was, the streaming trouble many people complain of could well be the result of Sirius/XM, but knowing that on three separate ISP’s, running different hardware, but all properly configured, I have very few streaming issues with Sirius/XM.

        Also, many home users and office employees fail to realize that if several people are using bandwidth intensive websites, video or audio feeds simultaneously, the total bandwidth consumed can add up quick and you will all be fighting to maintain your connections.

        For example, if you have a basic DSL line providing you with up to 1.5 MBPS download speeds and two people are concurrently using your connection, one on YouTube and one on Sirius, depending on ISP DSL network conditions, the YouTube user could be using most or all of your available bandwidth to maintain the videostream they are watching.

        Interestingly enough, last night I was listening and it was the worst I’ve seen in quite some time. But i was busy with something else, so i didn’t look into it. If it keeps up, I will do so and report back.

    • pmcpa2 says:

      @BroderickCicero: Thank You!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      @BroderickCicero: So all these people that are suddenly experiencing this issue all at the same time are suspect!?!
      – I do not use any 3rd party app.
      – I extended my subscription in early March to keep
      the on-line service for free for another year.
      – I had no problem with the on-line service until now.
      – If I log on before 8:00am EST I get in.
      – If I’m in and try to switch channels around 9:00am,
      I’m locked out for approx. an hour and a half.
      – If I just try to log in around 9:00am, I get the
      “Service Temporarily Unavailable” message and
      continued attempts to log in result in the same
      – At about 10:30am suddenly I can log in again.
      – It doesn’t happen on the weekend.
      – Sirius customer service denies there are any
      problems (like you).
      – It’s been suggested here on this thread and else
      where that the people being affected by this issue
      are the ones who extended their subscriptions to
      keep the free on-line service and are now being
      “pressured” by Sirius to pay for it by being
      (temporarily) denied service.
      – If that’s true it’s dirty business.
      – Sorry we don’t all “get it” like you. Reread the posts ,
      weed out the crap and look at the facts. There’s an
      issue. It’s not always the end user with the problem.

      • BroderickCicero says:

        @SaparnaAculeo: SaparnaAculeo: I couldn’t even begin to answer your question without several as close to accurate answers as possible on your part.

        – Where are you accessing from?
        – If it’s home, who is your ISP and what level of service do you pay for?
        – If it’s work, then how many people work in your office location and have LAN (local area network) and internet access? And, any idea if your work has cable, dsl or a T-1 connection?
        – What browser and version are you using? What version of Windows Media Player?

        There are other questions, but that would be a good start for me to try and help you, if you’d like me to, but here’s a hint: I realize you are frustrated, but you are far better off trusting someone like me who is a geek (who doesn’t work for SiriusXM), so be nice. I and a few others on here do have a clue what we are speaking about.

        BTW, I also renewed and got the free Internet Service promotion. First time I have had ANY issue was last night, after midnight and before 6 AM. From then on I didn’t have any issues until I shut it off at 1 PM.

      • BroderickCicero says:

        @SaparnaAculeo: Also, almost forgot to ask . . . and be HONEST . . . have you had or noticed streaming issues with ANY other video (like YouTube, GoogleVideo, NBC, CBS, etc) or audio (internet radio stations – talk and music) service?

        If you haven’t spent much time on any other site like those, the very next time you notice a pattern of streaming problems with Sirius, jump over to YouTube and one or two other video/audio streaming sites and use them for a little while to see if there are any substantive issues with those.

        Finally, in cased you missed it:

        When your Sirius stream is interrupted and doesn’t immediately buffer and return . . . try to Reload/Refresh the entire browser window that the Sirius Player is loaded in, rather than attempting to click buttons within the Player interface to get your stream running again.

        Also, the Sirius player will stream in Firefox, but you will not get any of the Now Playing info. My Vaio laptop runs XP SP2 with I have had great results with IE 7.0.

  31. Bocachica says:

    The larger issue is managing customer expectations. They’ve consistently done a poor job of it… before, during and after the merger.

    I had 2 years to go on my XM sub and was told that if I didn’t renew, I couldn’t listen online. So I renewed… for 2 years, which canceled the 2 years left on my sub, which means I just did a paper shuffle to ensure that my sub was still in place so I could still listen online. Crazy!

    Now, a new “premium” option appears when I sign in for streaming.

    What’s that? Who knows? It’s not as if they communicate clearly to their customers for an upsell… if that’s what it is.

    It’s like North Koreans are in charge of XM/Sirius customer relations.

    And don’t get me started ion the crappy player. It’s amazing, but AOL Radio (of all things) offers a better one…and it’s free.

    I won’t get into the programming; XM was fun, edgy and interesting. Sirius is… Cousin Brucie. And Little Steven’s payola channel.

