Personal Finance Roundup

The 9-step guide to your finances [MSN Money] “Most of us can’t tackle all of our spending and saving needs at once. But following this outline, in order, can make it a lot easier to keep your finances on track.”
5 Ways to Cut Household Costs [Smart Money] “Here are simple ways to save hundreds of dollars each year on five major household bills.”
Food for Thought on Lunch Interviews [Yahoo Hotjobs] “10 do’s and don’ts for making the best impression over a meal.”
How to Disagree With Your Boss [US News] “If you disagree with your boss, you should offer up your own viewpoint.”
Mom and Dad, You’re Broke [Wall Street Journal] “There are few more unpleasant topics for adult children and their aging parents than talking about money.”
FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: cranguy)


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  1. unobservant says:

    I sooooo want that cat to do my taxes.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    Awww, kitty!

  3. TouchMyMonkey says:

    As for disagreeing with your boss, it helps if your boss isn’t an idiot, and actually values your opinion, even if he still disagrees after hearing it.

  4. Bocachica says:

    I just came across this article []
    on saving money with a prepaid phone and I felt like a smarty-pants becuase that’s EXACTLY what I do.

    I cannot believe how much I’m saving after dumping my old contract.

    The other great thing is that it’s the same quality calls, service etc. for much less cost.

  5. highmodulus says:

    I still love Tax Cat. The old school Consumerist at its best!

  6. starbreiz says:

    The 9-step program wants us to only spend 50% on must-haves?!? Clearly the author has never lived in California. 50% of my after-tax paycheck goes purely to rent, and I live in a shoebox in the ghetto.