    (But hooray for Vin Scelsa, the diamond in the outhouse.)

    • Hyman Decent says:

      @Bocachica: You’re accusing Little Steven of taking payola (to play certain records on his channel)? Yeah, sure, garage bands few people have heard of make enough money to be able to pay payola. And at the other end of the spectrum, the big names of classic rock (e.g., The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Tom Petty) have to pay payola to get their records played on satellite radio. (That record companies occasionally pay Sirius XM to dedicate a stream to one artist for a period of time is a different matter entirely.)

      STFU and GTFO.

      • Bocachica says:

        @Hyman Decent: There are songs played with high regularity on that channel that either don’t belong (like the Jack White-Alicia Keys James Bond theme) or are just “favorites” that turn up on every show on that channel, regardless of the host.

        Whether anyone is actually paid off or other “considerations” are given is an open question but your abject ignorance of how payola historically works doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

  32. tmerf says:

    Well, it’s 9 am again and guess what. Sirius internet radio will not load. It’s not an IE problem either, because around 11 when howards off, it will work fine.

  33. James Richard says:

    Oh Sirius, Sirius, Sirius. Just a quick note. If you want to keep your customers happy and shelling out money to you every month… DON’T PISS THEM OFF! I am highly considering canceling Sirius when the next iPhone comes out. Then I can upgrade and stream music in my car all the time. Screw this BS!

    • BroderickCicero says:

      @James Richard: @tmerf: Hey Now! Try and reload/refresh the entire browser window that the Sirius Player is loaded in, rather than attempting to click buttons within the Player interface to get your stream running again.

      Also, the Sirius player will stream in Firefox, but you will not get any of the Now Playing info.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This has been happening to me non-stop since the changed service. Oddly, it does start to work again after the initial airing of Stern is through. WTF Sirius?

  35. TheFuzz53 says:

    Somebody just called into Stern and told him about it. Apparently Howard was unaware of the price hikes they just instituted.

  36. KarbonKopy says:

    I pay for it, I am going to choose a program that doesn’t time me out even if I’m sitting at the computer working with it playing in the background. If they don’t want me to use something like that then they need to stop doing that crap.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m experiencing the same thing, and it does seem to get better after the ‘live’ howard stern show is over for the day. But I do find it curious that after getting contacted over and over (and over and over) about upgrading the streaming service for an additional fee, it suddenly stops working.

  38. ToddMU03 says:

    XM does the same thing for me. It says “the URL you are using to access this media is unavailable.”

  39. Anonymous says:

    Same situation here. Have listened online without issue for over a year. Since 3/19, I get the “Temporarily Unavailable” message when trying to launch the online player in the morning. Obviously there has been some recent stream/bandwidth degradation at Sirius.

    This situation is happening to many other people, see forum link below:

  40. Anonymous says:

    Sirius is great – I have been having no issues at all!

    I’m starting to get tired of theses Sirius/XM bashers who bitch and complain at any chance they get about this service. If you don’t like it (I’m sure 90% of the complainers have NEVER had or used it) DON’T GET IT.

    I listen to the radio all day during the work week and almost all day each weekend. Whether it’s on the boat or in the RV or at home, it is a great service where I can program favorite artists, songs, etc and I am always extremely happy with the music and content on the service.

    Its amazing how some people love to jump on the bandwagon and bash companies – especially Sirius/XM.

    I know they haven’t been perfect, and they do have issues to work through. Why not STFU and let them find their place here. If you like listening to idiot talk in the morning and endless commercials – go ahead. But enough of the Sirius bashing – get over yourselves and shut up if you don’t like it.

    • TheFuzz53 says:


      I’m not denying that it is a great service. Personally, I don’t how I’ll live without it. I’m just pointing out that now that are now charging for something that used to be included with a subscription, that particular service is no longer working.

  41. yzerman says:

    I just use the free player as a lifetime subscriber to Sirius. I don’t have any issues.

    I also use usirius and orb at home to stream to my ipod and my work pc for fun, ill have to check to see if usirius is being blocked.

  42. meechybee says:

    I’ve never had luck with the Sirius streamer — it’s horrible. That said, I’m still weeping over the demise of StarPlayr and the great guys at Nicemac. My software from them works flawlessly but it’s only a matter of time before system software upgrades makes it unusable.

  43. TheFuzz53 says:

    It’s 11:30, and now the the Stern show is over, I have 0 issues opening the media player. It has to be a bandwith issue on their end.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I listen at work several hours a day, beginning at about 8 Central, and haven’t experienced any issues. As already pointed out, since Stern is all day, that tie-in wouldn’t seem to make much sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      @GilesTiamat: I’m in EST zone. I can also log in early in the morning but if you try to switch channels around 9:00am you’re done. Locked out for at least an hour or two. If I wait until 9:00am to log in to pick up Stern’s West coast feed I get the “Service Is Temporarily Unavailable” message and it does seem to open up again when Stern finishes his live East coast show. I am not using a third party app and I’m on a MAC and never had any problems using the on-line service until this past week. I extended my contract in early March to keep the on-line service free for another year.
      I sent customer service an e-mail and did get a reply – “there are no system problems and the service is working properly”. I sent them a reply with links to all the forums I found that were discussing this issue. This isn’t Sirius bashing. There’s an issue and they need to address it, not ignore it.

  45. tmerf says:

    Same here. Fully up and running now. It’s annoying seeing all these people claiming pc issues / user error… Strange my pc / bandwidth is on the fritz every morning until 11 and then poof, sterns live show ends and my pc decides to cooperate.

  46. pratzert says:

    XM/Sirius are absolutely HORRIBLE. Their so-called “Commercial Free” music is LOADED with commercials.

    Their customer call center is another one of those based in India where you can’t understand a thing they say. ( Tank you berry-berry much.)

    They have raised their rates in spite of FCC rules in place requiring them to freeze rates for 3 years.

    And they started charging for online streaming which they said was “FREE”.

    Their signal goes in and out all the time. And they are just plain inept at helping the subscriber… period !

    • theblackdog says:

      @pratzert: I don’t know what you’re listening to, but there’s no commercials on the sirius music stations.

      Talk stations, that’s a different story, and to be expected.

  47. Aphex242 says:

    Works fine for me. I’ve heard people complaining but I use IE7 (just for streaming, I use Firefox for everything else) and it works fine. Haven’t had a single hiccup, and I’m not paying for the internet radio either.

    Something odd is up.

  48. theblackdog says:

    I need to check and see if Sirius has finally fixed my online listening issue, but it was that they recently re-enabled it, yet I still can’t listen because it is trying to force me to pay.

  49. globalman says:

    I gave Sirius up when they merged the channels a few months ago and haven’t looked back since. The internet radio quality was atrocious, and I definitely wouldn’t have paid to upgrade to a better stream quality when the bitrate itself was pretty slow to the receivers (like 60-80k, can’t remember exactly). “Digital quality” does not mean “CD quality”

  50. Matthew Broder says:

    I have sneaking suspicion that Sirius targeted subscribers who HAD NOT payed the additional fee for the privilege of online listening with the “temporarily unavailable” crap. I say this because I was having the same problem as mentioned in the story and out of frustration I upgraded my subscription to include online listening. I restarted my browser and, whaddaya know it worked!!!

    If I’m right then…(drum roll)

    Royal D-bag move of the week award goes to Sirius!

    • Anonymous says:

      @Matthew Broder: This has been suggested on other threads, too. I fear it may be the correct scenario and if it is, it is indeed a D-bag move. Then, on top of that, to deny or play dumb that there’s any issue with the service makes it even worse.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe all the constant whining about the merger and now paying $2.99 per month for internet streaming. I had stopped listening too anything but sports talk radio for years until my daughter gave me Sirius for Father Day. I have one in the car and one in the house with the transmitter so I can listen in every room in the house. The music and other choices on Sirius is incredible including NFL Radio, Radio Classics and so many other choices. It is an amazing deal for the money and if they go under it will be a huge loss for us all. So stop the whining and enjoy the content.

  52. fatcop says:

    I’m glad I canceled the very day of the merger. Ever since they started exploring the merger the service has gone downhill. Screwing with the good channels, censoring “uncensored” channels, and the like.

    How the worst of the 2 companies could pull off the purchase of the best, is beyond me.

    I refuse to subsidize a monopoly with my entertainment dollars. So now I just have found “underground syndication” of the shows I like.

  53. btdown says:

    Doesn’t surprise me…I canceled my Sirius subscription on March 12, when they started charging me for listening online. Sure, I miss Howard/etc, but charging me extra for something that I was already paying for its nuts.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I had the same issue…turns out you have to subscribe for the extra $3.00 a month for streaimng internet. March 24th was the last day you could access without the extra cash. I access through the yahoo widget btw. I love that Howard pretends he has no idea whats going on when callers phone in about this issue. Come on guys…let’s be honest. You were all about informing us about the merger but when it comes to an increase in fees, nobody seems to know whats goning on?

  55. LittleEnosBurdette says:

    XM Player still works fine for me. No prob’s at all. Opie ‘n Anthony every morning. Spread the virus!

  56. snorton48 says:

    I have an Imac. XM radio will usually not log on, and when it does it usually quits after about 15 minutes and cannot be restarted, even closing the browser and trying 20 times. Their phone support does not pick up.